Monday, January 31, 2022


 willie has politely pointed out to me that I didn't fact check some of my information - shame on me!!  However - the way these Canadians acted (are acting) still makes me feel ashamed - and more than a little embarrassed.



Well this happened over the weekend........... 

apparently all the hype about truckers being the heroes of this pandemic went to the heads of truckers.  They decided that they were going to have a truck convoy travel from BC to Ottawa (for those that don't know our geography - that's west coast to almost the east coast) a FREEDOM CONVOY....... they wanted to protest the necessity of quarantining for 14 days IF/WHEN they cross the border to the States, they don't care that the United States has the exact same 'mandate' !! 

At first I honestly didn't pay much attention to this 'convoy of freedom'.... just another group bitching about vaccine mandates......... (please note that I believe 80% of all truckers are fully immunized) 

BUT two days into the convoy - they changed their protest from vaccines to EVERYTHING - get rid of the Prime Minister - get rid of lock downs - get rid of masks - get rid of  seat belts - get rid of ............. well you name it they wanted it gone!

Then we heard that the two organisers who started this nonsense were white supremacists and/or radicals.  They started a go fund me for the truckers and in the space of 3 days or so they raised 6,000,000$ !!!!!!!!  GoFundMe froze the account until there was a clear plan for distribution of the funds (to date they have released 1,000,000$)  

On Thursday evening our police (provincial and national) were telling folks to stay off the roads on the weekend.  WHAT???????? We were planning to drive up to the Nation's Capital to visit with eldest daughter and SIL to celebrate their January birthdays!!! So we postponed our trip till Sunday when the damn trucks would be off the highways.... and settled into the Capital.

On Saturday we heard horror tales of goings on  - from protesters dancing on the tomb of the unknown soldier - to vandalizing the Terry Fox Statue - to threatening and intimidating volunteers trying to feed the homeless - to threatening and intimidating mask wearing workers in restaurants around town.

On our drive up on Sunday we passed some small convoys flying flags........ you'd expect  - seeing as these are Canadian citizens fighting for Canadian rights (supposedly!)  - that you'd see Canadian Flags right??? yeah well we did - but it was the other flags mixed in that worried me and ANGERED me.......... take a look.......... 


(I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of the trucks and flags we saw on Sunday - cause they were pretty graphic and heart breaking)

I am ashamed!  This is not the Canada that I know and love - this is looking an awful lot like the United States one year ago on Jan 6th............

As a Canadian - a PROUD Canadian - I am hanging my head in shame............

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sunday Silliness


Looks like I might be sipping my drink on the deck this week.............

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Friday, January 28, 2022

"These are a Few of my Favourite Things.........."

And trust me - these are not the same 'favourite things' of Mary Poppins' song .....

As a lot of you know - I am a product of public BDSM play....... I think I have tried (at least once) every imaginable 'toy' available to BDSM players...... Over the years I have whittled down the list of 'toys' to a handful of favourite ones........ 

Here are some of my favourites............

Floggers -


Specifically Sir Steve's BIG BIGGER BIGGEST flogger ....... it thuds so nicely  ..... and hasn't been used in over 5 years - cause like I said - it's big and there's no room in a house...... 

Canes/crops -


There's something unique about crops and canes (I kinda lump them together cause the pain and marks are almost identical......... 

Paddles -

I am pretty sure Sir Steve loves our wooden paddles - probably because they are my least favourite..... If I get a say in which paddle - I tend to lean towards the leather ones... 

Knives -

We both have our own knife collection - decorative gorgeous shiny bits of silver that leave some intense marks........ nothing brings me to the level of anticipation/fear like our knives...... 

Needles - 

I used to be a BIG fan of needle play - nothing really compares to the endorphins released from needle play.  Sir Steve will NOT do needle play (cheeky grin) he can be such a wimp sometimes!! (he HATES needles!)

