Friday, December 16, 2005

"The weather outside is frightful"

This was the view out my front door at 6:30 this morning when i finally got the call that our schools are closed due to a snow storm!! i could hear the shouts of "SNOW DAY " resonating through the early morning air......... the weather man says we are going to get between 30 cms and 40 cms of snow today (for my metrically challenged friends - that is 11.8inches of snow to 17.7 inches of snow)..... the roads are a mess and a white Christmas is coming !!!

Now i am faced with a whole day to myself............ a whole day !!!! i think i am gonna drag all the presents downstairs in front of the tree.. build myself a nice little fire.. and wrap gifts with Christmas music playing in the background... if that isn't a Norman Rockwell picture i don't know what is !!!

Of course i would love to doctor up that Norman Rockwell picture to include my Sir.. and some ropes - the Christmas coloured ones - green and red..... and some floggers/paddles and other assorted toys......... Christmas candles dripping red and green wax over my body....maybe some needles inserted and christmas ornaments hung from them... et voila a Christmas subbie !!!

But that won't happen.... not today anyway....... Sir can't get to me with all this snow....... our guests for this evening are taking a 'snow check'.......... and so i am left to my own devices for the day............ wrapping gifts.. fires .. Christmas music.. will have to fill the void until my Sir can get to me.. maybe tomorrow.........................


  1. What fun nake subs cleaning the drive naked snow angels catching snow flakes on their nipples and before they come back in using a broom to sweep off all the extra snow from all parts of their bodies you know how those flakes can hide. The holidays are such a happy time are they not. I forgot the best game warming up icicles in a sub oh joy to the world Now back to reality I am off to shovel the walk where to heck are those subs when you need them.

  2. Sounds fantastic!!

    I like the Norman Rockwell and the subbie Christmas!!!!

    Enjoy your day!!!

  3. Sorry for your holiday angst, dear. Good Masters are missed terribly when they are not there, are they?


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