Monday, August 01, 2022

Morningstar’s Legacy

Morningstar was a huge influence on all of us, and the impact of her death will be with us forever. While her journey here is over please join us at Morningstar’s Legacy  to continue the journey and celebrate her legacy. 


Dae Morningstar

Sunday, July 24, 2022

The End of the Road.

This is Sir Steve.

It is with a heavy heart that I need to let you all know that on Friday, July 22/22, at about 7:20am, Morningstar, AKA, Sheila, Passed away after her short battle with lung cancer.

I know that alot of you have followed her and became friends with her over the years. She enjoyed sharing her life with all of you.

So, I guess this will be the final post on her blog.

Thank you all for being there for her through this time. 

She will be missed by all of us.


Monday, July 18, 2022

pic line versus iv

I was readmitted to hospital last week with an invasive infection that involved complicated treatments every tday.  It also involved a PIcline being installed


  that will stay in place for at least 10 days (if not longer)  this infection is slowing all my treatments down To say I am exhausted and weak is an understatement   Never mind I've had 2 major falls and 1 bloody nose I' m very nearly  down! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Tattoos Updated

Heard todsy that I have an infection and that they will have to delay my radiation treatments by at least 3 weeks



 I love tattoos!  over the years I have been tattooed 3 times.........

They all tell a story and represent something I love.

Yesterday I got 4 more tattoos 4 little black dots two on my chest and 2 on each side

they don't represent anything I love but they do tell a story.  They will guide my next radiation procedure.  Starting next Tuesday I will undergo 15 consecutive doses of radiation on my lung.

Thursday, June 09, 2022

The lil one

 We have been honest with the lil one about what I am going through and she has been last week I wanted to dust the living room but couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the dusting spray........ So I asked the lil one ...... and she reassuringly got me the dusting spray,paper towels and said 'don't worry S I got this!' and I marvelled at how amazing she is.

Then my hair started to fall out.  And it kinda threw me.........


Every time I moved my hair would flutter down.......... get into eyes my mouth (if I was eating) my nose.  GAH .. it drove me crazy!  At dinner  Sir Steve told the lil one that the medicines I had been on were causing my hair to fall out.  She studied me for a minute or two then said " think of it this way S......... you won't have to go for hair cuts!!  AND you won't have to wash it all the time "  I burst out laughing!  She was so right !!!

Yesterday I had another consult - and while we were at the hospital Sir Steve took me to the gift shop and I got a pretty scarf .......... and Sir Steve and I made a date with his razor when I got home......... well when the lil one got home so she could take pics of the great shave off.  It is time I found ME again - losing my hair isn't gonna knock me down for long!!  And because I have nothing to worry about anymore - I am gonna post those pics that the lil one took........ of ME

the before shot



                                                           The finished product

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