Before I go any further - I want to add that back in the day - some 30 years ago - BDSM was not as main stream as it is today.  The clubs were private (I've talked about this before) There were actual workshops to teach 'newbies' or those that wanted to improve their skills - in almost every aspect of kink.  I remember taking a cutting/knife play workshop that was taught by medical workers (nurses.. emergency techs etc) Sir Steve for example took many workshops (for lack of a better word) in floggers and paddles - instruments of pain and pleasure.  I rarely if ever played with someone who was untrained (back in the day) ..... after all I wanted to make sure I would be as safe as possible - not some toy test dummy for inexperience.

And finally 

Whips - 

which is to be honest what prompted this blog post today.  Yesterday Spankedhortic posted his 'animated Trasher Thursday' ....... there was something bugging me about the way the whip was being thrown.  I couldn't put my finger on it........ last night I showed the gif to Sir Steve - he frowned at it and like me knew it looked wrong but couldn't quite put his finger on it...... between the two of us we decided she was using the whip like a flogger.......... and I cringed.  There is something very special about the kiss of the whip...... it should feel very different from any other toy....... it can be very sensual - just kissing the skin - or painful with full on strikes.  I went looking this morning for a whip video that would best describe the whip...... OMG!  I wanted a 'how to' video and most of what I found were porn clips....... GAH!!  no just NO!  After way too much time - I did find this video..... and I have to admit my knees went weak watching him..........I have a small circus whip (appropriate for play indoors) and honestly I can NOT wait till we are moved and have our loft bedroom to play in  - it's been wayyyyyyyyy too long since Sir Steve and I satisfied our Sadist/masochist side.


  And that is my list of " my favourite things"

Thursday, January 27, 2022

More Canada

Just a little more Canadian content for you viewing/listening pleasure....





Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Web Land



This came across my Facebook feed the other day - and it made me stop and think.  (ok ok maybe for just a minute or two - but still ..........)

I don't understand it - honestly I don't.  IF I post something I'm not really looking for a whole lot of response and to be truthful am amazed at the responses I do get.  So why do I post?? That's easy - cause Facebook has this thing called "memories" and every year the posts come back to remind me what I was doing 365 days ago.  I like that!!  It's the same on my blog......... I write here - BUT I do not check my stats... (NO I don't!) and am always a little surprised at the number of people who do check - and who do get bent out of shape when folks don't comment.  So why do I write on here - for similar reasons I post on FB - it's a record of my life.  You have no idea how often I go back through the years looking for something........ 

So I'm always surprised and maybe a little confused by people who get all b*tchy cause no one comments....... why can't you be happy with the folks who do bother to post?? You know 'a glass half full' sort of thing.

Let me ask you this - why are you writing - period??!!  For the notoriety you want / need?? You want your 5 minutes of fame every time you write??  
Are you trying to get a conversation going?? REALLY?? have you really thought that through?? With the time differences... people's schedules... how can a conversation - a back and forth conversation - really take place???  OR maybe it's just your desire to be contrary and you need an outlet........... There have been many times I have read a blog and realized I had nothing to contribute ......... either because you said it all - OR I don't agree with you at all!!  but see no reason to 'stir the pot'. 

All I know is that I am done with those sorts of blogs and people!  I just don't need the negativity in my life ya know???  

You do You and I'll do Me

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

A Little Bit of Everything


Just got a little bit of this and that today............

I have noticed a marked improvement in my health since I started taking B12 supplements.  YAY!!  My energy has slowly improved ....... the muscle aches have gone from a 10 to maybe a 4...... I'm still suffering from 'brain fog' .... last week I put a pot on the stove to boil - put the wrong burner on - the handle from the pot was over the burner and was smoking when I discovered my mistake AND in my brain fog - I just reached out and grabbed the handle - burned my fingers quite nicely thank you very much!!  Yesterday I was trying to do a simple math problem - subtract a debit from a credit and I just couldn't do it........ I was SO frustrated!!  My appetite is still AWOL - but hey - that could be the eating disorder.  I believe though I am improving........ we'll see how much I improve in the next week (they say it can take 6 months to fully improve)

The house is looking bare ....... and it's a bit depressing.  My OCD is kicking in big time cause the spare room is FULL of boxes and it's getting on my nerves.  We get the keys to the new place next week YAY!!  once we have the keys maybe I'll stop worrying about everything that can go wrong.  Mind you I am stressing that we'll get covid for our move ............ I can't believe how close to home it is getting...... never mind the lil one having it... but folks at Sir Steve's work are testing positive.  

