Thursday, October 29, 2020

Checking in........


Oh boy!!  It is getting scary again...... our numbers here in our lil town are rising - worse than in March - and it's scary!!  Where Sir Steve works - there is a person from the office who has been off sick since last Friday and has had a Covid test - and is awaiting the results...... that's just a little too close for comfort ya know??? wayyyyyyyy too close.... 

We were informed yesterday that there is a confirmed case of Covid in the lil one's school - thank god we are home schooling!! 

In the last week our numbers have grown by 15 - doesn't sound like much?? BUT we only had a total of 17 from March - June ....... so yeah 15 in one week is HUGE!!

Quebec has had 'hot spots' in lock down for 28 days ......... and because the numbers really haven't come down - the lock down has been extended for another 28 days!  BUT it makes me wonder ya know - if there was no improvement in the first 28 days why do the politicians think there'll be a change in the next 28 days??  AND just because an area is put in lock down - it doesn't mean that folks from that area can't / won't move to an area not in lock down - and spread it even more........... GAH!!

We keep hearing how we have to stay open cause of the economy - but New Zealand keeps locking down and I don't hear a whole lot of worries about the economy from them....... OR am I just missing that bit???

I don't have any answers to any of my questions - except I'm stressing again..... and really just wish I could gather my family together in the house and lock the doors to keep everyone safe............  

Tuesday, October 27, 2020



We had a dear soul who lived 3 doors down from us (she has since moved - into a group home I am hoping).  I would see her leaving her house and she would get to the bottom of her stairs and have to turn in circles - 3 or 4 times (honestly I never actually counted)  She would get to street corners and the turning in circles ritual would happen again - both stepping down off the curb and stepping up on the other side.  I always fussed that she would get hit by a car.

That is OCD at it's worst I think.

My mom had OCD - though I am sure it was never diagnosed as such...... but she would wash her kitchen floor every single day...... EVERY SINGLE DAY! She washed her hands constantly (she'd do well through this pandemic).  She had lists and routines and god forbid if something happened that altered those routines.  AND everything had a place and was in it's place.  A lesson she drilled into me!

I joke that I have OCD...... (mine is actually diagnosed) I tend to joke about a lot of things that bug me.  and yes my OCD bugs me.  

My OCD (see my ownership of this?!)  manifests itself in routines and schedules.  My life is good when my routines and schedules aren't disturbed.... BUT if something happens that disrupts my schedules/routines one of two things happens........ I either get very bitchy!  OR I get very panicky.

Yesterday I had the dentist appointment....... on a Monday.  BUT Monday is laundry day.  I figured I would be able to get it done when I got home - the eternal optimist that I am!!  BUT despite getting a good report from the dentist (the infection has healed - the bone migrating out of the gums is totally normal - and I need to be patient cause the time frame to heal is not a week or two but more like 6 - 8 weeks!!) I still came home with a headache.  I managed to get 2 loads of laundry done....... but there were still 2 loads sitting on the laundry room floor... AND.... I still had to strip the beds and do the bed linens and the towels.  I was very 'adult' and announced at dinner time that I would finish the laundry tomorrow......... 

I said the words out loud - but inside my gut flip flopped.  There was laundry on the floor!!! OMG!!!! Ask me if I had a good sleep last night.......... le sigh.

The minute Sir Steve left the house this morning I was in the laundry room doing laundry!!!  It will be done by the time he comes home... the laundry room will be all tidy again..... and my world will once again spin smoothly through the universe.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Covid Birthday Parties


Here's a little known fact about me - I HATE birthday parties -- well birthday parties for me.  I hate being the center of attention.  


Covid made my birthday a wonderful celebration.  There was no way that Sir Steve could throw a big celebration - just eldest daughter and SIL. (though I do think youngest could have come down......... but she didn't)

We have birthday traditions.......... like birthday cakes for me HAVE to have roses on top... (having my birthday this close to halloween meant that as a kid my mom god bless her would always make a halloween themed cake)....  Chinese food is the birthday dinner (been that way for... mmmmm... must be 30 years or so).

Because the lil one goes to her mother on weekends - Sir Steve arranged a small birthday celebration on Thursday night so she could take part.


She made me a sweet card and a couple of gifts with her 3D pen 


Then Saturday was the main celebration - with the Chinese food and gifts and family.


 Spankedhortic said in his comment that he hoped I got some birthday spanks.  (le sigh) unfortunately NO............ my mouth is not healing - and despite antibiotics it is still swollen and now I have bone bits pushing out of the gums.  I see the dentist again this morning.......... colour me discouraged.......... V E R Y !

Life is good though - when pandemics make your birthday perfect!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Milestone Birthday

I nearly had a breakdown when I turned 30!

Fifty was pretty bad too 

Sixty found me retired

and now.................... phewwwwwww.... I have been dreading this one..... but it came anyway.......... 

Celebrate with me........ hopefully with a smile........






Saturday, October 24, 2020

Ignorant People



From the beginning of this pandemic back in March I honestly thought we'd get a handle on it fairly quickly - whatever it took.... I could almost see a light at the end of the tunnel.

BUT over the 8 months it has distressed me how many folks rant about conspiracies and their rights to not wear a mask and to party and to do whatever the hell they want to.......... in a word 'ignorant' people.

Yesterday I was out doing groceries..... at our local grocer I watched while a woman sampled a grape from numerous packets of grapes...... pulling one out of the bag - pulling down her mask and popping it in her mouth.... over and over again.  I couldn't believe it!!! I spoke to an employee who got the manager.   As much as the manager spoke to the woman - that is all they did.  The packets of grapes were not removed or even washed down....... The woman was left to roam through the rest of the fruit department and the fresh veggie department - handling everything!

AND we wonder why our covid numbers are climbing..... 

Life is frustrating when we have to deal with ignorant people 

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