Friday, December 09, 2005

on being a guest....

Last April 28th i started this blog.... that blog was very short and sweet ... it said only:
i am a collared submissive living somewhere in the great white north. i do not live 24/7 with my Sir .. life commitments for both us force us to spend only weekends together. BUT we both try our best to live 24/7 despite being apart Monday to Thursday. These writings will be my thoughts/feelings and struggles both in the lifestyle and out of it.

At that time i didn't even know if anyone would stumble across my ramblings and read them.... or if - having read them - they would ever return. i was a real novice at blogging.. at html .. but over the months i learned to add a link section.. add links within my blog... add pictures where i want them... add a counter......... and i have discovered lots of really friendly folk who DO indeed visit this little blog.. who suffer through my whines.. my pity parties and my glorious triumphs.......and have left comments that encourage me to think...... or just make me laugh......

Entering the holidailies i realized was opening myself up to a whole crowd of unknown visitors who might just take exception to what i write.. to what i do.. to what i crave and need........rude guests...... i realized this blog might just shock a few people and send them running screaming.... but i did it anyway..........

i have been very pleased with the quality of "guests" who have stopped by to read my ramblings....... oh there have been a few who have snuck in like a thief in the night and stolen my words..... but they did it quietly without much fanfare or disruption.. and so i continue writing............

Before the holidailies go on much longer.. i thought i should take one blog to outline clearly what is going to happen here...... so that the new guests may be forewarned and forearmed so to speak....

This blog is about BDSM - bondage discipline sadism and masochism.... my Sir is the Sadist and i am the masochist - which when you think about it is a good fit ! Everything is safe sane and consentual - by our standards not the vanilla worlds... i was not abused as a child and i am not a doormat .. i only answer to one Master - my Sir. In the outside world i am a strong independent woman who works with children..... owns a side business or two...... and has learned to take care of herself..... so please don't see me as some mealy mouthed weak female just because i am submissive........

There are number of areas that Sir and i enjoy .. Domination and submission being the foundation on which our relationship is built......... and then there is the pain aspect - everything from floggings to bondage to needles and knife play.

This is what The Journey is about........... mostly.....and why it is rated "Adult content"... you are most welcome to stop by regularily and read........ or quietly slip out the back door... (and yeah i know .. this probably should have been my FIRST entry but it wasn't.. )

And having said all that.. it is FRIDAY!! My Sir arrives this afternoon.. and He has been hinting at some fun times this weekend........... i have butterflies just thinking about what could happen....... TGIF!


  1. I hope you have an absolutely fantastic weekend!!!!!!!

    I snuck in and stole a picture but I did give you credit on blog. :(:( sorry!

  2. LOL ohhhhhhh cherish...... i didn't mind that at all... that is not what i was referring to.... maybe one day i will blog about it.. but not now.. now it is the weekend and it is snowing and looking very Christmasy here... so only happy thoughts this weekend allowed :) :)

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  3. Well, when we speak our minds, share our views, discribe our lives, we are practicing our most profound freedom, at least in our societies. We don't go out and drag people into these things and FORCE them to read them, and we don't expect them to agree with our enjoy what we write. So, if someone stumbles upon your blog and doesn't like it, then they can take their displeasure elsewhere. If someone doesn't like what I say, or thinks I'm wrong, then fine, no one is forcing them to. They are even welcome to share an alternate view. But if they think they are actually accomplishing anything by insulting me or insinuating that I have no right to think the way they do, then I have just one thing to say to them.........Don't waste your time judging me and I won't waste my breath telling you to go fuck yourself!

    Keep on blogging, baby, I enjoy the hell out of it!

  4. PS.....I forgot to edit and spellcheck that entry so try and ignore some of the mistakes.....thanks....hehe

  5. giggling.. thanks for the words of encouragement Michael.. and trust me.. Your spelling/grammar errors are minor compared to what i deal with every day ...

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  6. I'm glad that you're "not a doormat". I really like your blog and I've been reading it for weeks. I still don't completely understand the whole BDSM thing; however, I thank you for sharing it. Since reading your blog I've peeked at other BDSM blogs, but there really is something about your blog that I enjoy. I think that it's that you're basicly happy and well-adjusted. Also, I love that you have such good grammer and spelling!
    Anyway, in case you want to know, I found your blog by clicking on the random blog button.

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