Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Tattoos Updated

Heard todsy that I have an infection and that they will have to delay my radiation treatments by at least 3 weeks



 I love tattoos!  over the years I have been tattooed 3 times.........

They all tell a story and represent something I love.

Yesterday I got 4 more tattoos 4 little black dots two on my chest and 2 on each side

they don't represent anything I love but they do tell a story.  They will guide my next radiation procedure.  Starting next Tuesday I will undergo 15 consecutive doses of radiation on my lung.

Thursday, June 09, 2022

The lil one

 We have been honest with the lil one about what I am going through and she has been last week I wanted to dust the living room but couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the dusting spray........ So I asked the lil one ...... and she reassuringly got me the dusting spray,paper towels and said 'don't worry S I got this!' and I marvelled at how amazing she is.

Then my hair started to fall out.  And it kinda threw me.........


Every time I moved my hair would flutter down.......... get into eyes my mouth (if I was eating) my nose.  GAH .. it drove me crazy!  At dinner  Sir Steve told the lil one that the medicines I had been on were causing my hair to fall out.  She studied me for a minute or two then said " think of it this way S......... you won't have to go for hair cuts!!  AND you won't have to wash it all the time "  I burst out laughing!  She was so right !!!

Yesterday I had another consult - and while we were at the hospital Sir Steve took me to the gift shop and I got a pretty scarf .......... and Sir Steve and I made a date with his razor when I got home......... well when the lil one got home so she could take pics of the great shave off.  It is time I found ME again - losing my hair isn't gonna knock me down for long!!  And because I have nothing to worry about anymore - I am gonna post those pics that the lil one took........ of ME

the before shot



                                                           The finished product

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Fine State of Affairs


 Soooooooo I had an appointment booked this morning at 8am for a bone scan.  When they called me to book it I was annoyed........ enough with the appointments already!!! 

So when I got there at 7:45 I was a bit bitchy.  When they got me in the back and were getting ready to put the IV needle in my arm - I asked 'who booked this appointment?'  They told me and honestly I didn't recognise the name.  So I said "you'd think the doctors would share the results.  The nurse stopped and looked at me. "When did you have this scan done ?"  I said not sure - but sometime since the 7th of May.  She stopped what she was doing and headed off to the nearest computer.  When she came back she was full of apologizes - apparently this test should NOT be done more than once every 6 months or better still once a year...... and someone had booked me in for a test just 3weeks after the first one!!! 

I was sent home.  and all I can think is thank god I questioned the test - otherwise god only knows what would have happened....... (it was a radioactive  test - where they inject you with radioactive material)

Aren't the medical people supposed to be in charge?? supposed to be taking care of their patients? supposed to be making them more comfortable ???

Sitting here shaking my head.

Friday, June 03, 2022

feeling a little brighter today

 BUT be warned this post might be the things nightmares are made from.........

So I have finished this round of radiation...... and if I could I would do a happy dance.  

I thought you might want a few more details....... about radiation of the brain.  They made me a mask - that was put on each time and screwed to the table so I couldn't move my head.  Each and every time they fastened it to my face I could see my reflection in the over head machine - and each and every time it scared me.........This morning I took pics of this mask - before the lil one threw it in the garbage can for me.......... damn it felt good to toss it !!!

and if you can keep reading ....... cause there is some beauty at the end.........


on my last day of radiation I received a delivery from the florist - from ..... I couldn't believe it......... my hairdresser!!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2022

feeling ragged


I have finished my radiation treatments (for now)

They really knocked the stuffing out of me.............

And sometime in all the treatments my drainage tube got yanked out of my chest......... so Tuesday was spent getting radiation and having the tube put back........

I have postponed all further tests and appointments till next week....... I am exhausted... and discouraged ... but Sir Steve wanted me to tell you all how I am doing....... I'll check in another day - hopefully when my spirits are a little higher.............

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