Thursday, July 29, 2021

Need a Smile?

 Just a few camping truths...........

no AC needed this summer - but the furnace is nice!


This is SO true!!  'Weekenders" are like tourists in a small town

Honestly this one made me laugh out loud!  It takes 2 to change the sheets!!

Coming back to the campgrounds on Monday night after 11pm!!

Just another camping truth

Definitely truth!  after all the cold temperatures and rain this year!

Another weather + camping meme...........

our dog LOVES sticks - but hasn't made the connection.... YET!

BUT seriously.......despite it all... camping is the best!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Safe and Secure



One of the disadvantages of not living in the city during the summer months - an obvious one - the house is empty for weeks on end.  When we are home I never feel unsafe or worried - after all we do have a black lab who can sound like she's going to rip your throat out - through the reality is she would probably show you where the silver is.

We have never had a problem in the past.  BUT this summer there was a screw up with an Amazon delivery and the parcel sat at our front door for a day or so... and was ultimately stolen.  AND then a neighbour reported some women loitering around our house.  Sir Steve and I decided it was time to get a security system installed.  (I have always had a security system before this)

First problem was finding a company to do the job in a timely manner.  One of the big companies would do the job but not till the end of September........... that wouldn't work we need/want the system installed THIS summer!!  The next big company wanted a ridiculous amount of money for their system!!! The next one was all lined up to do the job when they discovered they didn't cover our small town.  le sigh.  Finally we called a Canadian company - owned and operated here in Canada!  I did all the right checks - and it looked pretty damn good....... the price was in the ball park of the bigger American companies... and they could install within a week......... and the Better Business reviews looked good.  So we signed with them and booked an appointment for this past Monday.

The appointment was set for between 11 and 2........ I went to town to be there with Sir Steve .. I wasn't sure if I needed to be there - but I did want to make sure I understood how it would work.

The installation did not go as planned.

The guy showed up at 2:15 - didn't introduce himself... thought he would put the front camera on a corner of the house that would not pick up faces of folks coming up the stairs?! I told him to move it! He started the wiring............. at 3:30 he announced he had to go the hardware store to get something...... at 4:20 he was back ... at 5:30 he still hadn't finished the wiring for the front camera.  He had been on his knees under the front window trying to drill a hole through the wall and his shorts kept getting lower and lower on his ass....... OMG!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  he had more than plumber's crack - he was virtually mooning the room!!!  Disgusting!!!


Finally he moved to the back to install the camera on the back of the house........ I wandered into the laundry room and was facing the window to the back yard and what to my wondering eyes did appear - his belly hanging out of the shorts - shorts down so low I don't know how they didn't fall down!!  OMG!!!   At one point Sir Steve went out the back to see what he was doing......... again he couldn't drill through the wall - Sir Steve said 'let me do it' and on his first try was through the wall!!

By 7pm Sir Steve ordered dinner for us......... 

By 8pm I had steam coming out of my ears... he wasn't even close to being finished

By 8:30 Sir Steve was on the phone with the company placing a complaint

By 9:30 the tech had finally started to install the window and door alarms

By 10:00 we were entering our codes ... and it was done!  The house was a mess..... Sir Steve and I started to clean up and by 10:30 we virtually pushed his bare ass out the door set the alarm and headed back to the country.

Yesterday morning Sir Steve called the company.  By yesterday afternoon we had a formal apology from the company - and they refunded the installation fees! My faith in our choice of security company was renewed. 
(turns out the job should only have taken between 3 and 4 hours to complete!  It took this twit over 8 hours!!)

Everything is working well - we can now check the front and back of the house whenever we want ...... and make sure all is well... AND we will know when / if parcels have been delivered.  (when a parcel is delivered Sir Steve runs by the house to pick it up on his way home from work)

Now I can thoroughly and completely relax and enjoy the rainy cold weather (grinning) in the country without worrying about our house in the city.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021




Have you read the book "Men are from Mars...."?? I have not.  I have always willingly admitted men and women do not think the same way - or process information the same way.... 


