Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween - UGH!

It seemed like a good idea........

AND you WILL have fun!!! 


I may never wear my crocs again........ 



 I honestly do not like Halloween........ 


Maybe with the right kind of pumpkin - I might change my opinion.........


Mind you........... there is something good about it.........



But Seriously........

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Friday, October 29, 2021

The Pill Saga



About 20 years ago - or so - I was put on blood pressure medicine.  Once they got me on pills that didn't have too many side effects I never gave them another thought - just took my pill every morning with my 2nd cup of coffee.


Covid.  Then I had trouble getting my pills.  I heard the doctors were using the pills for covid patients..... Life became stressful every 3 months when I had to order them... would they have them?? would they have to give me a substitute?  

Then life settled down and I had no problems getting my pills.


2 weeks ago.  I ordered my prescription online.  The pills would be delivered in 48 hours.  72 hours later my pills hadn't arrived.  I called the drugstore.  They told me my pills had been recalled due to a cancer causing agent being found in them?!! (they couldn't have called to tell me??!!)  I asked about the substitute pills - they had been recalled as well.  They said they would fax my doctor and get a prescription for a new drug. WOW you think they would have done that as soon as they knew my pills had been recalled.......... ah well.

I waited another 5 days then called the drugstore again.  They said my doctor had renewed my prescription for the recalled drugs??!!!!  They suggested I call my doctor and get him to prescribe a new drug.  (again they couldn't have called me to tell me?!)

I called.  The nurse said she would leave him a note.

I waited another 2 days and called the drugstore again.  They said they hadn't received anything.............. le sigh

I called the doctor's office again.  (Now I was down to 4 day's worth of meds) I explained AGAIN what I needed.  They said the office had faxed the drugstore and asked them to recommend a new drug.  WTF??!!  The drugstore is going to pick the best drug for me? I thought that was my doctor's job??!!!!  GRRRRR.

I called the drugstore back and explained my doctor wanted a recommendation.  Shock at the drugstore.  I was so frustrated I said " listen - just go eeny meeny miny moe and pick one!!" This was on Wednesday.

Thursday I had a phone call from the doctor's office telling me they had sent a new prescription to the drugstore.

Thursday afternoon I got an email from the drugstore telling me my prescription was ready for pick up.  (it's supposed to be delivered - but now I want to talk to the druggist about this new pill) I am picking them up this morning. 

Is it normal to expect the patient to be the go-between with the drugstore and the doctor??? I don't know - I'm old fashioned I guess - but I kinda expect my doctor to pick the best drugs for me  - to call the drugstore and give them the prescription.  I kinda expect my drugstore to contact the doctor's office if there is a problem with my drugs... OR at the very least call me so I know there is a problem........... 

I am SO not impressed and have no idea who to complain to..........


Thursday, October 28, 2021

Longgggg Week



The operative word in that meme is "a bit" ............ 

Every morning this week - every. single. morning. - Sir Steve leans down to kiss me goodbye and rams his hand between my legs and (for lack of a better word) vibrates against my pink bits.   

It makes me squirm.

It makes my heart pound.

It makes me horny - VERY!

and then Sir Steve pulls his hand back ... grins at me and says "have a good day" and leaves! 

He leaves me wanting and needy and unfocused.

It's gonna be a long long week...................  

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Mean" Girls


When I was teaching I came across the term "mean" girls......... basically they are bullies who try to destroy another child's self esteem.  

Yesterday when the lil one got home she wasn't her usual bouncy self and definitely not very talkative.  I tried ...... her father tried...... to get her to talk about what was going on.  We both kinda assumed she hadn't finished work at school or hadn't done well on some math work...... the usual.  But she wouldn't open up.

This morning while she was eating breakfast she opened up to me..............
Apparently one girl in her class made fun of her nails...... they were a bit long granted but still??!!  And then when the teacher put her math work up on the smart board to show everyone how to do a math problem (WOW colour me surprised!!) this girl made another comment and got her friends to join in......... the lil one was so upset by the comments she didn't even see how special it was to have her math work displayed!

Mama Bear came out!!  grrrrrrr I wanted to slap this mean girl!!  Instead I tried to give our lil one tools to deal with this kind of behaviour.  I explained she will always come across 'mean girls' her whole life and best to learn how to deal with it now!  AND then I cut her nails.  AND then I praised her for the math work! 



Tuesday, October 26, 2021




I'm very spoiled....... at noon yesterday the doorbell rang - dear lord chaos broke out - dog barking me on the phone with Sir Steve trying to open the door civilly and block the dog.  I received flowers - gorgeous flowers from Sir Steve.............. 


