Saturday, December 31, 2005

boa constrictors.


do you know the kid's song .. i'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor and i don't like it all???

That is how i have felt this past week or so. About a month ago i picked up a virus .. (thanks Norton!!) (and The Michael - NO comments about apples ok??!! thank you very much !!!!)

Everything has been running ok.. nothing terrible was happening with my pc.. so all my good intentions of doing something about this virus went out the window..... Then.......

the song goes.....

Oh, no, he's got my toe,
O gee, he's up to my knee,
Oh, my, he's reached my thigh,
O fiddle, he's up to my middle,
Oh heck, he's up to my neck

welllllllll slowly this virus has been eating up my pc.. it was up to my neck by the middle of this week.......... and then horrors of horrors......
O dread, He's got my . . . (gulp!)

that was last night....... the virus took it's last gulp of my pc....... this morning has been spent reformatting my hard drive and cursing and swearing cause i forgot to jot down passwords and nicknames....i have a headache as big as all outdoors.. i am so not grounded.. so not stressed right now - it isn't even funny..........

This afternoon Sir and i are going to see Memoirs of a Geisha..... me with a floundering unfocused unsubbie brain........... i was so hoping to go with a quiet peaceful soul so that i might absorb every minute gesture.. every nuance .. sighhhhhhh well.. the only good thing is...... the boa constrictor let go of my pc.....


  1. My children's computer is having the same problem. (BTW I have never heard that song but loved the little cartoon guy) I am bringing it to the Geek Squad on Tuesday for almost 200 bucks they will clean it, upgrade it, tweak it and so on. I am hoping it works because if I hear one more whine about how slow the computer is I may have to throw the computer out of the window.

    Wishing you and your Sir an absolutely beautiful and wonderful New Year!!!

  2. Such a head ache I bet if you had a hacker on the rack you might show so sadistics bones would you not. Some thoughts for all infected: hacker burnings at the pc, a hacker live dart board hmmm where to throw the dart and my favorite for male hackers welll lets see how long it does stretch before it stops working.

    Enjoy the movie and just one question Does that mean I get tea tomorrow?

    Happy New Year to all(except hackers)

  3. Ah!!! I know what you went through.... Horrible moment when you don't have all the needed knowledge...

    Wishing you a very good New Year's Eve... and wish you enjoyed the movie even not being in the perfect mood for it... maybe just watching it will bring you to that state... ;-)


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