Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 This morning the headlines were

Helen Reddy dead at the age of 78.

I teared up......

There are very few songs that I can say touched my life...... but "I am Woman" did.  I remember how deeply that song affected me way back in the 70's ... I remember vowing I would help my girls grow to be independent strong women........ (bet eldest daughter doesn't remember me dancing with her in my arms singing I am Woman - hoping it would somehow imprint on her soul)

I like to think that the woman I am today is because of that song....... and why I am submissive.  Confused? strong woman and good submissive in the same breath? yes!  I honestly believe a good submissive must be a very strong person......... but that's a debate for another day......... 

Today is for remembering a strong woman who touched my life and I am sure many other lives................... 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020




I woke up today and almost didn't recognize the feeling....... ENERGY!

 For the last few weeks I have been dragging my ass... everything felt off... every lil job felt HUGE... life looked dreary .. I had started to accept this was my new reality... it was depressing but there just didn't seem much to be done ......... and on the weekend I started a low grade headache that wouldn't go away.. a sore throat ... icky tummy... and in the back of my mind was one word - C O V I D !

BUT this morning I woke up with no headache.... no icky tummy... no sore throat... and feeling bratty!!  B R A T T Y!!  wow I can't remember the last time I felt bratty!  This morning when Sir Steve kissed me goodbye he groped my boob and I didn't pull away - didn't shut him down....... I actually wiggled my ass at him (grinning) - YEAH I am feeling more like myself again!!

Life is good when the energy returns........  

Monday, September 28, 2020

New Tenants



This weekend we took the last run up to  the trailer to winterize it.  Well we don't actually do the winterizing our service guy does it....... a huge load off our shoulders!

It was a gorgeous weekend !!!  Sun shining..... warm temperatures and the trees have started to change.  


the road to our site 

our road

Sir Steve finished packing the lawn furniture into the shed..... and I swept out the trailer...  

On Friday I had made some cheese danish - they were our very last blue plate special.  


We took a break around noon and shared them with eldest daughter and SIL. 

Sir Steve opened a 'box' that is under our bedroom cupboard and houses our hot water tank -  getting ready for winterizing and I heard Sir Steve let loose with a string of swear words...... I thought 'oh god the hot water tank is leaking' ... but no ..... it wasn't leaking.. no no!!  instead my nemesis 'the red squirrel' had started moving in while we were in the city.


Sir Steve threw them all out the door ......... and cursed some more... I can't wait to see what the spring brings!!!

(oh and I did mouse proof - and hopefully squirrel proof - by spreading moth balls in all the cupboards - around water pipes  - and the slide outs.  We already had stuffed the cracks with steel wool which obviously didn't deter the squirrel one little bit)

Life is good when Mother Nature paints the trees and the wild life find winter homes.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Friday, September 25, 2020

Week 2 of Synchronous Learning


We're completing week 2 of home schooling.  In these past 2 weeks there have been a whole mess of new terms to learn - like synchronous learning.  That's what we're doing....big term simple meaning - the lil one sits down at her desk at the 'bell' and all of her learning from 8 - 2:30 is online - just as though she was in her class at school. (we love it!! well I do - takes a whole lot of pressure off me)

Then there's digital asynchronous learning.... which is some learning on line - most of it is done on their own on their own schedule.

Then there's asynchronous learning - which is basically no online time - packages of work are picked up/dropped off at the schools on Monday mornings.

The lil one finishes school at 1:35 (basically).  Her school has set the breaks at weird times (if you ask me).  They have a break at 9:15 for bathroom.........another at 10:30 for 35 minutes - a recess....... and then lunch break is at 1:35 for 40 minutes and the day ends at 2:25 so basically the lil one's day ends at 1:35.  That leaves a whole whack of unscheduled time to fill before dinner.

