Monday, August 23, 2021

Catch Up



A few weeks ago I mentioned that the lil one was making lady bugs from old golf balls and promised to show you pics.... well it didn't go as planned. First the red paint wasn't red - more purple - so I had to find a different colour (settled on red nail polish.  For some reason craft paint is as scarce as toilet paper was...... go figure) Then the lil one has been busy socializing with her 'friends' every day...and had little if any interest in art.

Last week we finally got them finished!!  They are now proudly displayed in our back 'garden'...........

Sir Steve's stepmother came to visit on Wednesday.  I spent the morning preparing dinner... making a veggie salad... cleaning and prepping the mushrooms and steaks........... BUT when it came time for dinner it was decided we'd order dinner from the Bear's Den ( a snack shack on site).  so much for my planned dinner of steak, baked potatoes, salad .......... ah well .......... It was a good visit and Sir Steve got some more paper work signed and sealed. 

Our new mattress arrived last Monday....... YAY!!  it's so nice to have a proper fitting mattress in the bedroom - makes the room seem bigger AND I can make the bed without having to squeeze between the bed and the wall!!
after 2 nights of sleeping on it... my lower back seemed to be sore.  I thought it was the new mattress...... but it got worse... the pain was localized on my left side (in the left ass cheek) and travelled down my leg to my knee.  I realized it was the same pain that I had after my fall in January........ I talked about it HERE...... GAH!! colour me discouraged.  I did some research and it seems that the sciatica problem can become chronic........... as I did nothing to strain the muscle/nerve I have to assume it's chronic.  Fortunately I still have some pain pills leftover so Sir Steve is gonna pick them up from the house on his way home tonite and hopefully I'll be able to sleep again...........I should be back to normal in 10 days or so........... (fingers crossed)

On Saturday we had a date night!!  It was wonderful...... just the two of us.  We went to a sweet lil restaurant in a local town...... down by the water.  We sat on the terrace for our dinner.  It was hot sunny evening - but there was a nice breeze coming off the water.  We had a delicious dinner of schnitzels..........


And today is the start of my last week of summer vacation alone.  The lil one comes back to us on Friday and a week later school starts.  She will be going back to in person learning (thank god!) and life around here will return to normal.............. So this is my last week to recharge and relax - hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate and give me sunny hot days................ 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Monday, August 16, 2021

Tales from the Weekend



We have installed a security system in the house in town.  It has all the bells and whistles including front and back cameras.  We're new owners.... and tend to be a little hyper vigilant.  On Saturday - early - we got a message that the back window (the lil one's room) had a problem.  Sir Steve rushed off to town.  While he was gone I checked the security feed - and discovered a police officer had come to our door.  I assumed the security company had alerted the police.

Turns out - the problem with the back window was just a blip - corrected itself in less than a minute AND no police were called.  UGH!! I felt sick.  Why would police come to our door??!!!  My anxiety ramped up.......... Sir Steve called the police when he got back here.  They said the officer was now off duty and suggested he call again on Sunday.  He did... and the officer was to call us back.......... hours passed.  My anxiety ramped up more..... over the top more. 

By late afternoon I was nearing total melt down I asked Sir Steve to call the cop again.  This time they put Sir Steve right through.......... Turns out just over a week ago - there was a home invasion around the block from us.  The officer noticed when he was doing a house check immediately after that we had security cameras.  He had come to see if our cameras caught anything (there's a back lane) GAH!!!  Our back camera wasn't working that specific night so we had nothing to offer.

Lesson learned !!  Police officers are our friends (grinning)

We are having a rough patch with the lil one again  -- mainly because of lack of supervision/guidance at mother's. Her personal hygiene goes totally out the window when she's there......... that in itself annoys me but wasn't the main problem.  I noticed pimples forming on her face and said in passing "you're washing your face at mom's right?" She was slow to answer which made me look at her... she looked as guilty as hell when she said "YES" I called her on lying ....... and one thing led to another and (le sigh) we're back struggling again.  

On a more pleasant note.......... Sir Steve got to experience first hand my "method of eating a chocolate bar" (cheeky grin)

and I do believe I got his seal of approval!!  

And life in the country muddles along............   

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Friday, August 13, 2021

Talking About Sex......



Yesterday Fondles was talking about sex...... well sort of... kinda? and it got me thinking about how people don't talk about sex between friends.  OH if they do (in my experience) it's usually joking or a double entendre.

A few years ago I was at the doctor's with Sir Steve ... we had some questions relating to sex...... and I was surprised how shy?? reticent?? he was to discuss it with the doctor!  (colour me shocked) So yeah I can and will discuss sex freely and openly.


when it comes to double entendres - I often am left wondering why folks are snickering...

let me give you an example.........

Last weekend we (eldest daughter, SIL, and Sir Steve) were sitting around the fire and I don't remember how/why but I was describing how I eat an O'Henry chocolate bar........ 

"first I suck all the chocolate off...........
then I carefully nibble all the nuts.......
And then.......... oh YUM
I'm left with the fudge.... it's SO good!"

At that point I'm aware of Sir Steve grinning from ear to ear.. my SIL has this wicked devilish grin.. and my daughter is actually giggling.......... and I am sitting there for a couple of minutes wondering what's happening - then I got it...OMG dirty minds!! (grinning) 

So can you / do you openly discuss sex??  