I really appreciated the supportive comments on yesterday's post.   I wonder sometimes if my lack of kink postings is due to the fact that so many who read here don't relate to BDSM activities and I worry about how you'll all react.  Positive / Supportive comments like I got yesterday go a long way to making me feel more comfortable to post more of our kink activities.

I've noticed a couple of times - comments I have made on other blogs have not shown up....... OR have shown up then disappeared.  I am a bit paranoid about it... and am now second guessing myself.......... I honestly don't mean to shock or upset anyone........ 

And that's about it for catch up................. 

Monday, January 24, 2022



 Unlike many who read here - we (Sir Steve and I) enjoy pain for pain's sake.  There are no punishments - no resets.  I was explaining to Baker this morning, spankings for us are more like being horny for sex...... we crave pain and set out to satisfy that need.  (that's how it works with a masochist and a Sadist) 

AND the pain doesn't have to come just from spankings....... we have in the past used knives and clamps and other 'instruments of torture' to fulfill those needs.  For the last year or so we haven't really indulged in spankings - because our space isn't truthfully conducive to pain play.  (though we are looking forward to our new home with the huge bedroom/play space) 

We've adapted and modified........... we find our pain release in sex........ 

Last night was spectacular pain fulfillment.  His hands around my neck tightening ...loosening.... tightening again.  My hand on his cock stroking keeping the rhythm all the while I am feeling his strength on my neck... my heart pounding. His hands tugging on my clit jewelry.  Then he rams into me - no gentleness - just wham bang thank you Ma'am sort of entry.  I gasp - trying to wiggle around to ease his entry - feeling myself stretching to tearing .....  and loving every minute of it.

Sometimes you have bruises and discomfort after a spanking..... the morning after an intense session with Sir Steve - I am sore and stretched and feeling the after effects.  I can close my eyes and feel his hands on my neck - can feel the ache deep inside me..... and I smile.  The need has been filled.  All's right with the world.  I am loved!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Busy Saturday



We started packing boxes (again) early this morning...... haven't finished but Sir Steve said 'break time' so I have 5 minutes to post ............. 


There is something Sir Steve said about the new home that has me shaking with anticipation............ He mentioned kind of in passing last week  that he couldn't wait to get us installed in our new bedroom.  


Our new bedroom is a loft - and is pretty much the entire area of the downstairs ....... it's HUGE!!!  


He said 'FINALLY I'll have space to use my big flogger and really truly whip your ass'.  I kinda filled up with tears ... and whispered "do you promise?" cause it's been so long since my ass was all red and bruised and hurting.

This morning while we were packing boxes (and MORE boxes) he suggested the over the door hook rack thingy we have could go inside his cupboard in the bedroom (we both have our own cupboards - mine's a walk in!!  YAY!!) and that he could hang our favourite toys from the hooks - very accessible.  AND should someone wander upstairs they wouldn't see the toys.

It's amazing how fast packing goes when you have a daydream playing out in your head !!

Friday, January 21, 2022

It's January in the Great White North





(seriously this was the lil one on Tuesday waiting for the school bus)

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Feeling like Crap



A few years ago I was feeling crappy - just a bunch of little things. So I went to the doctor and complained.  He sent me for blood tests.  I got a phone call telling me I needed to go on B12 supplements.  Why I asked ? cause I virtually had NO B12 in my system.  My extreme fatigue, my achy body, my dizziness, my forgetfulness all of those minor symptoms were because I virtually had no B12.

Fast forward a few years and I move here - find a new doctor and get sent for more blood tests.  This doctor tells me I don't really have a B12 deficiency.  It was low - so cut back from 1200mcg a day to around 250mcg.  So I did.