I came up with the idea of setting up Play Dates on Teams (the program they use to log into school..... video and mic capabilities) So on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 - 4ish the lil one and her best friend hook up on our Team's channel and 'play' together.  Now if you had asked me before if this could work - I would have said NO......... but it has worked amazingly!! Yesterday the girls were playing Barbies - laughing and talking - and sorting out the world's problems (grinning)

On Monday and Wednesday I try to find extra activities for her to do...... She received a terrarium from youngest daughter for her birthday - so we have planted it and watched it grow.................... (which compliments their science curriculum "Plants")


And Sir Steve and I gave her 3D doodle pen for her birthday.....  

Now to be honest - I opened it before her birthday and tried it....... cause I thought if I knew how to work it - it wouldn't take so long to teach her ya know??

Well I couldn't work it - and was so frustrated!!  I thought it was probably a waste of money.  Because of my negative attitude towards this 3D pen - it has taken a couple of weeks to drag it out and let the lil one have a go with it.  

The lil one didn't have ANY problems getting it to work...... well once we figured out a couple of small things - like how to 'anchor' the liquid plastic.  The first thing the lil one made was a spider web and spider - Halloween decorations........... 


Then yesterday she pulled it out and set it up without me......... and OMG look at what she created!!  We're gonna add pins to the back so she can pin them on..........  

So all in all it has been a good 2nd week doing synchronous learning! 

Life is good when we can keep our lil ones safe and healthy and challenged!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Parenting Skills



I am always shocked by things THE mother does to the lil one........

When the lil one got her haircut she couldn't wait to show 'mommy'..... Did mommy say how cute it looked?? Did mommy say how grown up she looked? Did mommy say anything positive about the hair cut???


What mommy did say was....... "I don't like it.  I don't know why you wanted to cut it"

In the lil one's words "Mommy said something sad about my hair"  -- broke my heart ya know?!

NOW this week 

the lil one was outside skipping the other day and said her head was cold.   Another time she said her ears were cold and they were gonna be VERY cold this winter.

Took me awhile but the penny finally dropped....... I asked the lil one last night IF mommy had said her ears/head would be cold because she cut her hair?!  

You guessed it - that's exactly what Mommy said!  I had a knee jerk reaction and blurted out 'BULLSHIT!' I pointed out to the lil one - when her hair was long she never wore it loose - it was always! in a braid or pony tail and her ears were always 'naked'.  NOW she had hair over her ears...... so why - WHY - would her ears be more cold this winter compared to last winter?!!! 

The mother has taken court mandated parenting skills - the one thing they should have taught her was TO BITE HER TONGUE.......... she does so much damage to the lil one's self esteem / psyche with her words........... 



Wednesday, September 23, 2020




Sooooooo the last few days (ok ok weeks!) I have been feeling frustrated and restless and just plain down.

This morning I was browsing my favourite blogs and was reading Ronnie's post "Word Search".   'The first three words will be what you can expect for your next punishment' I had to try - ya know - sucker for punishment (grinning).  The first word I saw was DUCK!  DUCK???!!  That pretty  much describes my life right now... should have been an exciting punishment like strap right?? BUT I get DUCK!  yup duck....... let's drop the d - add an F - and you got my life.

My frustrations are making me a grumpy old lady - a bitchy old lady......... yesterday the lil one was playing around on the computer instead of working and managed to screw up her team's meeting..... I tried to fix it - couldn't.... had to get the teacher to help.... 

I was trying to vacuum pack the damn bedding/ linens from the trailer and for some reason I can't get the jumbo bags to seal...... I was hoping Sir Steve would lend a hand (he said he would) but he just said 'maybe there's a leak' and went to watch TV - so I guess I have to figure it out.

I was making a BIG stew for us and to give to a friend who is convalescing from heart surgery and realized I didn't have carrots or a tin foil dish... couldn't just run out to get them because home schooling ya know...... so asked Sir Steve to pick them up on his way home....... I asked for an 8x8 pan he couldn't find one so brought me a 9x11..... GAH!!

I tried talking to Sir Steve last night - and he basically shut me down....... he did admit he's worried that I am going to leave him cause of 'stuff' (I'm not ready to talk about this stuff) - that was a good jumping off point right?? Except it wasn't a good starting point for me... my brain went POP and shut down.......... 