OMG this weekend I had a huge reminder of the principles of the book.... 

On Sunday evening Sir Steve looked at me and said "30 minutes - bedroom" BUT instead of my usual enthusiastic reaction I just kinda looked at him with a raised eyebrow.  He questioned my lack of enthusiasm... and I took a deep breath and said:
"You don't really want to have sex.  You're only doing it cause it's Sunday night without the lil one.  You thought 'time to have sex'.  Cause we both know if we don't have sex on the Sunday the lil one is away we won't have it for 2 weeks.  AND you are only doing it to please me... "

The look on his face!!!!

He said " that's not what I was thinking at all...... I was thinking I'm horny and want to fuck her" 

that simple - he wanted to fuck -- he never thought about schedules or freedom or anything other than his physical need.  

le sigh

Needless to say we were both in the bedroom 30 minutes later................. and trust me when I say the motto "If the trailer is rocking don't come a knockin' " really applied for about an hour!!  Yes an hour!! Monday I was sore - and glowing - and contented!!  

What did I learn from this lesson??? ............... 



Monday, July 26, 2021

Tentative First Steps



A few weeks ago I got notification that our Rib Fest was going to happen this year .......... and I decided I was comfortable enough to go........... 

Back then we had no new cases ... and since then we had 0 cases - new or old - our little corner of the world seemed to be covid free..... so yeah! let's go to Rib Fest.

Then in the space of 5 days we went from 0 - 7 cases!!!  WHAT??!!  NO!!!!!!!! But I decided we could try it... go pick up our food and if it seemed safe - eat there - if not then bring our food back here and eat in the safety of our deck.

On Friday night we (eldest daughter, SIL, and us) - discussed how to do the Rib Fest safely.  We all decided to go after the lunch crowd and before the dinner crowd. We all brought our masks.... 


When we got there there weren't too many people - larger crowds then any of us have been in in the last 2 years - but everyone were wearing masks .. and keeping 2m distance (more or less).  The men went and got the ribs... eldest daughter and I went to get our bloomin' onions.  

Then we were trying to decide where to go and eat....... when eldest daughter spotted a park bench behind the food trucks...  We cut between the food trucks and made our way down to the water....... there were hardly any people!! AND we managed to find a picnic table!!  What a great meal we had... sitting by the water enjoying the view and the soft summer breezes.  It almost felt normal!!  Once our meal was done we didn't wander round - didn't go near the live bands or the amusement park... we walked along the path by the water till we got to the path leading back to the parking lot.... got in our car and came back to the campsite.

Our ribs and bloomin' onion were delicious!!


All of us declared Rib Fest a huge success!!  and I am even entertaining thoughts of venturing out to another favourite restaurant - with a terrace on the water!!   

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday Sentiments



more on my re-introduction to polite society tomorrow (cheeky grin)

Thursday, July 22, 2021



May I suggest if you aren't in the mood to read a Debbie Downer post that you skip today and come back when my mood improves.....


OK you've been warned............


I'm fed up - I am feeling so forgotten maybe even a little taken for granted.  It's the little things like .. when Sir Steve comes home from work - he plays with the dog - talks to his daughter and I get a kiss and a 'how was your day?' and then he picks up his phone and goes online till it's time for supper...... After supper he's back on his phone until we go inside to watch a movie.  

We have been in the country for 4 weeks now - during the week I don't talk to anyone except the 8 year old..... (there's no one else around) I am going stare crazy I think.  Is it too much to ask for some quality time with my Sir??!!   Any fun time / play time has to happen on the weekend the lil one is gone..... cause ya know during the week it never happens........ and I have no clue why?? I am starting to think (believe) that he doesn't find me sexy anymore - and the weekends are just to keep me from being too bitchy.  BUT 2 weekends a month?????  