Then at dinner time Sir Steve had another 'party' for me....... this time with the lil one.... 
I have been wanting a large porch lantern to turn into a decoration for Christmas but just couldn't rationalize spending that much money on a whim.  Welllllllllllll the lil one gave me 'candles' that look like birch bark - they are actually battery operated - come with a remote to turn them on and off and set the time they will 'burn' for.



Sir Steve gave me my lantern - not one but TWO!!  one a wee bit smaller than the other. 



of course the whole party was topped off with CAKE!  more cake.

 (definitely next week I can diet)

Monday, October 25, 2021

Let Them Eat Cake



Saturday was the first (of 3) Birthday Celebration (with  youngest daughter and family)

we feasted......... we laughed... there were presents....... 


there was cake 


That is cake #1.

Today is my actual birthDAY celebration with Sir Steve and the lil one........ and I know there will be cake.  

Saturday will  be celebration #3 with eldest daughter and SIL and there will be more cake!! 

Let them eat cake!!  (next week I can diet) 

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Saturday, October 23, 2021




There's something special about Fridays - even when you're retired.  All week I follow my schedule - cleaning/washing/messages - and cooking big dinners.  Fridays are quiet days - and Friday dinner is always light and nibbly.

Friday nights right now involve a platter of munchies and football games.  Sir Steve and I curl up in front of the TV with the munchies between us... and we both relax and unwind.  It kinda sets the tone for the weekend ya know?? and I love it!!

Last night we had sausage rolls and chips...... and an amazing football game.  (when football season ends we generally watch movies)



Today we're taking it slow before we head off to Quebec to have the first of 3 birthday celebrations for me...... (for someone who HATES her own birthday - having 3 celebrations this year is pushing the limit!! ) 

I LOVE Fridays! 

Friday, October 22, 2021

Don't Hate Me



By now everyone knows how much I love Christmas......... and how early I start planning and plotting the holidays.  This year is no exception.

I start pestering my family for their Christmas Wish lists in September. This year they ALL cooperated and I had my shopping list completed by the beginning of October.  YAY!!  I'm still shopping on line - mostly at Amazon.  (Truthfully I'm not sure I'll ever go back to shopping in the stores - even after covid is under control) I have ordered everyone's gifts..... and thank goodness I have! cause more than half of my orders are gonna take 4 - 6 weeks to get here.  I wonder if it is this supply chain problem we keep hearing about.   

This supply chain disruption is worrying....... not just for Christmas but everyday shortages worry me too.  So far I haven't had any troubles with my groceries or other necessities but it is a little worrying ya know.  I've made a list of the baking I want to do and a list of the supplies I need to do this baking.  Why I do that is simple...... I can now buy these ingredients as they go on sale (or as the case may be - as they are available) This makes it a little easier on the food budget.  

Lists are a HUGE part of my Christmas planning........ I love my lists!!  Thought I'd share this list of to do's......


Thursday, October 21, 2021

Social Media



Once upon a time - not that long ago actually - I was not on any social media.... didn't really even know about facebook!!

I think the first social media platform that I joined was Fetlife.... and that was because I happened to know John Baku and he asked me (believe it or not) if I would be interested in beta testing a new web site he was developing.  He specifically wanted me to check spelling/grammar and links.  I wasn't a huge user until much later when I realized the advantage of having a kinky website that listed all upcoming events.

Then my daughters suggested I join Facebook.  For one reason - to upload family photos.  Up to this point I had been emailing them the pics of family celebrations.  They pushed just hard enough to get me to sign up.  Back then the only people on my friend's list were my daughters.  

BUT it didn't take long before I was adding teachers I met or worked with - joining education groups - joining craft pages.  And then it became part of my morning routine to log on to Facebook.

Now I can say I am officially hooked on Facebook.  Not on Twitter or Instagram or any other social media site - I hardly visit Fetlife anymore.... but I do still check Facebook every morning with my coffee. 

One of my favourite groups on FB is "Sarcasm should be a language" usually gives me a good laugh..... and occasionally Sir Steve gets a chuckle when I share.

A couple of weeks ago - the cartoons they were sharing had a definite kink theme.  Imagine my surprise..... Facebook has always been what I consider a family rated site..... and yet here were these kinky offerings!!  I'm surprised they didn't get censored - from what I hear more and more folks are getting censored and being sent to "Facebook Jail" (whatever the hell that means) 

Thought I would share with you some of the ones that made me giggle....... 




 and last but not least.......... 


