Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Spare Hand

 On Sunday over on Spankedhortic's blog he posted his Sunday Swishing post.  BUT in the comments Roz asked the question-  "What is with all the spankers with hand on hip?"
and a conversation was started!

I often times read blog entries to Sir Steve,,,,,,,so when I read this conversation I turned to Sir Steve and asked him " when you are spanking me - what do you do with the hand you're not using?" He frowned at me.  He scowled at me.  He finally said "I use both hands!" (which is true - he often switches hands) BUT I persisted "what do you do with the hand NOT being used?" and he answered (sounding more than little exasperated) "It's just there!"

We went back to watching the movie.  Suddenly he blurted out - "my spare hand is just there ya know"  and he proceeded to demonstrate how it hangs... or flaps about. I couldn't help but laugh........ the answer to my original question was obviously bugging him...... what DID he do with the other hand?

I thought about it some too......... discovered most of the time I DO know what he does with the spare hand.......... 

he'll rest it against the small of my back ...like this...

OR sometimes he'll distract me a little bit (cheeky grin)

 OR it'll just flap about (for balance maybe?)


OR he'll make sure my hands stay out of the way


OR he'll just use both hands and take my breath away


Monday, November 29, 2021

The Good - the Bad - the Ugly



I have come to the conclusion that the world is f*cked up - ya know???  I don't even know where to start...........

Covid has tipped the scales of common sense - to lunacy ..... Honestly!!  The housing market is crazy ...... people are putting offers on houses with NO conditions... no house inspections nothing.  AND houses are selling for wayyyy more than they're worth!!  I keep saying IF we buy now at these inflated prices (which we're not ready to do - still saving a down payment)  I think we could loose our shirts.

BUT then if we try to move to another rental property.......... le sigh..... rents are outrageous.... Let me explain...... the property we saw on Friday night was nice.  It's a very old house ( 3 bedrooms 1 bath) that is being renovated.  (very old meaning probably built in the 1950's) which is exactly what we love.  BUT as much as they are renovating to make it 'look pretty' there are some glaringly obvious problems...... like central heat that does not go upstairs with ducts.... instead they heat the main level and have vents open upstairs and the thought is "heat rises" UGH??!!  The rent they are asking is ludicrous - almost $2000 a month - WTF??? this is not an executive home - it is not in the ritzy part of the city - it's in the middle class/working class section of town.  Who in that tax bracket makes enough to afford that rent??!!  AND yet these properties don't stay on the market for more than 24 hours!!  If that wasn't bad enough - the lil one would have to change schools and - get this - would have to walk to school ......a 20 minute walk on one of the busiest streets...... so I would have to drive her to and from school ......... and truthfully I am not ready to do that.

The state of the housing market is scary!

After spending that 5 1/2 hours draining our basement last week - it filled right back up again in less than 2 days......... le sigh......... our only hope now is waiting for the rental board to hear our case (hopefully in the next 3 - 6 weeks )

AND then Covid - this new variant.  It is already here - in our province.  GAH!  it's discouraging ya know?? I honestly don't think we're ever gonna see the end of this pandemic - now I think we have to find a way to live with this....
On the plus side....... the lil one has her appointment to be vaccinated - Dec 9th.  

BUT it wasn't all depressing news this weekend...... Sir Steve and I ran messages early Saturday morning and then came home to drag all the Christmas decorations upstairs (yeah out of the flooded basement - fortunately we have shelves down there and everything is up on shelves out of the water) Everything got done except for the tree.  Tonight is our family "tree decorating" party when 'Daddy' gets home from work.  Then supper (home made pizza ) in front of the television watching a Christmas movie together.  (this has become an annual event around here)  I think we all look forward to it........

Oh and we had snow on the weekend!!  maybe - just maybe - we'll have a white Christmas this year !!


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Bright Spot



I found a little bright spot in all the darkness around here yesterday.  

I had an appointment at something called Service Ontario - it's kind of a government middle man between the tenant and the rental board.  I didn't expect much to happen when I went to my appointment.  Figured they would check the forms - take my money - and send me on my way.

BUT the chap I dealt with was so kind!!  He couldn't believe what we had been living through.  He pointed out that he was just the middle man - but he would see what he could do to move things along.  He suggested some DIY's to fix the flooding - but we've tried them all.  He went through the papers and documentation - praised me for being so organised (surprise surprise!)  Then he said he was going to fax all the paperwork to the Rental Board so they would receive the paper work immediately.  Then he sent the hard copies via Purolator Express so the Board will get the paper work today.  It will still take 3 - 6 weeks BUT 3 - 6 weeks from yesterday ...... not sometime next week.  HEY!!  even a few days help.  He wished me luck when we were done.  I felt so validated ya know?!  

Then when I got home there was a contractor working on the back stairs for the upstairs unit.  (it was rotted away - and couldn't be used.  Our best guess is a condition of the sale was that the stairs be fixed)  I got talking to him.. really nice guy.  He told me he was in the process of totally renovating another property just down the street from us.  We're going to see the property tomorrow after Sir Steve gets home from work.  I'm not sure what the rent will be - and if we can afford it........... but we're gonna go look.

Best case scenario is the rental board steps in - our basement flooding gets fixed and we can stay here and save our pennies so we can buy our own place and deal with our own problems ourselves - not have to rely on someone else.

All of it just kinda gave me hope ya know?! A bright spot in our lives. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

So close to losing it



I'm so damn close to blowing my top............

On the weekend the lil one was fed
(ready for this?)
breaded chicken burgers
fried chicken - for 2 dinners
Then she was given 2 boxes of M&M's ........ a kit kat chocolate bar ... and 2 bags of chips.

She didn't wash her hands or face all weekend!  She only brushed her teeth twice

The only good thing..... if you can call it that .... she now has 2 pimples on her face.  Believe you me - I pointed out the natural consequences from eating so much junk food and not washing her face!  Never mind the amount of carbs and sugar she ate which just blows her sugar levels ........... 

Remember back aways - I talked about how good life was - Sir Steve's new meds were working and WOW!  adult time was fast improving??? how life was starting to level off and I was looking forward to better days???  Yeah - well not so much now

Who the hell did I piss off ???

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