I told him at the beginning that unlike his other women/wives I do not want THINGS from him.... what I want/need is HIM - time with him - attention. It's not happening and I am feeling down........ so down that once again my eating problems are raising their ugly heads.  I can't eat - the food just won't go down.  I have little or no control over it... right now I am eating less than the little one........ it's starting to be a problem.... and don't tell me to eat - it won't go down !!  and I mean WON'T!!  I try to swallow and land up gagging..... so I spit it quietly into my napkin and give up.

Last night when Sir Steve came home he did the play with the dog - hug his daughter - and I got my kiss ..... then he picked up his phone and called his step mom.  Yes Yes I know - she's grieving and there's paper work to handle and things to discuss and Yes Yes I know they have a bond I cannot share - BUT couldn't it wait until after dinner??!!!  I called him on it... pointed out his daughter was waiting to show him what she had done at S's summer camp (yeah I am a sucker for punishment - home schooled her for a year and a half and now because there's no camps I am trying to keep her busy with arts and crafts and games all day) and how I  don't get to talk to an adult all day long and look forward to adult company in the evening..... he said all the right things - but ya know what??? We've been here before... and he always promises to fix it (and he does - briefly) but then we go back to old ways until I boil over again.  and no I don't yell I just tear up - cause it feels useless..........

The weather doesn't help - Covid doesn't help...... hell we went 3 weeks with no cases ZERO ... NADA,...and in two days we have 3 active cases!!!! Rib fest is this weekend - we were gonna go with eldest daughter and SIL - gonna eat there (cause it's outside and we can find a spot in the park away from others) I was so looking forward to it.... nervous a little but still a little excited too .......... and now they are forecasting cloudy cool weather with showers.  Honestly I just feel like giving up.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

This 'n That



Not much going on around here this week - well unless you can count major thunderstorms - threats of tornadoes and hail.  Not my favourite weather conditions when you're in an RV let me tell you!!  AND in bad weather our internet is so slow it's not worth even trying - anyone remember dial up??

It seems I am slowing down on visiting blogs...... le sigh........ I was shocked to see I had missed a whole day at Spankedhortic and am running a day behind on Fondlers Anonymous - another sigh - AND when I do read/comment I am usually on my phone and omg!  typing on my phone is one typo after another - I apologise for some of the gobbledy gook I have left on blogs......... 

We had another example of how covid has/is affecting the lil one... she was playing in the pool with her 'crew' the other day and the kids were having a ball - laughing and splashing...... when one lil one grabbed our lil one and she pushed him off and said ' get off me - haven't you heard of C O V I D!!' I will be glad when the kids can be kids without worrying about pandemics.

It's another rainy day in paradise today........ am thinking I'll drag the paints out and the lil one and I will make some golf ball lady bugs for the back garden - if they turn out I might even post a picture........ 

Good news is - we're half way through the week !!!



Monday, July 19, 2021

On Making Friends

 OR - fall out from the pandemic 

 When I first met the lil one I was amazed at her socialization...... everyone and I do mean EVERY ONE! was her friend ( at least in her mind!!) She was a social butterfly - which did land her in trouble frequently in class cause she played and talked too much - but yeah - my social butterfly

Two weeks ago was our first week together here in the country.  She went for quick bike rides (between rain storms) and I took her swimming but for the most part she hung around here amusing herself.

This Saturday she was moping around - looking miserable.  We sent her off for a bike ride - she was back in 10 minutes and sulked around till I got totally fed up.  I said to her 'go find a friend - GO GO GO! go to the park go to the beach - GO find a friend!!  and don't come back till you do!' (in hind sight not the most intelligent thing to say to a sulky 8 year old)

Off she went.

Only after she had been gone for 30 minutes did I realize she hadn't taken her walkie talkie!  GAH no way to contact her and this park is HUGE !!!  Sir Steve put a note on the door telling her we had gone looking for her and to stay put till we got back - and we headed off with walkie talkies in hand to find our lil one. 

As we approached the 'big' park we could hear her laughing......... she had found a group of kids and was playing happily!!  We handed her her walkie talkie - told her to have fun and we'd call her when it was dinner time.  Sir Steve and I walked back content that life was maybe returning to normal.  Sunday she was gone soon after breakfast and only came home when we walkie talkied her to come for a meal.