Today I have to solve the vacuum bag problem - solve the storing of stew problem (without being able to go out and shop for a solution) - supervise home schooling - and try not to fall apart.

Duck is now the code word for my life.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow (part 2)


Remember yesterday I told you about all the bins that come home?? well besides bins there are garbage bags full .. and I do mean FULL... of bedding and linens and scatter rugs etc.  

Last year we stored it all in the basement in extra large garbage bags.  They took up so much room AND didn't keep the musty basement smell out ...... it was gross when I opened the bags this past spring.

SO this fall I ordered from Amazon ziplock bags for storing linens and clothes.  You stuff everything in........ then attach a vacuum to the sucking hole (grinning) and suck all the air out.........we need this 'cause we have a king size bed at the trailer - with king size pillows - 4 of them - king size comforter and king size sheets - 2 sets of them.

 Watch this.... 

This is one king size pillow (remember we have 4!!)


AND here it is after I have sucked all the air out............ (one might say I am a good sucker - cheeky grin) 


Besides spending my morning sucking and home schooling.. I managed to do load after load of laundry.

By the end of this week I hope to have everything clean and packed away till Spring.

Life is good when the work gets done! and the house gets tidy again. 


Monday, September 21, 2020

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow


We had our last weekend at the trailer this past weekend....... 

It was a pack up weekend -- I have lists of stuff that must be packed into bins and brought home........ everything liquid..... everything fabric...... all batteries... 

 Then there is the final cleaning... the fridges (one in the trailer and the bar fridge outside for drinks)..... the bathroom ... the kitchen.  

 All the outdoor furniture has to be stacked and covered in tarps... the fairy garden and lot sign are packed up in bins and put in the shed... the wood is covered...

It wasn't all work......... Friday night and Saturday night we had our fires... Saturday night's fire was a bitter sweet - last fire of the season.  


dear god in heaven......... this was NOT a camping weekend weather wise.  It went down to below zero both nights... I fortunately had brought up my winter coat and warm leggings and a turtle neck and jeans and big thick woolly socks..... I wore it all - AT ONCE! just to try to keep frost bite at bay!

Honestly I think I deserve the award (seeing as it is 'awards season) for BEST girlfriend EVER!!!  I am a fair weather camper and trust me when I say ' camping in below freezing weather is NOT fair weather'.  (and yes we have a furnace in the trailer - and yes we can stay semi-warm IN the trailer - but you have to have the campfires OUTSIDE! 

Life is good when you avoid frost bite on the last camping weekend.........

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday Smile


 I'm not there yet ......... but ya never know!

Friday, September 18, 2020

First Week



I thought Friday's post would be a 'home schooling' report OR how we survived the week.

We decided to do virtual learning for a number of reasons... One is we feel the lil one will benefit from being in her class even virtually.  (our school is live streaming the classes - so if/when we decide to send her back to school - she will be in the exact same class she has been learning from at home) Second is safety obviously - we do not trust the 'safety health' policies in place...... for example our Premier has now ruled that one cannot gather in groups of more than 10 indoors - yet the classrooms are groups of at least 20!!  AND Finally - I am a RETIRED teacher ... and retired for a reason - I'm old!!  virtual learning just made so much sense ... she'll be on the same page as everyone else - learning the same things at the same level....... and I can lend a helping hand if she gets stuck.  

Soooooooooo how did the first week go???

Instead of having her in the living room (like in March) or in the kitchen (which was my first thought - until I realized I wouldn't be able to work in the kitchen when she was in class) I set up a learning center in her bedroom......... 

As the teacher posts work sheets I print them and put them on the corner of her desk.. I have taught her to add the due date to her calendar that hangs over her desk so she can do some time management.

We bought 4 duo tangs - different colours for each subject - that are in the silver file holder....... pencils beside it.. scribble paper beside that........ everything in easy reach. Every day after school finishes I photograph all her worksheets / writing and post it to the 'assignments' page of Teams.  The teacher then can mark it and send comments back to the lil one.

