Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I don't much care if you believe in horoscopes or not...... I mostly do - remember I am the girl who was raised by a superstitious tea leaf reading grandmother - AND - believe in feng shui.
Today's horoscope pretty much explains where I am at right now...........  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
You have been on a roller coaster ride recently with your emotions swinging one way and then the other. Although today is likely on the upswing, optimism could make you uneasy because you're not ready to trust the positive feelings. If you feel like there's something else coming around the next corner, you're probably right. Be patient; your life is in flux and the alternating currents have not played out quite yet.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Honestly I am trying to figure out what I did to deserve the rotten drives I have had to do the last two weekends............. again this week I drove through pouring rain, thunder and lightening, and strong winds.  I was so relieved to finally arrive safe and sound.

W had had the roof  done on Friday - so now we have a brand new blue roof on our lil home.  

Saturday W took me out shopping for birthday presents for the grand kids.  Life has been so hectic I haven't even had time to shop for groceries never mind birthday gifts!!  We found a delightful toy store filled with all sorts of "educational" toys - and trust me educational does NOT mean boring !!  It does mean imagination though..and I am a big supporter of toys that run on imagination.

Then we had a nice quiet afternoon - just vegging out before getting ready for the play party on Saturday evening.
The play party included a barbeque with lots of interesting salads (ever had a hot Moroccan barley salad??? it was so yummy !!) The barbeque gave us time to visit with some of the folks in the Kingston community.  It was fun to discuss different styles and philosophies - and I was pleased to know that this particular group accepts some of the protocols that we believe in.  

Finally we made our way downstairs to the wonderful play space and settled ourselves into one private room.  It was one of the more memorable play times we have had.  It wasn't long before W found his rhythm and we were dancing together to the sting of the whips and the sensual strokes of the knives.  Spectators stood at the door and watched from the safety of the hallway........... i could hear the whispers - but instead of being distracting they were rather soothing.

We were on the road home by 10:30 which suits me just fine !!!  Usually that's the time we are heading out to parties...........this was much more civilized.

Sunday morning I ached from head to toe,  Honestly we can't go weeks without a play time if this old body is going to adjust!!  

I dreaded leaving - and the memories of how heavy my eyes got last Sunday haunted/worried me.  I raided W's cd collection and found a handful of cd's from the 60's and sang all the way home.

I'll get used to this commuting thing......only 9 more months .. right?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Well that was an "experience"

Well I went through my first "offer" on the townhouse.... what an experience!!  I was a little worried I would jump without looking.............. but I didn't need to worry.  My wonderful agent almost threw the other agent out of the house!!!

They came in more than 20,000$ under asking price - AND (are you ready for this one??) They wanted all my furniture thrown in for good measure.  Really?? were they serious??? 

So we counter offered and told them it was my final offer... take it or leave it.... and it didn't include any furniture!!!  I have a feeling they will be "leaving" it.  

This afternoon I will be doing the drive up to Kingston again.  But this weekend will be the best one  yet !!  1)  W has his internet up and running so I can stay connected ...and 2) We are going to a play party/barbeque on Saturday night.................

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Long Day

Yesterday was a long day - a bloody long day.  I started at 7a.m. and got home finally at 8:00p.m.  Oh I had a break or two (of an hour) thrown in to keep me sane .......... but it was still a really LONG day.  My staff is on edge because they all want to know if they got the jobs they applied for - I am on edge cause I don't know if I will have enough staff once the dust settles.  AND none of us will know for sure before Friday!  (oh yeah and the new jobs start on Monday - not a whole mess of time to get organised)  (OH YEAH and don't forget I have the government deadline where all my i's have to be dotted and all my t's crossed next week as well !! God bless the Board's timing!!)