It occurred to me - that after being home for almost 2 years and not socializing with other children - the lil one was nervous? shy? uncertain about how to do it....... a trait she had been born with - making friends!!!  Some of that lack of confidence was certainly due to her 'growing up' and developing insecurities - BUT a lot of the hesitancy - I am sure - was due to the quarantines.  She lost the skill ............. and confidence.

Today she woke early - like REALLY early (I sent her back to bed to read till I had had my second cup of coffee - cause I'm mean like that!!) But when she was gobbling down her breakfast I asked what was on her agenda today........ She has plans to go to the park and 'hook' up with her new friends!! 

Life is good when the kids are playing again - and laughter fills the air!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Friday, July 16, 2021

Busy Day



Yeah it's Friday......... the busiest day of my week.  This is the day I go back to town to either pick up or drop off the lil one....... to do laundry and the grocery shopping for the week.  Today I add a trip to the hair salon for both the lil one and myself - THANK GOODNESS!  I'm 3 months overdue for a cut - my hair hasn't been this long since... since..... god I don't even know !!!

I dread Fridays - I dread going to town.... even this summer where the weather hasn't been all that good - more days of rain and damp than sunshine and heat. I feel anxious and stressed on Fridays....... definitely not my best day of the week. OH and because we are in the country and our internet is the pits - on rainy days we're lucky if we can even connect!!!


to those of you who spend all week waiting for Friday...... 

This one's for you!


Thursday, July 15, 2021

Covid - thoughts



I've been thinking...... over thinking probably .... about a number of things... the most prominent is covid.  Our numbers are at 0 and have been for 3 weeks now.  I am fully vaccinated and starting to feel a little safer.  Then the other day I realized it's July - and a year ago we had only had 2 cases - but by September our numbers were rising and we landed up having - by spring - over 1400 cases.  So are these good numbers because it is summer ??? or is the vaccination program really working??? I guess we won't really know till fall and everyone returns to school and indoor activities

AND I have noticed that a lot of bloggers who were around in the thick of the pandemic have slowly disappeared again (colour me sad) I know summer can alter the blogging numbers drastically - but I'm thinking the lifting of restrictions is having an impact too.  

(shrug) Just the thoughts that go through my addled brain.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Country Shopping


 Last weekend eldest daughter sent me a link for a dress she knew I would love. 

AND she was right - I did love it!  I decided to visit the web site and see if they had anything else I would like....... I could use some funky tops... 

I spent my free time window shopping and building a 'wish list'.  I kept thinking about Fondles and her online shopping successes.  My wish list grew..... I was picking everything that was on sale - as much as 33% off!!!  I mean 33% off ??!!  who could resist? definitely not me.  

My wish list grew and grew.  Then common sense set in...... what if the quality wasn't there? what if the sizing was off? 

So I decided to pick a couple of things.... place an order and wait till it came before doing any more ordering.  I ordered these items.... at 33% off PLUS free delivery PLUS an additional 10% for a first order.  

this one will go with leggings OR as a beach cover up

this one will go nicely with white leggings for a dinner out on a patio

and I can see this one with brightly coloured scarves and some sexy leggings

The only problem I had was where to ship........ I've already had one parcel stolen from our front porch at home in the city (fortunately Amazon was amazing and gave me a full refund and I was able to order again)  Eldest daughter is at home in her city during the week - so she said to have it shipped to her place.  I got notification yesterday that my first order will be delivered on Monday!!

got my fingers crossed everything is as nice as it looks - I know my daughter's order was perfect!!  So I'm hoping I won't be disappointed......... cause yesterday I shopped for cute tshirts and shorts for country living and my wish list is ready to purchase!!!  (grinning) 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021




Early Saturday morning Sir Steve and I were enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck in the sunshine.  I was fidgety - ok ok translated 'I was horny' and decided I was not going to send an email.  I'm a full grown woman and should be able to use my words - no?! So I started talking - mostly inane gibberish - but I did finally blurt out what I was hoping we could try - a spanking that evolves into sex!   Sir Steve nodded and said that was a possibility.... so I let it go.... it's up to him IF and WHEN something happens.