 This distance learning has some definite advantages to in class learning...... mainly in our case.. I can listen / watch and make notes of areas that need work.... like french.  The lil one is that good kid ... quiet kid.. the one who sits in the back of the class and can avoid being called on.  First day of french I double checked her work and was shocked she had NO idea what the vocabulary words meant - or how to pronounce them.  Math class had been about 'place values' and she was clueless.  Now I review her work with her at the end of the day - and if there are areas she has not understood it becomes 'homework'.  'Mother' had agreed to do french work with her over the weekends so I made a list of words she can't pronounce properly and is struggling to remember what they mean......... hopefully 'Mother' will actually do the 'homework' and help out. (please please let me be pleasantly surprised!)

Were there glitches ?? Oh hell yes.  One day I could hear the teacher telling the lil one her mike must be muted cause she couldn't hear her.  I went in and tried to figure out why the mike wasn't working........ landed up grabbing her father's computer and doing a switch in mid stream... Turns out it wasn't our computer at all!  The day before at the end of the day the teacher had muted the virtual kids' mikes ...... and forgot!  The teacher puts up the assignments willy nilly that need to be printed .  It would make it so much easier for us parents if she picked one time and uploaded the work every day at the same time......... it stresses me ya know - not knowing when new assignments have been uploaded.  It would also be nice if the teacher could figure out how to upload in PDF so we can print from the screen.  As it is .. I have to download the file to my pc .. and then print it.  GAH!

OH and I am expected to teach gym.  This week I found a 30 minute yoga video for kids and the lil one did that ..... and loved it.  I think I will look for a dance class video and maybe an aerobics video. 

All in all the first week has gone well.  I am not nearly as stressed or tired as I was in March - June.  AND knowing the lil one is safe makes it all worthwhile - especially as I read about cases of covid popping up in schools and even some schools having to close for 14 days.

Life is good when we have survived week one of homeschooling.

Thursday, September 17, 2020



Yesterday I had an appointment at the denturist for a fitting.  I wasn't stressed about the appointment...... and am anxious to get this process finished ya know?? I am soooo tired of looking like some cartoon depiction of a red neck.

I have not been all that comfortable about going to a dentist during covid... BUT my actual dentist has this covid thing so handled......... when you get to the office you sit in your car until it's your turn...... each examining room is cleaned after each patient (so they only have one room open at a time)... no waiting room........and all the staff are outfitted in full PPE.  I felt protected - well as protected as possible ya know?

Now at the denturist's office........ first appointment .. I had to wait for 30 minutes in the waiting room (I didn't fuss toooo much cause he was fitting me in) AND I was the only one in the waiting room... there was no PPE - just face masks and he wore a shield.   

Yesterday I got there 2 minutes before my appointment time....... I entered the office and shock shock!  there were 4 people sitting in the waiting room!! (about 1 meter apart)  I checked in and expected to be taken immediately....... I wasn't!!  so I went and stood in an alcove that normally holds coats and boots.  20 minutes later I was called to go in... I went through the fitting etc... and as my appointment was ending I brought up my concerns about social distancing etc.  He seemed rather cavalier about my concerns.  I was NOT happy.

Later in the afternoon his office called me with the date and time for my next appointment (it had to be coordinated with my dentist as all the extractions will be done and immediately after the dentures will be put in) The nurse said 1:00 for the extractions 2:30 for the dentures....... AND she added... 'as soon as you get here we will put you in an exam room' - I think he heard my concerns!!!

BUT we wonder why numbers are climbing... there's little hope when even the medical profession isn't following the simplest of rules.  I am not panicking cause it just means I have to take care of my health / safety and I can.  But it doesn't change the fact I am disappointed with the denturist and his office.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Upside Down World



I've been feeling....... out of sorts recently -- kinda upside down.  

I think a lot of these feelings stem from how I am seeing myself... I feel dowdy and more housewife than lover or submissive..... I am feeling invisible too. 

It bothers me that Sir Steve doesn't come to read here anymore... it bothers me that he treats me more like hired help than lover... it bothers me that I am feeling stuck here in the house... teaching, cleaning, cooking.  Am I losing me???

