Friday, December 02, 2005

Christmas plans....


Actually this blog should come with a warning........ if You hate Christmas and all the Christmas trimmings......... don't read !!!

My eldest daughter dropped by last evening to bring me a Happy First day of December gift...... ok ok all those Grinches and Scrooges out there can leave now!!! It was a copy of a song she and her sister and i plagarized many many years ago ( i will post it another time) ......when we were all living with another Grinch and had some lights that wouldn't light on one side...... and it made me remember how Christmas started around the 1st of the month and continued right through till the 25th with all sorts of different little celebrations........ and that got me thinking i need to get cracking and start Christmas NOW!!! so............

i noticed yesterday on one of the blogs i read....... that there is something called Holidailies (see link ) which is a sort of contest where one must post a blog every day from the 7th of December till the 7th of January and Sir has agreed that i may participate!!!

Then that got me thinking IF i am gonna post every day.. during the holiday season that my blog (like my house) should be spruced up and decorated........ so i went looking for a new Christmasy pic to put in place of the bound hands at the top ......... and i couldn't find anything (picture me sad Christmas elf) Nowwwwwww i know there are a number of folks who drop by semi regularily to read this blog...... and so i am asking .. if you know of some url that has appropriate type pics that i could substitute JUST for the Christmas season........ would you be so kind as to leave the addy in the comment section??

oh yes....... talking about sprucing things up........... i seem to have invoked the ghosts of monsters past by writing that blog the other day....... For now i have a monster in my walls... a BIG monster by the sounds of it... who seems to be in my cold air intact thingies in the wall......... and it is enjoying running back and forth and up and down through my walls.. pulling gyproc (sheet rock for my American readers) out of the walls and pushing it through the vent openings.... making the house a dusty mess. Never mind the fact IT is driving my kitties crazy with his scratching and gnawing sounds........ any suggestions on how to rid myself of this "monster" ?? keep in mind it is the Christmas season.. and poisoning the dear thing just doesn't seem "cricket".

I am thinking that perhaps some Christmas decorations downstairs in the play room might be in order this year as well............ some holly on the whip... some mistletoe from the chains.....and maybe .. just maybe a Santa hat that Sir must wear before He picks up any toy to use on me?? (VERY cheeky grin)... wellllll even the grinch wore a Santy Claus hat!!!

yes it is gonna be a FUN FUN Christmas season............ all 23 days of it !!!!!

picture me the Christmas angel.......... Christmas Tree


  1. Anonymous9:11 am

    Send me your email addy ( and I'll send you some x-mas bondage pics.

  2. I think that is a very good likeness of Sir

  3. This blog has been so fascinating that I can easily tolerate some Xmas cheer in order to enjoy it!


  4. kaya.. thank you - an email is on the way.......

    cloud: of course there is a strong ressemblance.. giggling You and i both KNOW that.. and we both know that the "Grinch's heart grew 3 sizes that day" !!!

    michael - well it won't be all christmas cheer dear Michael..... every day life does exist.....but it will be mostly holly jolly Christmas ... and who knows .. maybe just maybe ?? it will be a little contagious??



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