Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Birthday Thoughts

Today is my Sir's birthday!!! and i believe it is the main reason He is such a scrooge over Christmas.... as a kid it must be terrible to have your special day so close to such a major holiday !!! How lost your birthday can become amid all the glitter and glitz of Christmas.....

Ever since we have been together i have tried very hard to make a BIG deal out of His birthday........ it hasn't always been easy .. He hates surprises and hates people making a fuss over Him........ i say "bahhhhhhhhhh humbug" on that !!! Birthdays should be a BIG deal .. it is after all YOUR day !!!

Today however.. won't start off with a big bang... unfortunately. A friend of ours lost her dad last week............ and the funeral is today.. It is hard to be happy and in a celebration mood when one is attending a funeral........ i remember the year my dad died.. he died one week before my birthday....... i don't even remember having a birthday that year.... but about 2 years later my daughters commented "won't mom's birthday ever be happy again?" and that was the eye opener for me.. and i guess the family in general.......... Ya only get one birthday a year... it SHOULD be special.. and celebrated with those you love .....

It is hard to find just the right present for Sir.. take Christmas for example.. i have tried for years to find JUST the right gift..... and for the most part i haven't succeeded - ok well maybe last year when i bought Him the whip!! BUT... this year i bought Him a wireless gadget for His laptop.. only to find out on Christmas day He had already bought it for Himself !!! i couldn't decide whether to cry or stamp my foot......... geeeeeeeeeeez what is it with people who buy themselves stuff the month of Christmas.. AND Sir should know better having 2.. count 'em T W O .... gift giving days in the same month... i can't tell You what i bought Him for His birthday this year.. obviously !!!! BUT i will fill in the blanks tomorrow i promise..........

As for celebrating.. well i am hoping that Sir will come back to the condo and let me cook Him a birthday supper........... and then .. for those of you who are not aware of this little BDSM custom.... there are always birthday spanks. Now i keep hinting that i think Sir (and all Doms/Masters for that matter) should......... once a year........... drop 'em and bend. i really do !!!! Afterall we subbies take all the spankings / floggings / pain all year long for Them.... on Their birthdays i believe we subbies should be able to return the "favour"...
what say you?? i have a Miss Christine and a whippie.. and the flogger of a thousand stings.. and... the list is endless.. that i am sure would give Sir just the right appreciation for a) how old He is today.. and b) how much "fun" i have each time He uses them on me!!! i wouldn't want to deny Him SOME enjoyment of the subbie kind........... don't you agree??

Birthday celebrations are such fun !!!


  1. When I reach the ripe old age of 100 then I will take your birthday wishes...

    Until then, bend over and present yourself...

    Owner of the new improved morningstar

  2. Wish Sir a happy birthday for me!!

    i agree with You about the birthday spanking....hehehe. Wishful thinking.

  3. Hold on Doms taking birthtday smacks hmmm you mean that you would deliver the smacks to his behind.

    I do not understand , how many times were you offer my ass by Sir only for you to blush and hide your head . How exactly would you find his ass to hit with your eyes closed? is this the new 2006 morningstar you did say smacks did you not, not nipple twists or gouges.

    Well Sir a happy birhtday to you and if your sub is so intent to give birthday spanks remind her that my birthday comes up in a about a month and I believe in the tradition of St Andrew's day so if your sub so wishes so be it. Is that morningstar squirming?.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Sir!!!!!!I hope it is a wonderful one!!

    I am wondering though were you half asleep when you wrote this post or just feeling brave!

    Chuckles I know who will be taking the birthday spankings for her Sir as it has been done for years!

  5. You have it all wrong, darlin'. You're supposed to bend over and receive double his age and double the to grow on.

    Get it right, girl!

  6. What did you say again? Sorry, I was distracted by that really cool pic you've installed on your blog.

  7. ******HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY SIR******* May Your special day be wonderful and blessed for the B/both of Y/you. And may You have many, many more filled with plenty of delicious spankings for Your sweet lilone. :o)

  8. ohhh, and btw morningstar... i LOVE the look of your new page. Looks fantastic. And congrats on the 10,000 visitors to your site. Easy to see why its done so well. ;o) I look forward to reading more about Y/your beautiful journey in the days and weeks to come.

  9. littleone took each of your spanking wishes very well, the last count was 350+ I think..

    Buffalo 109 with littleone birthday present ( a dogwhip )

    CLoud 55
    ling 55
    cherish 55

    then there was several times 54 from and for her Sir...

    Birthdays can be more fun than Christmas's

    Owner of the new improved morningstar ( with a sore ass )


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