Monday, December 26, 2005

Post Christmas thoughts

Well .. Christmas is over for another year.... i realized this afternoon that i have mixed feelings about it being over.....

First i am a bit sad.. i love the decorations and know that they will be soon be coming down.. ughhhhhhhh.. why is it it seems so much easier to put them up than take them all down?? i love the planning and preparation... weeks of it.. and in one day it is all over......... makes me wonder sometimes if it is worth all that work...........

Then i am a bit glad it is all over.. cause Christmas means lots of people and noise and clutter and confusion...... for the most part i enjoy quiet.. i seldom if ever have the TV or radio or music of any sort on.. i just love after what feels like an eternity of people and noise i revel in the peace and quiet.. and look forward to getting the house back into shape.........

BUT also Christmas is a vanilla time.. Sir and i have been together for 4 straight days and we only had the energy and privacy to play twice (yesterday mornings caning theme .. and last night some needling to help relieve the stress within me)

Sir and i talked a bit this afternoon....... about upping the ante a little bit come January........ tightening the leash... and as much as i want that.. desperately want that .. it also makes me nervous... can i meet His strictness without the "but Sirs" and without the foot stamps and sulking??? i want to try .. i really do!!! Can Sir keep the leash short?? Will He have the stamina it takes to bring me back in line... there will be rebellions... that is just part of who i am.. stubborn lil subbie......... my New Year's wish is that we can work together to have the strong BDSM D/s relationship we both dream of............


  1. I wish my friends luck in their endeavors

  2. ... and may all Y/your dreams come true morningstar.
    Love & Peace,

  3. Rebellions?? I don't think/KNOW so !!!

    Owner of the new improved morningstar


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