Thursday, December 29, 2005

Birthday spankings........

This is a picture of the new whip i bought for Sir for His birthday.......... it took some sneaking around to successfully purchase it and get it home without Sir's having one clue about it.......... He saw the whip in November at the Leather Fest - tried it out on my ass.. liked it and thought about purchasing it.. didn't... Then He saw the whip again at the Christmas Fair here at our local club.. and was sooooooooo close to buying it..BUT i had already contacted Master Andre who had made one for me.. to my specifications re colour etc . Master Andre had to do His very best to dissuade Sir from the snake whip (as they call it) and show Him other whips/paddles and floggers.. Finally it took my throwing a little pout session to get Sir to agree we didn't really need ANOTHER whip... and that was that !! Thank goodness........... (on a side note.. this new improved 2006 version of submissive won't be throwing pout sessions - so tell me how i will dissuade Sir from purchasing something like this the next time???)

i kept the whip hidden away........... and in the meantime.. Sir has been talking about purchasing a skimpy lil black lacy dress for me (preferably see through) and i managed to find one !! Soooooooo i put the whip inside the folds of the dress and wrapped it all up together.. (Sir loves to brag He can tell what a gift is before even opening it !! and He can.. god i wanted to stump Him!!) and i did.. briefly.. He thought i had bought Him a shirt.. till He saw all that black lace.. Then He gave me the "have you lost your mind look!!"

Sir had me model the new dress for Him.. (i have to admit i don't much like it.. i'm not the lacy see through type........ and i especially don't like black !! but it is what my Sir wanted).. He declared He liked it (phewwwwwwwww cause i couldn't return it) .. And that seemed to be it for the Birthday celebration - please remember we had spent the better part of the day at a funeral - which does not make for feelings of celebration...........

i checked on the blog and found all those wonderful comments from ling.. and Cloud.. and cherish and lastly but not least Buffalo............. it was Buffalo's comment that got to Sir.. Buffalo said: "You have it all wrong, darlin'. You're supposed to bend over and receive double his age and double the to grow on.Get it right, girl! ".. Sir's eyes got that gleam in them.......... and downstairs we went......
and so i report to you .. one and all..
For Buffalo - i received a total of 109 strokes with the new snake whip - and ohhhhhhhh my god does that sucker bite....
For ling - i received 55 with the leather tawse
For Cloud - i received 55 with the wooden paddle....... (gee thanks Cloud .. Sir said they were just for YOU !!!)
For cherish - i received 55 strokes with the big whip
For me - i received 55 strokes with Master Andre's paddle
And for Sir - i received 55 with the long 3 strip leather flogger that wraps and whips and stings and hurts like the dickens.....
which totalled 389 strikes.............. and i counted every one of them !! which meant it hurt like hell and i didn't fly... and i didn't even get any sexual release (pouting - oh wait !! i am not supposed to pout anymore am i??? )

oh yeah and The Michael... i hope You come out of Your daydream over the new pic (and i am presuming it is the opening pic of the naked woman - not the birthday balloon that caught Your eye)..

All things considered Sir had a good birthday (i think)........... and i managed to surprise Him which is all i ever want to do when it comes to gifts and birthdays...........


  1. Sir had a LOVELY birthday thanks to My littleone.... and you are going to look wonderful in public with at new dress too....

    Owner of the new improved morningstar

  2. WOW WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE morningstar!!!! I will assume you did this post standing. EEEEPPPSSS

    I am so very happy your Sir enjoyed His very special day!!!

    Please tell Sir thank you for the 55 for me with the big whip. Smiles all proud like!

  3. Anonymous10:42 am

    I'm saving this entry for Master. You know.. my birthday is in Jan. and His is in Feb. so if we combine them, and double to grow on, and add more just for shits and giggles.. then I can get... *adding in my head*.. my ass BEAT! Yay!

    I am so jealous. You lucky girl!

    Happy Birthday, Sir.. I'm glad it was wonderful.

    PS. Did you know that your word verification starts with these letter... p.a.i.n.... how utterly

  4. How nice to see this non pouting version of morningstar. Thank you Sir for the use of a paddle for my birhtday wishes for you. I can hear the count as the wood struck all the way over here. As for the dress well when is the next time we are off to the clubs lace falls so nicely and blows in the breeze. morningstar will certainly be a nice sight for the winds of Jannuary don't you think.

  5. Ohhh mmmmmmyyyy, all i can say is oh what a wonderful day! ;o)

  6. One small question does Sir not have a birhtday week and so should the spankings not continue at least lets say to after New Years day after all at the party might want to give thier warm thoughts to him also.(smiles)

  7. CLoud,

    I will have to take under consideration your request to extend My birthday spankings to this weekend's party...

    Owner of the new improved morningstar


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