Life sputtered along.  Sir Steve insisted I start taking a multi vitamin (cause eating disorders ya know) At some point I stopped taking my B12 supplements.  It's been at least 2 years since I stopped.  I started to notice this summer fatigue and loss of appetite (but that's not that odd - cause ya know eating disorders) Then in December I was forgetting stuff - and feeling anxious - body aches for no apparent reason.   Then since Christmas I have noticed a much higher level of anxiety......... a fair amount of nausea (again eating disorders so who pays attention) achy muscles ... and in the past couple of weeks dizziness and losing my words.

Then I had an eureka moment............ B12.  Could it be possible?? I tried to remember the last time I took a B12 - couldn't.    It crossed my mind to call the  doctor but as he still isn't seeing patients and even if he was he'd just send me for blood tests....... I grabbed the B12 bottle and started taking my supplements.

It'll take a couple of weeks (at least) to see any improvement - if I don't THEN I'll call my doctor.  BUT for now - I'll take extra B12 and keep my fingers crossed - cause ya know - 5 weeks till we move - I just don't need to be sick.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Lil One Update


 The lil one tested negative on Sunday night!  YAY!!  She was finally coming home after 3 weeks. The snow threw a bit of a monkey wrench into the works but Sir Steve went and picked her up and brought her home to us.

She and I spent over an hour just talking.  I didn't have to coax - she just started talking and talked and talked.  And the more she talked the more I felt my heart breaking.

It started with her telling me she was so scared when she got covid....... and she cried herself to sleep at night.  No one checked on her or held her or reassured her. 

She talked about Grandma being cranky and yelling a lot cause 'WE' said they couldn't go out. She said there was a lot of crying.

And when it came down to the birthday party for 'Big Nanny' the lil one lost her words.... I just sat quietly and let her sort it out........ (not wanting to put my emotions on her) Finally she said (and I am quoting her directly here) "it felt like my brain went out of my ears and didn't come back till late that night".   

Know what I see in my mind's eye - a little vulnerable girl who found no comfort or support.  I saw that a lot when I was teaching ...... and it broke my heart then...... trust me when I say my heart crumbled when I heard her stories of the last 3 weeks.

After I felt she had talked herself out - we went "shopping" for a new duvet for her new bedroom.......... and we snuggled and giggled and planned her new room.  Then (because I have to live up to the reputation of the "wicked stepmother") I sent her off to her room to do some of the assignments her teacher put up for the kids to do from home due to the school closures for snow.

We had a lot of hugs and kisses and "I love you's" all day.  She's gonna be ok ...... she's a strong lil girl. 

Monday, January 17, 2022

Is it Weird?


 A little story......... 

On Dec 27th the lil one's great grandmother died - she was 101 years old.  Sad yes - but she lived a good life.

Ok so they had her cremated and had a memorial mass last week - remember that drama? the grandmother was all pissy cause she couldn't go to the mass (despite it NOT being the funeral - that will be this summer) and blamed us.  The day after the funeral she posted that her mother's ashes were in a russian doll......... similar to this one....

you know the dolls - you open them and there are progressively smaller dolls inside.  I felt a little squeamish  - but okkkkk you want to put your mother's ashes in a wooden doll that's your decision.  The doll/ashes were with the grandmother's brother.

This past Saturday would have been the great grandmother's 102 birthday.  The grandmother posted a pic of the russian doll sitting in her apartment and said that "Big Nanny (as they called her ) had come for a visit."  I was a little gob smacked ........ are her ashes going to wander around from family member to family member???   

BUT there's more......... 

the grandmother posted pics of them all eating chicken dinner - big Nanny's favourite meal - on Saturday.  They even made a plate for Big Nanny and put it by her ashes.

(I am still squirming over that )

Then - there was a video of a birthday cake - with a lit candle - being carried over to the ashes - the family singing "happy birthday".  THEN the lil one was called on to blow out the candles for Big Nanny.

Honestly if I had been there for this 'birthday party' I would have had nightmares!!

