Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sexy Sunday

 (introducing a new Sunday theme - Sexy Sundays - you have been warned)



Saturday, January 16, 2021


just a little warning - explicit content today

For clarification - before I start -
I tend to use the word spanking as a generic term for any 'beat the ass' process - be it hand spanking, caning flogging etc


Yesterday I was over on Heart and Soul and ronnie posted an interested piece on being caned and not getting 'after care' (immediately following said caning).  It was a very good piece (in my opinion) on how one can feel following a spanking

When Sir Steve and I first played together (some 10 years ago) we would always have 'after care' immediately following the session.... it was a bit of a joke between us that my after care involved going outside with him ... having a drink of water and a smoke.  Other girls were being wrapped up in blankets and carried to a sofa to lie down....... me - I was outside leaning against the wall to hold me up while I had a smoke. But I didn't need to be coddled -  I just needed to feel him beside me - needed to feel a little protected and a whole lot grounded.  Then the day after Sir Steve and his wife would often come over to my place and have coffee with me in the afternoon.... a kind of debriefing and check up...... was I ok - physically and mentally ?? Was I grounded?? Was I functioning?  Back in those days I rarely if ever had a serious case of 'sub drop' (which manifests itself differently for different folks - for me it usually involved crying jags... feeling anxious .. questioning my sanity) The 'after care' - the afternoon coffee visits helped keep the sub drop in check.......

One of the things I was SO looking forward to when Sir Steve and I reconnected... was playing together and omg!  having sex immediately following the play session.  See I always get extremely 'horny' when I play -- and I just assumed everyone else did too and needed some sort of sexual release.  (even if I had a couple of orgasms from the pain I wanted the more aggressive / invasive type of orgasm) 

BUT except for once - Sir Steve never initiates sex following a play session. le sigh. Maybe the next day - but never immediately afterwards. And it's not something we have talked about for some reason.... maybe one day.

BUT for the most part I still got after care in the form of going outside leaning up against the deck railing and having a smoke together.  It felt normal ya know - felt familiar - so it was ok there wasn't sex afterwards.  The last couple of months though, I go outside by myself for a smoke....... and I have to admit I miss Sir Steve standing with me... 

There have been a couple of times when just as Sir Steve starts beating me I get the inexplicable urge to cry and need to have him hold me and kiss me - I'm usually mumbling something about loving him...... it's weird........ 

My question today is........... do you need/want/get after care?? Does it take a different form from sex?  Do you ever have a moment of doubt when the spanking starts?? Ever need to feel reassured that you are loved??

Friday, January 15, 2021

Home School Report



The holidays are over and we're back to home schooling ......... 

December was a really rough month..... I was at my wits end and honestly ready to throw in the towel... there's only so much one person can take you know?  We've had bouts (her and I) of 'attitude' since I moved in here... but nothing that was this bad or this prolonged.  When she left for her mother's between Christmas and New Years - I told her to find the reset button and push it - cause I wanted MY (fill in name) to come back.  I also had an inspiration while she was gone -- when she got home I called a 'family meeting' and said we were ALL to come up with 3 house rules each.  

The lil one seemed really excited about making these rules -- and called them 'The Happy House Rules'.  We came up with some good rules - like "Good Attitude" and "Focus on our Jobs" .. there's 9 of them.  I printed them up and they are posted on the fridge.


It's been 2 weeks and things are running smoother again...... though at times I still feel like I'm holding my breath..... BUT her teacher says she's working hard again in class - and she seems happier again - laughing and playing and willing to do her few chores. 

For Christmas Sir Steve and I gave her a subscription to a kid's cooking club - Raddish.  Each month she gets a box of recipes and activities and cooking accessories.   It didn't come in time for Christmas (colour me sad/frustrated) BUT it did come while she was at her mom's.  This week she made Chicken and dumplings for supper.... virtually by herself (OH I had to supervise - cause sharp knives ya know) and it turned out well. 





 I do NOT like dumplings and the whole dinner seemed anemic - white dumplings white meat on a white plate.... but  Sir Steve and the lil one loved it!!   Next week - Apple pancakes.

Life is good when the reset button works (for now) 

Thursday, January 14, 2021




Since the beginning of this epidemic our morning news show has opened each show every morning with a ' Today is ....(insert day of the week)......... ' 

 This morning I was over on ' A Place to Share' and Terps was talking about being thankful for routines.  I sat up and went 'she's so right!!  It's great to be back to daily routines

Today is THURSDAY!  that means cleaning day around here.... scrubbing and polishing making every thing pretty (at least for a few hours). Routines are soothing for me - if it's Monday it's laundry day - if it's Tuesday it's baking day .. etc... reassuring - as much as the world spins out of control - I can still have some control over MY world with routines.

Life is good when there are routines to follow.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021




Last week I spent a lot of time trying to describe my life style choices.. what it looks like.. what it feels like it.. what it sounds like. I had hoped to inspire some  conversation... some participation.  That didn't happen.  When the week was over my brain hurt.... I waffled on putting up the pictures on Sunday... do I?? don't I?? I had a pretty good feeling I was gonna shock some folks.  Windy put it best in the comment section  "when I was brand new to blog land, I landed on your blog and got the poop scared out of me and thought what did I just sign up for?"

I am sure I might have shocked more than a few folks...... cause ya know... most of the days on here I am writing about home schooling an 8 year old - cleaning and cooking and these days covid ........ I think I come across as Suzie Homemaker complete with the mop and the apron.

BUT ya know -- that other side of me .. the kinky side is still part of me.. the Suzie Homemaker me.  Some days I get really fed up with the picture people have of me - in real life I mean - they see this prim and proper older lady........... GAH!!  There are days I want to scream - 'wanna see my tattoos, my clit piercing?!" Just to shock them.  BUT I won't - I was brought up a "lady".

and as I am writing this - I realize I shouldn't have agreed to the planned discussion between Windy and PK - there is no way in hell a 'masochist' should expect to be understood by those that aren't masochistic or Sadistic....tolerated maybe but understood - nope not gonna happen.

So after last week's fiasco (or what I think was a total fiasco) I am going back to Suzie Homemaker entries with a side of implied play. 



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