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Challenge



We have now entered the season of 'birthdays'........ le sigh... at least one a month from September to May.  

Next month is my middle grandson's birthday.  He is very (and I do mean VERY ) into science.  On his birthday wish list was "indium" (and other metals and the element table and and and.... ) I decided to buy him the indium.  Can I say thank god for Amazon cause I had NO idea where to find indium.  Nor did I have any idea how much indium was gonna cost.  Fortunately I found some on Amazon in my price range........ 


When it arrived I nearly choked at the size - it looked like nothing...... you couldn't even see the engraving on it - colour me sad/frustrated.   

Because it was so small I was worried it would get lost ......... and figured I should find someway of displaying it that would keep it safe.   A shadow box seemed the logical idea. BUT I couldn't find a shadow box small enough - they all just seemed to accentuate how tiny the indium was.  

Back to Amazon - typed in "mini shadow box" and lo and behold I found one that I thought would work.  I read the comments and most of them were negative - complaining about how small it was.  Well well well!  too small sounded perfect to me so I ordered it.

It came last week and it was perfect!!!  I am so happy with the finished product - the indium is now safe from getting lost - and protected from dust and dirt and finger prints.  


YAY !  for Amazon.   

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Sound Activated



Pain turns me on (kinky pain not slamming my shin against a table leg).... breast slapping - pussy spanking - hells bells any spanking!!  I assumed the same triggers turned Sir Steve on.   I was wrong.  

I know how to turn him on....... how to get a 'rise' out of him (cheeky grin) but often wondered if there was anything that just naturally turned him on.

I discovered the answer to my question quite by accident one night.  I was more than a little turned on... Sir Steve was teasing me - keeping me on the edge and I was making more noise than usual......... 

AND Guess what happened?? 

Yup - he 'rose' to the occasion naturally.

WOW!!  voice activated!!! 

Sir Steve is MY voice activated toy (very cheeky grin)

Monday, October 18, 2021

K I D S !!



I can't believe it's Monday again!!  

It was a good weekend.......... nothing terribly special - football games (yes we're football fans - CFL though) and relaxing... oh and some Christmas shopping (thank god for Amazon!)

The stars aligned and on Sunday afternoon Sir Steve took me into the bedroom for some adult play time........... There was a fair amount of breast slapping and pussy spanking........ and of course all the sounds associated with those activities.  

At one point - during the pussy spanking - I heard the dog whining.... WTF??!!  (she never pays any attention to our playing) I lifted my head to see her lying outside the bedroom door with her head cocked - her favourite toy at the ready - staring at us.  OMG I burst out laughing - Sir Steve sent her back to her bed in the living room and he laughed too........... we think she was feeling 'left out' and wanted to 'play' too.
KIDS!!  ugh

Anywayyyyyyyy after that lil interruption - play time continued leaving me glowing and Sir Steve grinning like the 'cat who swallowed the canary'.

I made a platter of Asian pastries for supper and we munched away while watching the TV shows we tape during the week (the ones that come on after our bedtime)

our dinner


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday's Words of Wisdom


Sunday's have been declared "Words of Wisdom" day here on The Continued Journey...
some Sundays the words will indeed be wise - other Sundays wise words with a side of humour.


 For example - words of wisdom:

 Words of wisdom with a side of humour


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Just a Little Sharing



A while back I did a meme that asked what can you see out your window... and I answered a pot of yellow mums.... 

BUT there's so much more.... only problem is there are wires and telephone poles and mess between me and the view.  

I have been sitting looking out on the view - watching the leaves change colour (in my opinion the only good thing about Fall) ignoring the wires and poles.  Then I had a brainwave... what if I got my camera and put the telephoto lens on........... what would I be able to capture........ 

It's been so long since I used my camera the battery was dead......... so after charging it I went out on the front deck and snapped some shots.... The colours aren't full on bright yet - so maybe I'll try again in a few days......... BUT we can see this from our front window.......... just past the water tower is the border to the States....



and here's a shot of a tree in our neighbour's back yard.......

Not a bad view for city life eh???


Friday, October 15, 2021

Life's Ups and Downs



Don't we all have a plan for how life should go???  And seldom does that plan include a road filled with ups and downs........ we prefer straight on till tomorrow no???

We've had a couple of rough years around here......... it started with covid doing a number on my anxiety........ and it moved on to Sir Steve's health issues.  Joy oh Joy!  Not much 'fun' going on here with the bumps in the road - let me tell you.