I'm tired of covid - ya know?  I think it is getting to me.. all the news about numbers climbing again ... and in my heart I had hoped it would all be gone by now... me and my rose coloured glasses (le sigh)  

Feeling like my world is upside down ........  

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Moment in Time



Yesterday the lil one's teacher left her and 2 of her friends online after school to talk... it landed up being a virtual play date! They were busy forming a 'club' .. playing music.. singing... and dragging toys out to play on camera.  It did my heart good to see it.... a side note here -- we never have play dates normally cause of busing and scheduling.. so yesterday was a first in more ways than one!

While the kiddies were playing I walked into the lil one's room to put her clean laundry away... one of the girls asked 'who's that?' and the lil one said 'ohhhhh just my mom'.

made my heart smile.

Life is good when you are 'just mom'. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Get Ready ..... Get Set........ GO!



Summer is officially over!  Today 'we' start grade 3 virtually.

God love eldest daughter!  who spent most of the weekend trying to get the new/old computer to work........she has managed to get it to the point it will limp along until 'Santa' brings the lil one her own brand new lap top.

I wish I had more information...... like what school supplies she needs.  I am hoping I will hear today.  If not I am sending Sir Steve to the store to buy lined paper and different coloured duo tangs (just for organization purposes - yeah my OCD is showing) I also wish I knew the schedule - when is recess?? when is lunch?? (last year lunch wasn't till 1:40)

Wish us luck -- it could be longggggggg year!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sunday Sentiments


This one is from Sir Steve....



Friday, September 11, 2020

Can I resign now?



So we have this new/old computer for the lil one - excellent right? She won't be using my computer this year


the new/old computer won't run Teams (for some f**king reason) 

I have invested too much time trying to get this sorted out..... and am no further ahead.


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Week off?



It sounds wonderful to spend the summer in the country...... and don't get me wrong it was wonderful!!  BUT the process of moving there and then 4 months later moving home is exhausting!

Usually we only spend July and August in the country full time - cause of school.  But this year we were able to move up in May.  Moving home last weekend involved sorting out what could come home and what had to stay ...... cause we will still be going up on weekends (until the end of Sept).

AND because we haven't lived in the house since mid May - the house hasn't been cleaned........ you'd think cause we weren't here the house would be pretty clean.... but you'd be wrong!  Spiders moved in while we were away and dust bunnies came out from hiding under the beds. 

So far this week I have done load after load of laundry - sorted out the summer clothes and found the fall/winter clothes (cause summer ended abruptly) ... am still working on the lil one's computer trying to get it ready for Monday morning.  Today is cleaning day...... got my mop and bucket ready!

One thing I do like about being home........ new meals for dinner - fall comfort food ya know?!  I had had enough of barbeques...... honestly done with them.  On the menu for next week are things like meat loaf and stew........ Last night I made perogies  - we had them with fried onions, bacon and topped with a dollop of sour cream............ sooooooo damn good!!


Life is good when the seasons change.......  

Wednesday, September 09, 2020




Soooooooo you all ready for some 'verbal release therapy'??? 

When the lil one came back to us last week - she had a new expression.... 'I'm skin and bones' ........ it made my blood boil!!  For those of you new to this discussion - 2 years ago the lil one was 25 pounds overweight and as there is diabetes on BOTH sides of her family it was a bit worrisome.  Her doctor has been seeing her every 2-3 months and closely following her weight loss.  We (Sir Steve and I) worked really hard at teaching her about making healthy choices....... putting her fork down when she was full (which meant teaching what 'full' felt like) .... and increasing her activity levels.  It has taken 2 years (mainly cause 'mother' couldn't/wouldn't get on board) but she is now down to within 4 pounds of where she should be. 

We never once talked about losing weight!  Or used the word fat !! OR any reference to body image.  We talked about healthy choices and getting healthy. 