Then I have been having visits to the lil condo.  I have had people peering in my front windows and back windows........ trampling through my flower beds......... and I haven't said a word cause one of those nosy peeping toms could land up actually buying this place - BUT it has been driving me crazy.  As well I have had the scheduled visits through the front door and through the house.......... leaving lights on all over the place - driving poor miss ashes to distraction.  And managing to keep me on edge - will this be the one who makes an offer??

I did have one offer about 2 weeks ago - according to the agent - it was an insulting offer.  So I can't count that one.

Anyway - getting back to yesterday - when I finally got home - checked my emails (nothing from W) I pulled on my pj's and crawled into bed exhausted.  It was just after 8:30pm .......... about 10 minutes later the phone rang.  It was my agent..  My heart stopped - she never calls at that hour.  She told me  Tuesday an agent told her he was going to make an offer ................. BUT last evening (while I was yawning my way through a night meeting) a second visit to the condo produced an offer.  She doesn't know what it is...... but their agent wants to meet with me today after work. She will contact the first agent and see if she can get a little bidding war going......... Personally I just want one fair offer......... that's all......... one fair offer.

After I hung up - I missed W something awful.  How I wanted his advise!!  How I wished he would be able to sit beside me when the offer was made................. 

BUT that is silly.  First of all he is there - I am here.  Secondly I will have my agent to help me work out the offer.......... and I am not dumb.  I can (and WILL) decide on my own to accept or reject - or make a counter offer.  

BUT I decided the next best thing was to call him........... speak to him - hear his voice - and lo and behold while I was talking to him........ his internet magically came on and started working !!!  YAY!!

So as I am sitting here writing this (in the early morning darkness - who can sleep with so much going on ??) I realized I could sit with my netbook on the table - fire off emails to W - get his response - and it will be just like he is sitting at the table with 
me !!  Everything falls into place - eventually !! 

So the big question today will be ............................


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I was over on Fetlife yesterday - the site I love to hate........and noticed all my "friends" were "loving" this certain article that some Dom had written.  So......... I went to read it (I have always been good at following)

I read it with some interest - this particular Dominant was talking about how he had grown bored with spanking and floggings and whips and chains (oh my!!) how he had grown bored with his submissive...... how he was dissatisfied with his past history..... and I found myself wanting to know a little bit more about him......... so I checked his profile.  This Dominant was 34 years old!!  And all I could think was BORED at 34??!!  what the hell is the matter with him??!!!!   (youth is most definitely wasted on the young)

And then I got thinking about all the folks we know who have changed over the years - from dropping out - to changing from sub to Dom - Dom to sub - others have pushed limits and extremes looking for higher heights - looking for some great untried new thrill - or looking for some answer in some obscure (and not so obscure writings) ...... shifting and fidgeting like restless bored children..............

It got me thinking about our BDSM or lack of recently.  And I am having no angst about the lack of it ........ life is just too damn busy to be bored.......... So what if BDSM isn't in the forefront of our life right now???? Does that mean it's gone?? Does it mean we are so bored with it we don't need it or want it anymore??? 

I don't think so.

What I think is......... (something that has taken me a little while to figure out) that BDSM cannot be 100% of one's life.  It must share the spotlight with everything else that fills one's life - from ill health - to family obligations - to work - there has to be lulls and shifts in the tides of one life............ and one has to learn to adjust and adapt to these shifts and lulls 

I think when we are new to BDSM  - or young - we tend to go at everything with an energy that is almost hyper kinetic - refusing to stop - or think - or analyze - just pushing forward - looking for some unattainable nirvana that we think is missing from our lives.  We strive to create some fantasy world.  And when it all crumbles down around our ears - we gnash our teeth and moan and whine about being bored - or that something isn't good enough - or enough (period) to fill the gaping holes in our lives.

Perhaps we should look within...... like ourselves just as we are - and revel in the good fortune of getting up each morning to face another day - and all the challenges it offers. (yeah yeah I am taking notes )  

And if giving pain - or receiving pain - or serving is really your thing - it will balance itself out in your life.  It will weave itself around your work - your family - your other obligations to form an amazing tapestry of who and what you are.  You don't have to try very hard - just let it happen.  And trust me you will be amazed at how it all fits.. and how good it makes you feel.