But about a month ago Sir Steve finally got an appointment with a specialist...... She recommended another specialist and some new meds.  Sir Steve started the new meds last Thursday.  It came with side effects - and he managed to develop them ALL !  BUT within 48 hours he was moving easier with a whole lot less pain YAY!!! so he decided to stick out the meds and pray the side effects disappeared.  They didn't.

It was an awful weekend - poor Sir Steve pushed through it all so that we could have our Thanksgiving celebration with eldest daughter and SIL.  By Monday I suggested he stop the damn pills.... it just wasn't worth it..... and to call the doc on Tuesday when her office opened. By Tuesday night almost all the pain was back - on top of the side effects.  

By Wednesday the side effects were gone - and the pain was back full on.

On Wednesday night he started some new pills.  I held my breath.  By this morning - no side effects (at least not that he's told me) and the pain is easing.   

I'm thinking when things are running smoothly we need to cram all the good stuff in ......... enough to tide us over till the next smooth running ya know??? Cause life consists of ups and downs - sometimes more downs than ups.  But as my grandmother always use to say "This too shall pass" 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

So Discouraged


Our health unit posted some infuriating stats this week........ honestly I sat there reading them - twice! - and all I could do was shake my head.

Our numbers in our lil town have been climbing and climbing - in our town!  Everywhere else the numbers are falling - hells bells our provincial totals - for the whole province! - have been dropping - yesterday we had only 306 new cases.   

The head doctor of our health unit came out and (in my words) scolded our lil town.  He pointed out we had the highest numbers of new cases in the whole unit.... AND... the lowest number of vaccinations.  Everywhere else the numbers are over 80% double vaccinated.......... here?  only 69%.......... we have so many anti-vaxxers here and so many conspiracy theorists.  It's so damn discouraging.  

How stupid can people be??!!!  Our one hospital is filling up quickly - they are cancelling some surgeries... and people are saying - believe it  or not - well it's flu season it's to be expected!!

So I stay home - no eating out in restaurants - no movie date nights ........ it's discouraging.  

Anyone else feeling discouraged?? or has life improved in your corner of the world?


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Just a Quickie



 Friday night - I was exhausted and fell into bed craving sleep.  BUT Sir Steve had  other plans...... 

His nails were long (ugh - don't come near me with those claws!) and he started to tease me - running them up and down my body - digging in slightly - feeling my body respond........  

My body was aching - twitching - making me squirm.  I knew it was gonna be a joint venture to give me release... my fingers hesitantly moved down to my jewelry - rubbing twisting pulling and playing......... 

Sir Steve's fingers continued their scratchy teasing

My fingers slid into the moistness and my body started to arch and the moans escaped

Sir Steve sensed (knew?) I was gonna need a little help - something a bit more than scratches - his hand found my throat - and fingers tightened around it... 

The pulse pounded

My fingers moved quickly 

My back arched 

and finally release........ sweet release............ 

then soft sleep 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving


If turkeys could talk.......... 


for the conspiracy theory folks......


 May all of you celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend have much to be thankful for - family friends and health.

Saturday, October 09, 2021

Holiday Weekend


 This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada - 3 day weekend and company coming! Eldest daughter and SIL are coming for the holiday.

Being me I have spent this week cleaning and polishing - oh yeah and finding the company linens.  Couldn't for the life of me remember where I had stored the sheets and comforters etc ... then at 2 the other morning I woke up and remembered it was under the guest bed.  OH and shopping ..... I have so much food!!  never mind a turkey defrosting in the fridge there's all the food for the other meals.  Once / twice a year I wish I had a bigger fridge........ ahh well ... 

I decided that I was not going to make the traditional pumpkin pies....... I'm not a big fan and seeing as I am the chief cook and bottle wash around here I decided to make a pumpkin cake.  I also had the brilliant idea to decorate the cake to look like a pumpkin.  I have a bundt pan so how difficult could it be??!! 


First off I've never made pumpkin cake before and it was SO moist it was falling apart when I took it out of the pan.  Second the hole in the middle of the bundt pan was huge! so I had to stuff the hole with tin foil and then use the bits of cake I cut off the bottom so it would sit flat on the plate to cover the tin foil.
Then I tried to ice this mess of pieced together cake. 

It's amazing what a load of icing do.......... 

It's not exactly like the pictures I saw online - and it wouldn't win any cake decorating prizes........ but I'm sure it will taste just fine.

Thanksgiving weekend and company coming.......... pass the wine!

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