BUT as always - mother and her family are sabotaging our work.  It really makes my blood boil ya know?!  It's just another example of her lack of interest/caring in her child.  SO ........ I sent mother a curt note when we got home........ telling her to shut the f**k up about skin and bones....... She didn't even answer me....... surprise surprise! AND yeah I am past being diplomatic with her......... wayyyyyy past 

Now on to home schooling........... 

It was gonna be so easy on me this year - remember?? They are live streaming her class and she will sit in her bedroom and be in the class with her friends.  YAY!  


We tried to log her laptop in yesterday and the program won't accept the password her teacher gave us.  GAH!!  Sent the teacher a message and now we hurry up and wait.  

AND I tried to add the printer to her laptop and it won't work....... says it's missing drivers... tried d/ling the drivers and it won't d/l them!!  GAH!!

Right!! this year is gonna be soooooooo much easier on me........ I do LOVE fairy tales.

The other night I had a bad dream - the front door was kicked in by a whack of policemen who announced they were the education police - the mother had filed a complaint against me and they had come to remove the child from my care! 

le sigh

Life is good ..... can exercise some verbal release therapy!


Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Summer's Over


We moved back to the city yesterday......... OH we'll still be going up for weekends until the end of September BUT Fall is here and time to be in the city.   AND I was SO ready to come back to the city  and get into routine.... we've been in the country for 4 months!! 4 months since we slept in our bed... 4 months since I cooked in my big kitchen.... 4 months of peace and quiet and isolation.  (and of course we move back to the city and the covid numbers are creeping back up again!!)

We ended the summer with a birthday party for the lil one.  She turns 8 this week!!  GOD!!! I entered her life when she was 4 ......... she has really grown up in those 4 years.  No kiddies party this year (first time in 4 years) and I wanted to make it as special as humanly possible considering the restraints on parties.  Eldest daughter and SIL came for hamburgers and hotdogs for supper...... and for cake we invited a friend who is in our 'bubble' in the country.  We had cake ............ lots and lots of cake!!


and sparklers by the fire......... 

and of course presents galore!! She declared ' it was the BEST party EVER!'

On Sunday Sir Steve drove her into town and handed her off to her mother.. she'll be back next Monday morning in time to start online school.

I - well I will be doing laundry (piles of it) and cleaning and organising the house for the winter hibernation........ 

Life is good when the holidays are over and routines resume.........

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Friday, September 04, 2020

Growing up



So about 3 weeks ago the lil one told me she wanted her hair cut.  I was blown away.... they have never actually cut her hair - only trimmed it since she was born!!!  I told her I had no say in this decision she had to ask her dad AND her mom.  We all figured mom would throw a hissy fit.. like she did over ear piercing.  BUT surprise surprise when the lil one asked her she said ok........ WOW!


So yesterday was the BIG day..... I had made an appointment with my stylist .. the lil one has been soooooooo excited... when she sat in the chair Jess held her hair together in a pony tail and said 'last chance you sure??!!' the lil one laughed and said she was positive!  

Snip Snip.......... 



Jess was amazing!  took her time and gave her a beautiful cut!!  AND best part - I couldn't believe it seeing as it took her an hour to wash and cut - she only charged me the same amount that she charged to trim!!!

The lil one loves it....... absolutely loves it - she looks so grown up!!

to give you a clue how long it was..........

and here's a couple of after shots 


A new hair style ... a year older............. 

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Retail Therapy - part 2



Back on August 13th I posted THIS post about shopping from a company I loved who was going out of business.  Later that week my eldest daughter went to the website to take a look at what they had............ BUT....... their website was gone!!  

I figured that my order was probably gone too........... and that it had been an expensive lesson to learn - don't buy from online companies who have gone belly up.

Well today I had to come into the city - do laundry and shopping and pick up the lil one (she's gonna be with us till Sunday AND then back to Mom's and I AM going to get my week off before home schooling starts!)

When I got to the city there was a package leaning against the front door.  My clothes had come!!!  colour me very surprised!

Most of the clothes are summer clothes and summer feels like it's over....... BUT they will keep till next year.  

Here's the best ones (the others are solid coloured long sleeved tshirts) 

I LOVE the giraffe one.......... love it!!