Life is just too short and too full of amazing things - to be bored.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Deadline looming

The week of Sept 30th is looming closer - that's the magic date when I have to have all the heads counted - all the i's dotted and t's crossed.  (at school I mean)

I have about 75 families who haven't yet "registered" - oh their kids are coming to school every day - their kids are participating - but the families don't / won't / can't fill in the forms necessary.  Yesterday I started the job of going through all the unregistered kids - printing up (again - for the 2nd time) registration forms for the families.  30 years of experience has taught me I probably won't see signed registration forms for these kiddies......... experience has taught me there is very little I can do. 

I am also trying to run a program - get my staff on board - get my staff focused - BUT - the postings came out last week - and about 10% of my staff have applied for jobs with more hours in other schools........... and it is like they have stopped working for me.  (Hope springs eternal)   The postings will be done by this Friday - and we'll all know who's working for whom come Friday ( for the record I could be short 4 employees IF they all get a posted job - and if they all get a posted job in another school - see me doing the happy dance?? NOT - cause that will leave me short and the Board will shrug their shoulders and say something to the effect of " too bad - so sad" )

My magic date of June 30th really can't come soon enough - I have had enough of this bureaucratic mad house.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Back and forth

Friday's drive to Kingston was a complete nightmare - thunder storms - sheeting rain - darkness - and road construction all made for a 4 hour drive!!  But once I saw W and got a hug - I felt safe and home.................. 

Saturday was a busy day - from unpacking the bedding and getting the masters bed made up

to shopping for some storage for my quiet room and adding some little touches I brought from here...

ohhhhhhhhhh and W surprised me by having made up the table I picked out for the house.....

Sunday morning we went for a little walk............. and then it was time for me to head home again.  Another rough drive............. I don't know why but my eyes felt so heavy !!  I didn't feel sleepy - it was just my eyes were heavy and I so wanted to close them.  So I stopped a couple of times and just walked around in the fresh air ... and then pushed on.. arriving home in time to get my laundry done for another week of work.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Sentiments

yeah yeah - I know it is an old one - BUT - after my week - so appropriate.  I threatened to print it up poster size and put it in my office............

Saturday, September 15, 2012


IF you are reading this - then I am in Kingston without internet service. (thank god for the scheduling feature on blogger)    This no internet service has been one of the hardest things about this long distance relationship W and I are going through.  

I am so used to writing to him and having an answer to my question - to my problem - to my love note - in a matter of hours.  These past two weeks have been hit 'n miss.  I write to him and he will do a coffee run to Tim Horton's and download all his emails - fire off a quick one to me and then go home and read the emails.  AND maybe I will get an answer to my question in a day or two - or not at all.......... 'cause that's the problem of long distance relationships without internet service.

Anyway - getting back to the point of this............ yes I am back in Kingston - working to get the house in order - feeding my need for a W "fix" for a couple of days .......... 

I'll be back Monday with a full report of the weekend............ 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Me time

I had almost forgotten how soft and smooth the skin is ..........

I laid quietly in the dark - no voices from the radio - just my fingers exploring - touching stroking - soothing.  My memory being refreshed........ this spot here tingles - this one twitches just a bit........ I play softly and gently........... and slowly.......... till I feel the skin plumping up - getting moist -

I feel the muscles tightening - and I picture the lips separating and opening slightly -  coaxing the fingers to move closer - to enter - to experience the incredible softness inside. 

This is "my time" at the end of a long long day - my time to relax and explore and find pleasure.................. 

And then to sleep - floating softly on the edges of this pleasure till the morning light.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rumour or Fact?

I read on Mistress160's blog (<==  that is a link - but stupid blogger isn't letting me underline or change text colour - go figure !!) a few days ago that  her blog might just disappear.