 Fast forward to Sunday - early evening.  I was feeling a little down - post party blues I guess.......... and believe me when I say a spanking - never mind sex - was the last thing on my mind!  AND of course that was the exact moment I got my 'marching orders' - 15 minutes naked over the end of the bed.

For a split second I toyed with the idea of begging off...... explaining my mind set just wasn't there........ but ya know I did ask.......... and the more the idea rolled around in my head the more butterflies started fluttering.

So - 15 minutes later found me naked bent over the bed........... have I told you how high our bed is???  I need a bloody stool to get into it!!!  So I am standing on tippy toes... clutching the duvet - praying I didn't slide off.  

Sir Steve has a pattern? a way to spank? not sure how to describe it - but usually the first thing he does is run his hands over my ass.  On Sunday he commented that my ass was cold.......but wouldn't stay that way for long.  And then the spanking started....... 

It didn't feel very long - when he stopped and I heard the belt coming out of his pant loops.  I thought 'ohhhhh wow he's going to use his belt!' Nope!  He stripped - stood behind me again - pushed my legs apart and thrust into me.  Obviously he'd had enough of this spanking thing.  

Did it meet my expectations? Well like a lot of fantasies - no ........ but with some adjustments........ oh yeah it could be all that and more!!! Sir Steve has promised there'll be more spanking and sex together....... YAY!! 

Monday, July 12, 2021

FINALLY - hug time!


 Well it finally happened - after more than a year and a half - our family reunited on Saturday for food, laughter and hugs!! 

I honestly thought my heart would burst.. I was so anxious to see them... youngest daughter, her husband and 2 of their 3 children arrived mid afternoon completely loaded down with food for our feast.   We talked so much that plans for swimming and games went out the window... we were all just so happy to finally be together again.


It was a feast !!  Steak... shrimp... roasted potatoes.. salad..... everything grilled to perfection.. but even if it hadn't been .. I wouldn't have noticed - it was that good to be together again.

They left as the sun was setting - but we are already making plans for a repeat in August.  Now it really does feel like life is returning to normal..............

OH and for those of you wondering about my 'email plan'... I'll fill you all in tomorrow....

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Saturday, July 10, 2021




I was thinking last night as we (as in Sir Steve, eldest daughter and SIL) sat around the campfire... eating freshly picked raspberries and cream - about how good life was starting to feel.  I had a couple of yucky days after my shot - but things were starting to look up.

The lil one has been sent off to her mother's....... and I have a whole week just for me stretching ahead......... YAY!! (can you see me doing the happy dance?)

I have a plan....... and cause I don't 'talk' easily - I am going to send Sir Steve an email....... I have this idea....... where we combine spanking and sex together... it's a great plan - unless your name is Sir Steve or you have the same philosophy as he does.......... which means spanking and sex do NOT go together.

Only problem with that is - I get so 'hot' when he spanks me and dearly want to have sex .......... at the end..... in the middle - I don't care - just gimme SEX ..... please!

So I'm gonna write him a little fantasy - and see if maybe just maybe he will try it for me.  Of course it could go horribly wrong - like if after all these years his body doesn't get the need to fulfill my fantasy....... if you follow my drift....  

But nothing ventured nothing gained right??? 


Thursday, July 08, 2021



 Yesterday was an 'oooops' sort of day..... 

Sir Steve worked from home ....... nothing particularly ooopsy about that - except here in the country our internet access is the pits........ basically one device at a time... which meant I had no internet access all day - which meant emails and blogs didn't get done.

The second ooopsy moment ?? well that one was rather spectacular......... 