So tell me folks - is it just or me or does this seem a bit weird to you too?

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Feeling Devilish



So - who tried to brush the hair away??? huh?? HUH???

Friday, January 14, 2022

Inching Forward



We have 6 weeks until we move.

I am dealing with a still flooded basement and landlords being S.O.B.s.  On Wednesday night the old landlord sent me a message saying he was coming to pick up the pump that I have been using once - sometimes twice - a day to pump the water out of the basement.  He's pissed cause the new owner's lawyer has hit him with the bill to put a sump pump into the basement.  He wants to get revenge?? so he's taking our pump and told us to get the new owner to fix the problem.  WTF??!!  So I'm busy messaging him telling him what an ass he is - and messaging the new owner and telling him if he doesn't get the flooding fixed he's gonna be paying us for damages 'cause the pump is going the next day.  Besides those messages I'm dealing with cheeky messages from youngest daughter and husband about helping us move......... I wasn't very diplomatic and took a couple of pot shots at SIL saying "you just want an excuse to not help us move" (wasn't very nice - mostly true cause he's SO lazy - but still not nice)  AND as well messages back and forth with eldest daughter and SIL about celebrating their birthdays at the end of the month.  

Moving on.......... 

I can't sell our extra kitchen stuff for love or money (colour me sad and frustrated) We really can't even give the stuff away!!  and most of it is like brand new - cause when I moved in here with Sir Steve we had doubles of just about everything...... le sigh.

Moving on.......... 

Our security company is charging us an arm and leg to move the security system.  I can't believe it!!  It's been in the back of my mind cause ya know - too many other things rolling around in my head.  Yesterday I fired off an email telling them how unsatisfied I am with their system........... listing problems we've had with it.  Then questioned the bill to move it (explaining it wasn't even our choice to move!)  and then summing up by saying 'considering my dissatisfaction with the system how much to cancel the whole damn contract!!' (well I didn't say damn) They were all "oh my S we're so sorry you're not satisfied - we'll look into everything tomorrow".  We'll see if they do anything to improve my attitude / mood.

Moving on.......... 

The lil one's family is still bad mouthing us on FB.......... but I came up with a neat meme I actually posted (usually I don't respond to their nonsense - but they are on my last nerve)  

(which actually worked for the lil one's other family AND the damn landlord)

Moving on........... 

I'm having weird dreams which are waking me up and robbing me of much needed sleep.  The latest one was - I was loading herds and herds of cows (yes you read that right C O W S ) onto an airplane - trying to squeeze them all in....... got it done when someone told me I also had to get a slew of humans on the same plane with the COWS!

Moving on.........

I have been working on the budget - some stupid decisions taken by Sir Steve many years ago have come back to bite him (us) in the ass.....not THAT serious - but frustrating.  So I'm working on the budget.  On the bright side - remember the pay equity payment I'm entitled to?? Welllllllllll that pay equity has increased my monthly pension........not by hundreds but still it's an increase!

So we are moving forward - by inches - but still moving forward.  May I get to the move without killing someone or having a full blown break down. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Too Good to be True


Did you ever see something and think it's too good to be true??? I tend to be very pessimistic about "offers"......  


BUT why shouldn't something good come my way??? Why am I always so pessimistic about good things?? Don't I deserve something good ???  

I have been thinking that it would be wonderful if I could find a "work from home" job.... just part time.... something to fill my days .... engage my brain.... and yeah offer me a chance to make some extra cash.

Soooooo - when a job posting came across my Facebook feed for our city I decided to learn more.  It was a work from home job..... data entry / personal assistant type of job.  So I sent off a message - asking for more information... a job description... salary... hours... all the questions one asks when applying for a job.

I heard back almost immediately and was asked to send my CV.  I did.  They said they wanted to interview me - when was I available?  I asked for the name of their company - job description etc etc ... again.