Apparently - according to what I read on her blog - Google is shutting down with no warning - sex blogs. Now truthfully I didn't really consider her blog a "sex blog" - I always considered it a BDSM blog - with sex thrown in.  

So I have googled the question "is Google shutting down sex blogs?" and got no response.  really - nothing at all about sex blogs - go figure! 

Which got me thinking ................. 

My first reaction was "oh crap - does this mean I have to find another host for The Journey??" I have tried more than a few other hosts and honestly blogger is the easiest to learn - manipulate and use............. and it's free !!  AND truthfully folks - with the move coming sometime in the next year - the thought of having to change my email address - AND make sure I notify everyone of the new address is about all the change I can handle right now!

Then I realized that should Google take a peek at The Journey - they would yawn and move along.  After all - this dear blog deals more with the angst of work, moving, and decorating than it does sex or BDSM. 

And I realized that my life (our life) has changed from delicious decadent BDSM to vanilla - and I am trying to figure out when the hell that happened??!! 

I used to be so full of ideas / thoughts/ lectures on BDSM ............... and now - well it's like the toys we have - all packaged up in traveling cases stored in a corner of the new house.  

Before W left, we had whittled our play parties down to one event - and then only made one of those this summer.  In Kingston - before we moved there - we were attending as many munches and sloshes as we could muster - to break the ice and hopefully find a foot hold in the new community.  BUT now even that seems to have petered out to nothing.

And yes yes I know - the move is more than enough to handle at this point...... getting the house organized - getting settled is exhausting business and when the day is done we no more feel like getting all dickied up and going out to meet with like minded folks than fly.

So I guess when it comes right down to it........... The Journey is safe from disappearing into the great black void of the internet at Googles whim.  It is as far removed from a sex blog - or even an Adult blog - as it can get...............

So whether this information about Google taking down sex blogs is 'Rumour or Fact' I  guess I don't have to worry ................

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Early morning darkness

the house is early morning dark - the only light on is the one on the stairs - cause I have been down to get my first cup of coffee of the day.  It's quiet - except for the voices from the radio which wakes me every morning.

I have been sitting here listening to the voices in the darkness - and they don't have anything much good to say.  Makes me wonder why they talk - or why I listen.  Do I really need to know how bad the world is outside my four walls.  Gas has jumped 20 cents overnight to $1.50something  - the American ambassador and 3 other Americans to Libya have been killed - a plane has crashed in Russia - it goes on and on.... I turn my listening skills off.

My day stretches in front of me - and I wonder if my lil kindergarten guy can come to school today without crying and vomiting all over me ....... I wonder if my lil sisters who lost their mom will be more settled today - I wonder if the paper work that seems to grow overnight on my desk will begin to shrink - I wonder if I will find time to shop for sheets - I wonder if my lil home will ever be sold -  I wonder if this month will ever end.

And now the sky is lightening - the sun will soon be shining in my windows and my day will start - for real. The dark thoughts that match the darkness of the early morning are receding and I down the last  mouthful of coffee - stretch my stiff old body - and get ready to face yet another day in the maddening world.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Constant Battle

I have joked many times here on The Journey about having OCD.  The thing is - I DO have OCD and it really isn't a joke.  I am not your stereotypical OCD - I don't wash my hands over and over (though I do wash them frequently) I don't count things or have odd rituals before leaving the house......... nevertheless I have OCD.

Over the years I have learned how to manage it - for the most part.  But it still manifests itself in my need for order and routine and  neatness, my dislike of change, my fear of new places/new people.