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Loss of a Friend



I received a message from a friend in the lifestyle last evening... he had some devastating news to tell me.... chastedboi (on Fetlife) died last week suddenly. 

When I was first diagnosed with cancer someone in the community gave me his contact information... he had been diagnosed with the same cancer 5 years before me. He was SO supportive when I contacted him... answered all my questions honestly ... and in his infinite wisdom didn't give me more information than I needed.  He was extremely active in the community always giving never complaining!

When I heard his news I assumed immediately he had died from his cancer. 

BUT it wasn't.  He had been stung by a bee and had a massive anaphylaxis reaction.  He was rushed into hospital - to ICU and he died 48 hours later from a massive heart attack.  Not his cancer !!

It made me remember we should live each day in the present... cherish every moment we have................... as cliched as it is - We SHOULD live every day as if it was our last....


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Anatomy of sleep



When I was little - I was always afraid that some THING under my bed would grab me during the night.  Therefore my father used to come in and tuck the blankets tightly around my body - so tight it was hard to roll over (early bondage?? cheeky grin)

Even as I grew up - I wanted/needed the blankets tucked in tight around me - especially my feet.  It drives Sir Steve crazy as he doesn't like his feet tucked in.  So our bed always has one side untucked and one tucked.

Here at the trailer we have a king sized bed.... it's huge!!!  I honestly need a stool to climb into it.......... 


AND it's so big that I feel like Sir Steve is miles away from me!!  which means I spend most my nights wiggling over so I can be close to him...  It's also next to impossible to make the bed - impossible to tuck the sheets in at the head... and I can't change the bedding alone... Sir Steve has to pull the mattress out from the wall.  Turns out that the actual size of the bed frame/space is Queen... thus the problems.

Now to add to those inconveniences - this bed doesn't feel snuggly.  No matter how hard I try to tuck everything in tight around me  -- the bed is just too big and there are always gaping spaces.......... GAH!!!

This weekend Sir Steve suggested we go buy a new mattress - a Queen size mattress!  (maybe he's gotten tired of having to pull the mattress out so I can change it??) Fortunately we found a shop that will not only deliver here - but for a mere $15 they'll pick up the old one - and take all the packaging from the new one when they leave!!! I'm so excited!!!  The new bed will be here a week today!!  Fingers crossed the new mattress will give me back the feeling of cocooning.......  tucked in tight - safe from the creatures who hide under the bed. 

Monday, August 09, 2021

Busy Weekend



We had a busy weekend celebrating Sir Steve's birthday for starters.... for some reason we always seem to land up having at least 2 birthday celebrations in our family.... one the day of the birthday with immediate family - then there always seems to be at least a 2nd celebration on the weekend with the extended family.

It was no different for Sir Steve.  We had a small celebration on Wednesday - his actual birthday.... then Saturday his daughter and granddaughter and SIL came to visit us and celebrate again!  His granddaughter is such a cutie!!!  She's 20 months and we haven't seen her (thanks to Covid) since last January!!  Our lil one entertained her baby cousin with dancing ... blowing bubbles... peek a boo games !!  It did my heart good to watch them.  

Then on Sunday my eldest daughter and sIL took us out for dinner at a wonderful restaurant with a patio on the water for Sir Steve's birthday! 


It's not very big - doesn't take reservations and of course is at 50% capacity.  We were worried about long waits to eat on the patio....... but as luck would have it we didn't have to wait at all!!  and had a delightful fish dinner... (I had clams !!  and even managed to eat almost all of my dinner!! YAY!)

Sir Steve enjoyed all the birthday celebrations.......... and I was glad we could all make this year's birthday a little special for him.  (his dad's birthday would have been this coming Wednesday - so am not expecting a terribly good week for him... so being able to have some laughs.... good food and wonderful company this weekend was important)

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Sunday Sentiments

 In case anyone needs to hear this........... 


Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Just another day in Paradise...


I know I haven't been around in awhile - just 'cause there hasn't been much going on around here....

Today is Sir Steve's birthday - so we have a birthday supper and presents planned and on Saturday his daughter and granddaughter are coming for dinner - he hasn't seen the baby for a year and a half - she'll soon be 2 so you can imagine how excited he is!

The weather hasn't improved much - which is a definite downer.... 

I'm still struggling with food - and am now down 6 pounds... le sigh... I wish I could get a handle on this feeling that my world is spinning out of control....... but I can't.  Sir Steve is struggling with the death of his dad - especially now that things have settled down and it's a hurry up and wait for the final paper work to be done.  Now he has time to grieve and it's not going well........ mind you when does grieving ever go well?? (colour me sad) I keep wishing there was something I could do to make him laugh again... to feel happy again... to have some interest in the world around him.  Mind you after a talk we had on the weekend he did call his doctor and is waiting on a call back.

The lil one has made some friends so most days she off playing and having adventures... yesterday I organised a scavenger hunt for them and it was such a huge success they begged me to do another one ........ which I managed to do... but GAH!!  I was pooped by dinner time.

Covid numbers are back down to 0 in our neck of the woods which is encouraging.. but I still wonder about a 4th wave when everyone heads back to school in Sept.....

Everyone play nice ..... I'll be back when / if something interesting happens.

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