They sent me a quick answer - data entry - emails etc.  They sent me a link to 'the company website'.  They sent me the salary - $500 a week - working 3 - 4 hours a day!!!  (trust me I was spending it before I had even been offered the job) The gaps in the information didn't bother me too much - they were a small home business .... AND they did say they needed someone to take care of the mundane details.

So I interviewed with them.  They said they'd get back to me in 48 hours.

The next day they offered me the job.


I'd had a couple of days to think about this job.  The website looked phoney... it was a hub for antique stores across the country...... no mention of ANY antique shop in our town.  BUT mostly the salary was too high...... who pays $500 a week for 20 hours of work? 

I started to ask really tough questions - even stated the job sounded too good to be true and I was worried it was a scam of some sort.   They sounded slightly indignant saying they hadn't asked me for money - or any investment of any sort.  I wracked my brain trying to decide what the catch was.......... the only thing that really set off red flags was the salary amount - too much - wayyyyyy too much.  Hell it was almost more an hour than what I was earning when I was teaching !!

The guy I was dealing with got a bit impatient - but he didn't let me go...... and that bugged me too ya know? I wasn't being all that diplomatic and accusing him of running a scam of sorts... and yet he didn't kick me to the curb.  What did end the talking was when I said IF it was an honest to goodness job - then pay me in advance for 1 day's work.... etransfer $100 to my bank and I would start immediately.  THAT set him off.  No pay for no work - and NO etransfer.  WHAT?? No etransfer?? everyone does etransfer these days!!  He wished me good luck and I wished him good luck - and "walked away"

 now if all that wasn't enough to raise questions........ two days later another ad came across my Facebook feed........... not the same name ... but almost exactly the same job offer.  I tested them - asked the tough questions - got the exact same answers.  I notified Facebook and believe it or not - our RCMP fraud division.  Facebook said it wasn't a scam....... the RCMP hasn't replied.  - shrug.

So I'm going back to my usual pessimistic view of life........ if it's too good to be true it usually is!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Good - the Bad - the Ugly


Yesterday was one of THOSE days........... follow my bouncing ball.........

Remember the pay equity thing I applied for?? I heard first thing yesterday morning that I qualified!!  It isn't gonna make me a millionaire by any stretch of the imagination... BUT it is going to allow us to do a couple of improvements on the trailer in the country and that makes me VERY happy!!!

Then - between you and me - I have been stressing over getting gas accounts and electric accounts set up for the new house.  GAH!!  All public offices are closed due to the pandemic.  I got on the ball yesterday and managed with very few glitches to get the electricity and gas set up for the new house!!  YAY!  check those two off my 'to do' list.

ok so I'm on a roll right?

Well I went down to the basement to the freezer to discover that we were under 3 inches of water again....... STILL!!  so I called the new owner's agent... only to get the same run around ..... le sigh.  I was pissed!  I'm so over this rude agent who won't cut us any slack BUT cuts herself all sorts of slack!!  SO I called the Property Standards board again!  had to leave a message cause offices closed due to pandemic!  BUT shock !  shock!  I got a call just after lunch from an inspector who asked if he could come by and evaluate the water situation.  YES! YES! YES!   Two inspectors came!  TWO!  they disappeared down into 'our swimming pool' .  They reappeared a short time later to announce "you have a bigger problem than a flooded basement".  I had been saying that the water is coming up through a 'trough' that runs down the middle of the basement...... and that's new. AND Sir Steve has always maintained that it isn't a water problem but a foundation problem.  They told me that the front half of the house is sinking!  (that would be from that trough which I think now - is a BIG crack in the floor of the basement / foundation)  They are going to file a report with the city.... the city will file a report with the new owner - basically telling him what needs to be fixed!  so me thinks a sump pump is not going to be the major repair to be done... and according to what we know - once the owner is notified he will have 30 days to file for work permits and get the work started!  We probably won't be here (mind you according to the inspectors it's a good thing we're moving!) BUT I'll know I have been vindicated for all the rudeness and ignorance I have had to deal with!!!