This past weekend was extremely hard on me.  On the drive up to Kingston I kept visualizing the house filled with boxes and furniture and mess.  I kept reminding myself it was a temporary situation.  I also kept reminding myself I could NOT get it all done in one weekend.  (Just for the record when I moved to this home - I had the entire house washed and all the boxes emptied and the furniture in place PLUS Christmas decorations up in one week) 

When I arrived and walked in all I could see was boxes.  W had done a wonderful job of getting the sofa in place and a couple of tables and lights set up in the living room.  That small area was like a sanctuary for me.  As I started to go through boxes in the kitchen I kept taking really big breaths to try and stay calm - to stop the panic from over taking me.  It was almost futile....... from the lack of cupboard space to the HUGE amount of stuff ........ I felt like I was drowning.  And then to make it worse I kept picturing all MY stuff still to come - and knowing there was NO place for any of it.

When it all got too much I would dash outside and sit in the silly gazebo at the end of the driveway and just breath.  A couple of times I caught myself rocking -  seeking some sort of comfort from the repetitive movements.  Every once in a while (actually more than I want to remember) I would just dissolve in tears and cry heart brokenly.  

W was amazing - pulling me tight to his chest - holding me - talking to me - telling me there was room for the "stuff" - his stuff and mine.  Everything would be ok.  I know I was a burden this weekend - and it makes me so sad.  I don't think W has ever seen me this bad.  It has been a long long time since I have been this bad. 

At one point I managed to talk about the fear of giving up my lil home here.  God knows this bloody move to Kingston was MY dream........... yet this move scares me - more than I ever believed possible.  On the drive home I let my mind unwind itself - and when it straightened itself out - I realized the only reason I cried over my lil home - was because it is my safe haven.  It is orderly and neat and soothes me.  I realized that the lil home in Kingston will become neat and orderly and will be my safe haven too in time.

But getting back to my weekend in Kingston........ on Sunday W told me to move all the boxes out of my quiet room.  And then he set about assembling my lil daybed.  The room was empty - except for the daybed.  My quiet space - my safe haven.  I know why he did it.......... and I love him for it.  

Monday I went out and bought a beautiful comforter for the Master's bedroom - and I picked up some wonderful throw pillows for my quiet room.  Monday night I sat wishing I could email W - tell him how full my heart was - how much I loved him - how sorry I was for this episode of OCD.  This isn't something I can "say" in words - my feelings - so deep and so painful - can only be written.  I know - once he gets his internet back up - he will come here and read this....... and I hope and pray he realizes he is my strength and my rock....... and I don't know what I would do without him.

And so the constant battle continues............ 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our new home

Honestly our weekend wasn't all that interesting - busy yes - but interesting??? well if you consider unpacking boxes interesting........ then yeah it was interesting.

One of the things I discovered I do very well - is move boxes.  Yup... move this box from this room to that room - then move it to another room.  I am not sure we got many boxes unpacked - but I do know the main level of the house doesn't have as many boxes in it (cheeky grin - don't ask me about the family room though ok??)

I took a couple of pictures of the progress......... 

The following picture is of the "guest room".  However for the time being it is the Master's bedroom.  (until we get boxes out of the real Master's bedroom - and the new bed assembled - and sheets and chests of drawers purchased)

Remember on the weekend I said I had bought a new shower curtain and accessories??? Well here's the new shower curtain ........ (the accessories aren't anything to write home about)

And finally - W put up the daybed in my quiet room.  (There's a reason it got done this weekend - but I'll fill in those details another day)........ 

Now my quiet room is going to be a work in progress....... and I promise to add pictures as the room comes together....... But for now...................... This is it !!

I was sad to leave W in Kingston and come home to face another week of work.  Hopefully though W will have his internet up and running tomorrow (I have my fingers crossed - and my toes - and my eyes - well you get the idea) and then we will have daily contact again.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

peeking in..............

Guess where I am ??? sitting in Tim Horton's using their WIFI.  (I was having internet withdrawals) 

We're having so much fun!!!  Yes yes we've been emptying boxes - sort of - the kitchen doesn't have enough cupboards (see me pout) BUT W has promised kitchen remodeling  is second on the list of "must do's" (see me smile)

We've just been shopping - and bought 2 Japanese screens - a tv stand - a room divider - bathroom stuff (shower curtain, bath mat etc) and once I am finished feeding my internet craving - we are back to the house and more unpacking and organising.

