Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sprucing up the place...

Xmas Lights

Well the Christmas season is almost here........ i have 2 days left before the Holidailies begin....... and i was bound and determined to spruce up my blog and give it a holiday look. How difficult could that be??? turned out to be a whole lot more difficult than i originally imagined...........

First i wanted a new introduction picture - something a little more Christmasy but still symbolically depicting the BDSM lifestyle..... well i am the "goggle" expert...... except when i plunked in BDSM Christmas ....... i got everything BUT what i wanted .. or maybe better put .. everything BUT who i am!! i just couldn't see me posting a pic of naked females bound and gagged and having all manner of Christmasy 'things' protruding from various openings....... ugh.. makes me shudder just to think about it....... that is most definitely NOT what i am about..... nor am i about "barbie doll" posers......... real life is not as pretty or well proportioned BUT it is what i am about....

So i posted an SOS to all who read these pages......... and kaya came to my rescue with some pictures (god bless her patience with my ISP - who kept bouncing back the pics) and a suggestion for my search......... kaya suggested Christmas Bondage......... which made more sense than my very general BDSM Christmas........ so with a little tweaking i managed to find a mantle place (see above) with hand cuffs......... BUT kaya, obviously knowing me quite well, had sent me a picture of a Christmas fairy...... and i just had to use that too !!!!!!!! Sir to the rescue !! and with a little cut here and another cut there.. and a whole pot of glue mixed with patience.. He finally created my Christmas mantle complete with handcuffs and Christmas fairy !!!

(standing back surveying the lay of the land) yes my blog is most definitely taking on a more Christmasy feel.......... ok ok it will never rival those brilliant Einsteins who actually know HTML and have Christmas music playing in the back ground and lights flashing christmasy messages .......... but then .. that isn't about who i am either.......

and as i reread these words i realize this is NOT what i originally intended to write about this morning.......... but somehow this is more about who i am today then the original thought patterns.............


  1. Now I hope the Christmas things are well in hand, so I can get down to the real meaning of Christmas:

    *** Wrapping & hanging up the subbies by the chimney with care and other things too :-)) ***

    Owner of the Christmas morningstar

  2. I guess this Christmas glow will be in your writings for a while well I have one question. I know you have the antlers but did you get the Deers white fluffy tail yet if not I can let Sir know where to find one for you to complete your outfit of course.

  3. Another pleasurable post, littleone! I answered your question about the moon and nature on this morning's post, enjoy!


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