I was booked for my second shot of vaccine yesterday.... which is why Sir Steve was home.... I had no worries I'd been through this before right??  Let me ask you this though - what is the one thing you do NOT want to hear when getting a shot?? Ooops is pretty high on my list.... and that is exactly what the woman said as she injected me - "OOOOPS!"

I looked at her as she was frantically signalling for the nurse on duty ........ nurse on duty called for the EMT guy....
apparently the shot missed my arm muscle...... don't ask me how!!! .... and my arm was starting to swell immediately and I T C H!!!  so I was escorted to the 'special' section... and seated right beside the gurney.   A badge was put on my shirt written in RED ink that indicated I had to wait 30 minutes instead of the usual 15.  UGH!!  Every 5 minutes (yes I timed it) the EMT guy would come and ask me how I was... le sigh.

Finally after 30 minutes (that felt like forever!) I was allowed to leave after I promised them I would take allergy medicine when I got home and would go immediately to a hospital if I felt 'funny'.  (I always feel funny - grinning)

Honestly by the time I left the swelling was down and the itching wasn't all that bad.  BUT ugh - I was in a terrible mood - felt a bit like a 2 year old who didn't get their nap... cranky!!! I had a so/so sleep last night.... Sir Steve went off to work cause I'm pretty sure I can handle the lil one today - despite the cold wet weather.  

All that drama - but I am fully vaccinated... though how that is going to change my life is still left to be seen.........

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

The Mundane



Yesterday was about as mundane as mundane can be....... 

The sun shone....... 

The lil one played all morning at the neighbour's across the road...

The afternoon was filled with a nap after lunch and swimming till supper time

The evening it rained and Sir Steve and I curled up and watched some summer reruns on TV... 

Then we went to bed.

mundane is good... it's giving us time to heal and recharge our emotional batteries.... and that is a VERY good thing! 

Monday, July 05, 2021




Well here I am in the country for the summer............ 

Update on the dog......... Sir Steve took her to the vet on Friday afternoon - explained about his dad and being at his mother's for the week......... they poked and prodded and took an ultra scan and urine samples.  They did some more poking and prodding and diagnosed stress!  They said when things calmed down Lady would return to normal.... unless she was starting a UTI cause there was some blood in the urine - though no white blood cells (which would indicate an infection)  

So we all moved up to the country including the lil one. Lady slept most of Saturday and by yesterday was starting to act more like her devilish self.  

 We had a quiet weekend - what the lil one called 'family time'.  We roasted hot dogs over the fire - went swimming - played cards with eldest daughter and SIL..... and life started to feel normal again.

My anxiety levels are starting to go down.  Life is starting to look up ............ 

Thank you to everyone who popped by and continues to send positive vibes and hugs.. it helped me hang on ..... helped me stay focused .... and helped me to remember that 'this too will pass'.

I should be back to more regular postings here on The Journey - though it will most probably be mundane posts about life in the country...... and ya know what?? After the last couple of weeks - mundane sounds pretty damn good!

Friday, July 02, 2021




We got home at 6:45 last evening...... after a 9 hour drive (it should only take 6 - 7 hours) 

I can safely say it was the most anxiety ridden week of my life... it was exhausting... and very emotional.  Sir Steve's stepmother was in the anger stage of grief ........... it was awful.  

Then during the week - we all got excited cause by the end of next week we will be fully vaccinated - BUT - youngest daughter has thrown up all sorts of road blocks to our visiting... I was devastated - cause all I want to do is go hug my grandkids

AND then.......... 

Sir Steve's dog was quiet and whining a lot... we thought it was because his stepmom has a new puppy who wouldn't leave our dog alone.  

BUT no...... 

on Tuesday I found a wet spot on the rug..... Lady NEVER pees inside - when I cleaned it up - there was blood in it.  And the next day there was another huge circle on the rug - more blood.  Sir Steve called our vet and has an appointment today at 2:00 .......... and we are both really worried.  Google says it could be vaginitis  BUT it could also be cancer.  Trust me when I say this is the last thing we need to deal with right now - well any time - but now is not a good time.

Colour me anxious ...........

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