I do love our little home - and when I was driving up - as the car peaked the hill that overlooks Kingston - I had this overwhelming feeling of "coming home"

"God's in his heaven - all's right with the world "

Friday, September 07, 2012

Surprise !!!

Yah yah!  I know I said I wouldn't be here for a couple of days - BUT - W was worrying about me driving up after a day's work - being tired and all - so we decided I would drive up early this morning - after a good night's sleep!!

His furniture arrived yesterday - pretty much the way it was picked up - unprofessionally.  The moving company still isn't answering his calls.  There were huge amounts of damage to his furniture - like his new coffee table now has a broken leg.  The driver refused to sign the damage papers - and tried to drive OVER W ........ 

I definitely need to get there - if nothing else - just to be with W - and hopefully be a calming influence.

A submissive from up there - who I have been mentoring - and who has become a rather close friend - emailed me last night and offered her help in organising the house - what a sweetie !!  As she put it "I take direction well " :)  

So off I go - keep us all in your thoughts please !!  This has been a very trying / exhausting/ stressful time for W (and for me)

Oh and on another note - I had 2 other visitors through my lil home last night - and my agent feels there should be an offer on the table by the time I get home......... so some positive thoughts in that direction would be most welcome too :)

See ya on the flip side............ 

Thursday, September 06, 2012


Yesterday morning I left my office to run down the hallway to the main office to pick up my mail.  When I returned there was a mother leaning against my filing cabinet waiting for me. 

I was worried about this woman.  She has been pestering me for work for over a year.  She is not suitable - in my opinion - to work with children.  There isn't anything concrete just my gut feelings.

The minute I walked in she started ranting - she had pneumonia - but she wasn't contagious - financial advisors are a**holes and because of them she was over $70,000 in debt - she nearly divorced her husband 3 times but he didn't drink or beat her or fool around.  

While this was going on - stupid me - walked past her and went behind my desk.  I was now blocked into my office with no way out except past her.  I should have stayed by the door - but hindsight is 20/20.

The ranting continued - why did I hate her - why wouldn't I hire her - everyone said I was a bitch to work for - she didn't trust me -  on and on - it got downright scary.  She had slammed the door shut.. was banging her hand on my desk.  I was trying to diffuse the situation.  

Then as suddenly as it started - she turned and ran out of my office 

I sat there with my heart pounding.  Honestly they don't pay me enough to take this abuse

10 more months and I am out of there.............. 


I am leaving first thing tomorrow morning to head off to Kingston to be with W.  I doubt very much that I'll be posting while I am there - mainly because I doubt he will have the network up and running - hell he won't even have television till NEXT Friday (cheeky grin) which prompted me to ask what the hell we would do every night.

And for the record - W's furniture had not arrived yesterday as it was supposed to.  Bell had not installed his phone as they were supposed to - and the new fridge's delivery has been postponed until Friday.

Anyway.............everyone play nice  till I get back sometime Sunday 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Just Buzzin' by

So much to touch on - so little time........... 

W made it to Kingston safe and sound yesterday - and wrote me last evening to say "you Me and Miss Ashes are the proud owners of a new home in Kingston" 

I had complained to North American Van Lines (the company that owns W's mover) on face book - and believe it or not had a request for more information from them this morning so they can "investigate".  

I can only assume my agent brought the visitors through yesterday as I haven't heard a word from her - despite her promise to contact me - I even emailed and have heard nothing......... (I am getting a wee bit tired of service people not living up to their promises)

We had an election here in Quebec yesterday - and all anglos greatest fear came true - the PQ (or the separatist party - for those of you not in the know) were elected.  Mind you.... they only have a minority government - which probably means nothing will get done in the next 4 years  - but still it will cause (initially) some mass hysteria among Anglo Quebecers - and make selling one's house that more difficult.  Though we did make history with this election - and elected the first ever woman Premier -  it would have been nice if her politics were even a little bit close to mine - but c'est la vie.

