Monday, March 25, 2019

Vanilla - nothing but vanilla

Sometimes I do wonder if kink has taken an indefinite leave from our lives.  

I miss it ya know -- the whips and floggers and knives and the pain.... and memories are a cruel tease -- remembering the night he beat my ass -- made it pulse with pain -- and then plunged deep into me -- all the while kneading my tender ass........ once - only once cause he doesn't entirely believe in pain and sex together....... despite my hope that it would happen again.......... it hasn't.  And the beatings have become almost non-existent.  

I wonder if time is our enemy -- time and obligations....... or is it familiarity....... 

OR god forbid -- 


Life is good with only vanilla - but it could be even better with a little spontaneous sprinkles of different flavours....... ya know?

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday Sentiments

Saturday, March 23, 2019


It rained all day yesterday.......... I kept it together thinking of all the snow the rain was melting..........

Then Sir Steve came home with a surprise for me............ 

a little bit of spring for the house. 

Then around dinner time I looked outside ........... AND...........

it was snowing again!! 


Friday, March 22, 2019

Then and Now

The other night when Sir Steve and I were snuggled together in bed having our nightly whispered chat...... I said to him "ya know -- you don't irritate me" 
I know -- weird sort of thing to say...... Sir Steve looked perplexed but after 2 years he's kinda used to my 'out of the blue' comments.

Now I understood my comment -- it came out of my mouth as an "eureka" moment.  I had been (still am) thinking about past relationships and how 'bitchy' I used to be.  In my past BDSM relationship I was always being punished for some sarcastic comment or other..... or just plain arguing.  Mostly in that relationship my brain was saying


I seemed to spend so much of my time stressed and aggravated and pissed off.  

Since I have been with Sir Steve I  have been so much calmer -- and honestly don't think I have ever been sarcastic with him -- or short tempered with him ....... god when I think back - my youngest daughter saw a huge difference 2 Christmases ago when she remarked on how calm I was and asked what drugs I was on (and she was serious!)

I have been analyzing why things are so different this time........ I don't know for sure -- but I think the reason that I am not the bitchy sub I used to be ...... is........ I feel valued and loved and most importantly supported.  I used to get spanked a lot -- mostly as a punishment for my mouth........ now I never get a punishment spanking and that's a good thing.  I think I always had a problem being spanked as a punishment -- it made me feel like a failure..  IF I am acting up -- talking back -- maybe we need to have an adult conversation about what is not working ........ and fix the problem!

I may not get spanked very much now -- but at least when I do I know it is for our mutual satisfaction...... and fun.

Life is good when there is no need for bitchiness or sarcasm.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

1st Day of Spring

Yesterday - first day of spring - actually dawned sunny and the temps were close to spring like (CLOSE  -- but not really!)

I decided to take the day .... and my camera ....... and go exploring.  I have been here for 2 years and have not taken one day to go explore and shoot photos.  Back when I first retired I took photography classes at the local college.  I loved them !!!  We learned not to rely on photo editing programs ...... and I still believe that.... photo editing can correct a lot of mistakes you make -- it can turn your photo into a work of art that has nothing to do with the reality.

I got dressed in my arty farty photographer clothes ..... packed up my camera and my lenses and headed off.  

I love -- absolutely LOVE - abandoned run down buildings.  Just 2 minutes from our house is an area called the Cotton Mill (obviously many years ago it was a cotton mill) They are starting to 'gentrify'  the area -- turning the weaving warehouse into $400,000+ condos.... and the other buildings are already undergoing change....... so I got in just under the wire.

Enough chatter........ here are some of the pics I took....

Old and New

Just Old

wandering around the buildings -- I turned a corner and this made me jump... and then laugh....... it's an old water heater that someone gussied up.......... 

and then I moved on around the city...........  and took some nature shots...

 before I headed home I took this shot of a museum the lil one and I visited the first summer I was here...........

Life is good when I have my camera and a free day ...........

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