The yellow flower one says "suck it up buttercup" which is kind of my motto... 

and the last one - dandelion seeds blowing in the wind.

I may continue to take a page out of Fondles book - she's onto something!  

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Solve the debate......


We share evening fires with eldest daughter and SIL most weekends.... and the conversations we have!!!  Over the 2 seasons we have been camping together - I have seen another side to my SIL... he's not as straight laced as I originally thought.  Most of our conversations are vanilla and mundane -- but there are frequently double meanings that set us all off - giggling and building on the topic.  For example..... my SIL had a fire going that was sending off sparks.... large sparks...... one of those sparks landed on his chair (he was standing... stirring up the fire) and when he sat down he sat on one of those sparks.  He jumped up grabbing his ass yelping........ we were all sooooo sympathetic - laughing out loud ... and he said "well anal is out tonite" ........ OMG we all hooted... mostly out of shock that he would say something like that!!

So......... you get the idea - I hope.

The other night daughter and SIL were discussing their upcoming golf game.... and eldest daughter was talking about her golf outfit......... Sir Steve said he'd love to see me in a golf skirt........ eldest daughter said 'don't forget the knee socks' to which I replied 'ohhhhhhhhhh my over the knee knee socks'........ I turned to Sir Steve and reminded him he didn't like the naughty school girl look - short skirt with over the knee knee socks........ and yet that was exactly what he had just which he replied vehemently that NO he hadn't .. he HAD described a golf outfit. 

I was teasing him about it last night.. .how he really does want to see me in a naughty school girl outfit and he argued back 'no way!'

Sooooooooo gonna let you - my readers - decide who is right...... 

I say a golf outfit is simply a naughty school girl out fit he says they are completely different............ 

naughty school girl          


 golf outfit


or different?

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Let's Do The Math.........


I'm no good at math..... hate math..... so I tend to rely on others for the big calculations and problem solving.....

The other day I was reading a report on how safe our kids will be when they re-enter school.......... and we all know it's a big crap shoot........ so many variables like ventilation in the schools... numbers of children ... masks or no masks.... it boggles the mind........ 

BUT the article I read broke the numbers down to something I could understand... 

Remember the AIDS scare ... and the warnings about safe sex... and the line "you are actually having sex with all the people your partner has had sex with"... that one boggled my mind BUT made sense to me ya know?

Well the article I read about kids and school said something to the effect... 'your child will be in a 'bubble' in the class room of about 6 children. Sounds relatively safe and reasonable right?  Except each of those 6 children are in bubbles out side of school and those bubbles probably have their own bubbles - and so forth'.  The person did the math - for that safe class room bubble your child is actually 'bubbling' with over 200 people!!

Now add the children on the bus...... and if they are in before and after school care add more people........ do you honestly believe your child is safe?? 

Last week 9,000 children tested positive for the virus in Florida ........ in Quebec the french schools started last week and this week over 80 children were sent home from one school to quarantine because of a confirmed case in the school.

I do understand we need to get the economy up and running again - and so people have to go back to work.  I do not have any answers but I do know our children are not going to be safe........ 

I wonder if the pro school folks - the 'kids don't get as sick as the adults' folks - read any of the reports coming out about the 'side effects' of getting this virus? It was all over the news at one time.. the heart damage, the kidney damage, lung damage, the blood clots.  I just heard about a young healthy nurse who caught covid back in April..... wasn't hospitalized .. wasn't that sick - had a mild dose... was back at work in under a month.  In July she had a heart attack......... in August she had another mild heart attack......... the doctors believe her heart was damaged from covid. AND there is no cure for the side effects. 

I am no angel for wanting to keep the lil one home with us... I am not doing this to be a good step mom... (though your kind comments brought a tear to my eyes) I am doing it for very selfish reasons..... I DO NOT WANT TO GET IT!  I cannot afford to take the chance - I am most definitely in the high risk category: asthmatic, cancer patient, going to be 70 in October.    

Life is good when you make the hard choices........ 

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