Oh yeah and on a final note - I am still missing two full time employees at school - and not much hope on that front either.

This is the type of day / news that could lead me to drink.............

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Moving Day Part II

Well after a couple of days of rest and good food - long talks and some lovin' ........... W loaded up the car this morning with all sorts of bits and pieces (even putting some in the trunk of my car!! - I am beginning to wonder what the movers did take!!) and headed on down the 401 to Kingston.

I miss him already.

BUT I have booked off work on Friday - and my plan is to head out Thursday after work and spend the weekend with W - unpacking boxes - putting furniture together - and washing cupboards.... and just making damn sure he is ok.  I can NOT go through another day like last Friday........

Just three days of being apart  this week.............

 I am hoping it will get easier....


and I heard last night that the people who came through my lil home last week are coming back for a second visit this morning at 10:30 ............. 

i am of two minds about this second visit - IF it sells what a relief !!!  BUT IF it sells then I have a few weeks to pack up this house and get everything shipped down the highway to W - to add to his mess ............... oh my dear god !!!  AND get myself moved into eldest daughter's house until June.............

am I totally crazy??!!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Hell Day

Friday was moving day for W.............. at least the first stage of his move.  The movers were to come in in the morning and pack up his stuff - load the truck - and move 'em on out.  Then around lunch time 1-800 Got Junk was to come in and empty the rest of the stuff out of the house to recycle - reuse or straight to the dump.

That was the plan.  It sounded good - in theory. 

Except the movers didn't show up in the morning........I sent W a cheeky email (when I heard they hadn't showed) something to the effect of - "what fun - let's hope Got Junk doesn't get all the boxes for the movers and vice versa (ok ok I thought it was funny at the time).  

By 3 p.m. the movers still hadn't showed up.  

They arrived shortly after 3 and then W had to direct the Got Junk guys and the movers and try and keep it straight which boxes / furniture belonged to which crew!!  such fun!!

Amidst all that confusion/commotion - neighbours and friends kept dropping by to say good bye.  

I was at work - trying to focus on not losing kids - but my mind was with W - fussing and worrying and wishing I was with him.............. 

In my warped mind - W would arrive here sometime after 6 ............. I kinda figured around 8 - so I waited supper -  and waited  and waited.

Just after 8 I sent him a text message saying "I'm thinking of you" ............ 

At 8:30 I had some toast for dinner and tried to concentrate on the football game I was watching and not on the clock

By 9:30 I was getting a little frantic.  Not a word from him since mid morning.  

By 10:00 I sent another text message saying "I am starting to worry - can i call you" 

I held my breath and waited.............. 

longest 15 minutes of my life.  But the phone finally rang and W's voice said "I'm leaving now".  I finally exhaled.

W got to me around 11...........He looked like crap - filthy dirty - tired - and (putting it mildly) strung out. We talked (well he did) until midnight.  Then I convinced him to have a nice long hot bath and come to bed.

The one thing that stands out in my mind and probably always will - was that the movers refused - REFUSED - to move a sofa bed from the basement!!!  Can you believe that???   And they wouldn't move the train table in one piece - and it had to be cut in half!!!  And they broke the new addition to the layout........... and didn't wrap up the tunnel I made.... and just basically threw it all on the truck.

Oh when this is all over and W is settled into the house in Kingston - the movers are in SUCH hot water........... never mind the fact that I won't be using them - and I will make sure that I spread the word of the poor service and attitude to anyone who will listen (starting with this blog - cheeky grin)

When W leaves here on Tuesday morning (at the crack of dawn) for the second leg of this move - I am hoping he will be rested and fed and ready to face whatever the hell comes next.

God I love this man - who is turning his life/world upside down to give my dream of living in Kingston when I retire !!!

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