Then I had a friend contact me on FB... sending me a screen shot of what the lil one's grandmother was announcing to the world....... about us!  Apparently it is all our fault that she couldn't go to a memorial mass for her mother!!  ALL our fault - cause they do NOT have covid but "people think they are the health unit and have labelled them as having covid when all they had was a sinus infection" OK I blew.......... I admit it I absolutely blew!!!  sent the mother a scathing message reminding her we never once said anything about them having covid!  never once said they shouldn't go out that they had to isolate !  that the only person we EVER talked about was the lil one!!!  As soon as I sent it I realized it was useless - they never hear the truth.... never take responsibility... WHATEVER!!  I'm just so over them ya know???   

Anyway........ that was my yesterday .......... here's to a quieter more stable day today.  


Monday, January 10, 2022

Canada - continuing education

Over the month of December I had a couple of posts about Canada - my 'home and native land'.   There are still some bits of  erroneous information floating around the net about Canada......  I am taking on the job of educating you all about this country.

Get your note pads and pens/pencils for notes..... sit back and enjoy...........




Sunday, January 09, 2022

Saturday, January 08, 2022

A little Update



For those of you interested....... we have spoken with the lil one every day since Tuesday.  Her voice sounds very thick and froggy.... she has a dry cough ... but other than that she's perky and attending online classes.  (shock shock!!)

I don't want to sound overly critical - BUT - they are giving her stickers for focusing... we have seen pictures on the school facebook page that show 'grandma' is sitting beside her??!!   ok ok I'm being critical - but I worked so damn hard to help her become an independent learner......... and we're sliding backwards.  le sigh.  On the bright side she is attending school! 

I'm not sure if the mother's family fully grasps the concept of "isolation/quarantine" cause when I talked to the lil one last night I asked if she had any plans for the weekend...she said she planned on going outside to play in the snow.  ??!!  I suggested it might not be ok cause you know - isolation.  I have a sick feeling that they would have let her wander through the halls of their apartment and go outside.  BUT not my problem right??? 

I'm not sure how happy mother is going to be cause Sir Steve is gonna tell her that the lil one can't come home till she tests negative...... and honestly I don't think she's gonna test negative - not this Monday.  AND they have a funeral to go to on Monday - funny I didn't think funerals were allowed. Anywayyyyyyyy - if the lil one is still positive and can't come here it's gonna force them to isolate longer (and as they all have the same symptoms as the lil one probably still contagious as well)

 And that's the update on the lil one.... we would love to have her home with us - but only time will tell.

Friday, January 07, 2022

Couriouser and Curiouser

 this is gonna be a TMI for some - so skip if  you don't want to know intimate details of my life


I (for some stupid reason) am trying to figure men out........ (and they say women are impossible to understand!).  I have observed that men (for the most part) brag about the size of their penises - IF they have something to brag about.  And the others tend to put down the size of their penises - making jokes about them.

One of the first times I was out with Sir Steve and his then wife - she regaled me with a story about how she told some gay men that Sir Steve's penis was the size of a water bottle.  He told me then and has repeated it from time to time  how he wasn't impressed with her doing that.  So I assumed he was private and didn't like the attention.  And I have respected that.

Except when I haven't (cheeky grin)

I have alluded to his size here on The Continued Journey.........  and occasionally teased him in public - usually inside joke sort of thing where I'll play with my water bottle while watching him.

Privately is another thing - because truthfully it is a thing of wonder.   I consider myself very lucky and make sure he knows it!  

Ok so going back to his lack of desire to brag......... I bought him a key chain for his Christmas stocking..... 


He had a good laugh about it...... and announced he would be putting it on his car key ring. I was a bit surprised - but hey who reads people's key chains??? 

Except - yesterday - Sir Steve told me he showed a female friend from the office!!!  (WHAT??) and apparently she took a picture of it and sent it to her boyfriend!!  What the hell is that about??!!!

So now I am readjusting my thoughts on how private Sir Steve is about his cock........ he's just like any other male....... le sigh.  Next he'll be telling me there's no santa claus!!! 


oh and for those of you who told me to wait till after Christmas for my adult play time..... you were right !!  In the week after Christmas and before he want back to work we had 2 play dates!  YUM!!  though it does take me a couple of days to recover.... good thing I am a masochist and get off on 'pussy torture'.  

