Monday, April 19, 2021

End of My Spring Break...


 Well Spring break ended with a whimper........ whatever 'celebration' I had hoped for to end the break didn't happen.......... On Saturday I was still just a little bit off kilter ... by Sunday my libido had resurrected itself and I was feeling feisty and ready to rock and roll.......... Unfortunately Sir Steve came down with a migraine.............. so spring break just kinda petered out 

Good news though - Sir Steve did go through his clothes and managed to fill one bag for our "I give a Shirt" campaign.  I think for him it was a little trip down memory lane cause OMG he found a shirt he had worn during his FIRST marriage !!  (we won't talk about how long ago that was!!)  On the plus side he found shirts he forgot he had and even found a brand new pair of jeans that he's never worn cause they need to be hemmed!! (shades of my finding the white pants in the back of my closet!)

Even though we didn't have 'adult time' this weekend - we did have a great one..... we watched a couple of good movies... we talked a lot about nothing in particular and about everything ..... and we laughed.... I never realized how little I laughed in past relationships (spontaneous laughter)... it feels so good to laugh till your belly aches....


I would love some feed back on something..........
I told you all how we have started to have 'THE TALK' with the lil one.  Sir Steve and I discussed getting her 'training bras'.  I suggested we ask her IF she wanted one - cause ya know maybe she doesn't want one. 

So we asked - and she said YES! though I am wondering if that yes was because it's some sort of 'badge of honour'?  I'm wondering if she will wear it for a day and then strip it off. 

I wonder if it's OUR need to see her fully covered? (for lack of a better term) I find myself wondering why we feel the need to plunk them into bras - to shape and form and maybe kind of hide them?  Are we sexualizing breasts?? on an 8 year old??!!

AND I'm shocking myself - cause when my girls were ready for bras trust me they got them and they wore them! (stern mother look)

Anyway - we did get some 'training bras' for her

and I'm in the process of washing them this morning.

So tell me - what are your thoughts on 'training bras'????

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Saturday, April 17, 2021




I thought I had been lucky with no major side effects to the vaccine........ Oh I was a little tired and a little sore but otherwise thought I was doing ok....


by yesterday I realized I had been having trouble staying focused on tasks - everything seemed to take so much effort .. and when I did something as simple as making the bed - I was exhausted - absolutely bone weary - and had to lie down.  On Thursday I was aware that I seemed to have moments of dizziness... and was tripping over my feet cause my legs weren't working that well.  I checked the known side effects and didn't find my complaints listed so figured I must have some bug or something........ 


I realized last evening that my appetite was back ........ and the headache was gone ... and I had interest in talking and being social. My legs felt strong again and I could walk a straight line without weaving.


I am guessing that I have been recovering from the vaccination... weird as it may seem.  I want to apologize for not commenting on blogs - or commenting with my usual enthusiasm. BUT it would seem I am back!!!  

Life is good when the body feels normal again. 

Friday, April 16, 2021

PeaceKeeper or PeaceMaker


 Are you a PeaceKeeper OR a PeaceMaker??  

Windy got me thinking about which one I was in her post today "No on Peace".  My knee jerk reaction was "neither - I'm a SH*T disturber".  

I can be a little hard on myself I think....... for the most part I HATE confrontations - I will actually get up and leave if there is a 'heated discussion' going on.  (that dates back to the "happy" family Sunday dinners at my grandmother's - where discussions always got heated and voices were raised and I would think I was going to throw up)

When I really think about which I am - I believe I am both.... first I work to MAKE peace .. then I work doubly hard to KEEP that peace - at least in my close relationships.  I have learned (am learning?) how to voice problems for the best solution.  I don't point fingers as much as I used to....... I hear myself saying more and more 'I am FEELING' ... no finger pointing - no blame. 

BUT - out in the world - where stupid people live - I'm not so politically correct.......or calm.  I suffer from knee jerk reactions........ verging on temper tantrums.  People who lie - outward lie - do something to my zen........ 

I go from zen calm............. 

to emotional eruptions.............. in record time


With stupid people who lie....... I can not hold my tongue....... I try but fail every time....I don't think it's a desire to be right - it's more a 'don't insult my intelligence' - like telling me you are not EVEN doing groceries when last week you were late picking up cause you were grocery shopping! Oh and let's not forget someone who didn't pay any bills for over a year and then claimed they didn't understand why they lost their house...or how about someone who got so caught up in a fantasy they had that they landed up making stupid decisions that landed them up in major hot water........... 

It makes my head spin - honestly!  I just want to retreat inside our home - close and lock the doors and shut the world out....... cause ya can't fix stupid.  

Life is challenging when stupid people disrupt your peace keeping efforts....... 

Thursday, April 15, 2021

I Give a Shit - ahhh - Shirt


We recycle - I'm pretty sure everyone does these days... cause ya know if you don't you are a target for the recycling nazis.  We're not rabid recyclers...but we do our bit.  Every spring and fall - I go through the lil one's clothes and mine.... sorting out what doesn't fit .. what isn't going to be worn .... and bag them.  In the past we would drag these bags to second hand thrift shops - but GAH!!  it took forever to schedule a drop off - even before the pandemic!  And the bags would sit for weeks at the back door.  Occasionally we would have a family we could pass along the lil one's clothes to... cause ya know kids out grow their clothes seasonally.  BUT it was a hazzle.. and I was tempted - more often than not - to just toss them in the garbage.  (yeah yeah I know - BAD BAD BAD!!)

Then in 2019 we got notification that our city was doing a "I Give a Shirt" campaign.  The principal was simple......... fill up a garbage bag with gently used clothing, label it and on the scheduled day put it out with your garbage.  The city would come around and collect all the bags and take them to charities / second hand stores for distribution.  In return we got a sticker "I give a shirt" to put on our recycling bin.

WOW!  great idea and so much easier for us.  We put our first bag out in 2019.  Last year - despite the pandemic - our city ran the campaign again..... and we put another bag out.  Yesterday they announced this year's campaign.  Apparently last year they collected 27,000 pounds - yes 27,000 pounds! - of clothing. Next week is the collection date.......... and because of the huge participation they are going to run another pick up in October.   It boggles the mind ya know?!

I started cleaning out cupboards this morning....... this bag is just MY clothing - stuff that is dated or I just never really liked.


Next I'm moving to the lil one's room........... 

Last night when we were snuggled in bed - Sir Steve asked what my plans were for today - I told him sorting out my clothes, the lil one's clothes ... and mumbled "and your clothes".  He said to do mine and the lil one's but leave his alone.  le sigh.  I'm hoping I can get him to at least take a look at the cupboard full of his clothes and go through his drawers of clothes and maybe part with some??!!  He isn't even that interested in replacing the old clothes with new clothes.  Is that a man thing?? cause I mean seriously - who doesn't want to buy new clothes?? In my experience - M.E.N.

Life is good when I can sort and donate and have tidier cupboards!

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