Thursday, August 13, 2020

Busy busy




Honestly I need my head examined........... I just spent 2 hours online shopping for clothes!!  like I have extra cash hanging around with my dental work - GAH!!


I have a favourite online shop that sells 'bohemian' style clothing and I LOVE bohemian clothes - sorta fits with my personality.  I have only ever bought one item cause they are sooooooooo expensive.  


this morning I got a notification they are going out of business (like so many other shops - le sigh) so I went to take a look.


Tshirts that were regularly priced at $30+ dollars selling for $15!!! dresses and pants and shorts....... OMG! their whole inventory.  I couldn't resist!!  So I am taking a page out of Fondles book and buying all the best stuff at 60% more or less off !! 

Life is good with retail therapy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Warning Label




 My ham sandwich should have come with a warning label........... cause on Monday when I took a bite out of it... I heard a loud crack!!  and my front tooth was wiggly....... no pain just wiggly.

I managed to find a dentist locally who was taking emergency appointments... and managed to get an appointment yesterday at 11am.  A neighbour up here agreed to 'babysit' the lil one for me (thank god for good neighbours!!)

11 AM found me in the dentist's chair having heart palpitations and a major 'fight or flight' response.  BUT let me tell you this dentist was a good one!!! calmed me right down.  Turns out the tooth broke at the jaw line and the only thing holding it in were the gums!!  (oh and there was no decay to speak of..... go figure!!)



The tooth was pulled.  We talked about my alternatives........ and because I am missing a couple of teeth in the upper jaw we are going to start 'cosmetic dentistry'  Gonna be a bit of a haul - but when all is said and done - I'll have my 'winning' smile back........ and an empty bank account!!!

I won't be doing much smiling until then............. 

Life is good when........... mmmmmm.... when.....

it's only a broken tooth

Monday, August 10, 2020

What do you miss?




Recently I have been seeing a lot of 'what do you miss the most?' or 'what's the first thing you're gonna do?' during the pandemic.  

I have been thinking to myself - nothing..... my life really hasn't changed that much....

that is ....until this weekend.

I am missing the feeling of intimacy...... and I can't just turn on the sexy feelings without that intimacy ya know??? so I was examining our life -- if life hasn't changed that much why have the feelings of intimacy disappeared?? the only answer I could come up with is...... no date nights.  No time together as adults that doesn't involve discussions about kids/schooling/chores/work......... GAH!! 

I don't know how to fix it - cause I am so NOT ready to go out to a restaurant for dinner ... or dear lord!  set foot in a movie theatre ya know? 



I'm curious - what's the thing you miss most during this pandemic?  what's the one thing you are gonna do first??

Friday, August 07, 2020

End of the Week



 It's my least favourite day of the week.......... this is the day I go back to the city to get all the necessities done........... you know - laundry, shopping messages and the exchange of the lil one.


I get up stressed... one eye on the clock .... cause if I am gonna be back here at a decent time - meaning time to unpack the groceries - put the laundry away - AND most importantly time to sit and chill before Sir Steve gets home - I have to be in the car by 8:30ish........ 

Sounds like a tough life eh??? (hanging head) I know....... I think this extended stay in the country has made me lazy (sad face).

AHHH well no more time to whine about my hate for Fridays.... gotta get the car loaded... 

Life IS good - even when Friday means schedules and work.

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Tree Poop

Ever heard of 'tree poop'???

No?? well not to worry - it's a phrase we've coined around here....

Tree Poop is the bane of my existence...... the tree poop covers our deck every single day........ as fast as I sweep it off it is back!!

just a quick pic of a portion of our front deck rug.....

ok.... so I can hear you all saying 'just leave it - it's not that bad AND is part of living in the country safely tucked away under the trees' - right???

Let me show you this tree poop up close and personal..................

Do you see that pointy end?? that pointy end is the reason I sweep the deck multiple times a day........ that bloody point is as sharp as a needle....... and trust me!  getting one stuck in the bottom of your foot .. or in a toe is no fun at all!!!

AND somehow they manage to sneak into the trailer when you're not looking .... and they blend in with the floor colour ....... and sabotage a quick trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night!!!

Tree poop!  the joys of country living (grinning)

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