Wednesday, January 05, 2022



Remember yesterday I told you the lil one's mother/family had a 'cold'??? and we told them they had to test the lil one before they brought her home to us???


we heard this morning that the lil one tested positive!  My stomach dropped (so did Sir Steve's).  We're so worried about the lil one.... more about how much emotional support she'll get from them.  She has been so worried about getting covid and now she has it.  She is going to phone us at lunch time..... we'll know more then.

I counted backwards....... and pinned down when they got it.  Over the Christmas weekend they socialized - big time.  Had their daughter from Quebec visit - and she hasn't followed one of the restrictions since the start of this..... and we're not even sure if she is vaccinated.  The whole damn family went to visit / stay over night at another family's house.  3 days after this socialization the lil one's mother/family came down with a cold.  Then 3 days after they came down with it the lil one tested positive and has a sore throat.  (the lil one wasn't at the family celebration)  The one thing that has always made my blood boil is that the family has never believed the rules apply to them - not just with covid but with any rule that might interfere with their life.   

OMG the mother just contacted me and asked if she had to sit beside her for the home schooling??!!  OR could the mother watch TV........ le sigh.  The lil one will be at a table in the living room - do they really thing she's gonna focus on school work with the TV going??? GAH!!!!    god give me strength!

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Down the Rabbit Hole Again!


 Anyone else feel like we're all going down the rabbit hole again?

Here in the Great White North - Covid is exploding - again.  We can't get covid tests - any of the tests.... no rapid .. no PCR - well not unless we are in a high risk group or are health care persons AND have been exposed.  Our health units will not be reporting how many new cases each day cause - well no tests available ya know!  IF you feel ill - have a sore throat - or a cough - or a fever - or loss of smell and taste - or any of the other symptoms you are supposed to assume you have covid.  You are to isolate for 5 days and must be improving for 24 hours before you can end your isolation.  OH YAY!  and getting vaccines/boosters has turned into a quest of medieval proportions..... think Holy Grail proportions!

Then yesterday they announced new restrictions - going backward - AGAIN.  Inside dining is closed - gyms are closed - the list of closures is huge..... included in that list - schools are closed for in-person learning and we're back to remote learning....... home schooling........... see me curling into the fetal position in the corner????

AND then just cause I might not have enough stress to deal with - the mother informed us this morning that they all have colds....... claims they tested negative (???) and asked what time to bring the lil one back tomorrow..


 Your turn - what's the rabbit hole like in your corner of the world???

Monday, January 03, 2022

Holiday Week



Sir Steve has been on holidays since December 22nd and he doesn't go back until this Thursday!!! 

 Last week we just enjoyed sleeping in - staying up late - watching all sorts of movies on Netflix (we may have seen ALL the good movies!) - as well as getting our booster shot which laid us up for about 24 hours.  We took down all the decorations on Jan 1st - our traditional New Year's day chore.  

The lil one was due to start back to school today - which means she would be home from her mother's tonite.  BUT the government has postponed the reopening of school until Wednesday!!  NOW if mother keeps her for the extra 2 days (we haven't heard a word from mother re this delay start) Sir Steve and I will actually get another 2 days to ourselves.  YAY!!  

I have been very spoiled ........ We have had ordered in food for 3 nights (the diet resumes on Thursday) and Sir Steve has been doing the dishes!  I basically haven't seen the inside of the kitchen for a week!! 

OH and for those of you who remember my sulking over no adult time in December...... we have even had one 'snuggle' time,  ONE? I hear you asking.... yup took me a couple of days to recuperate - but apparently IF we are still alone for the next couple of days - Sir Steve does have plans for some more adult fun.  YAY!! 

This week has been wonderful - I feel renewed - re-energized -  and bonded again to Sir Steve.

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Saturday, January 01, 2022

Happy New Year!








I think that just about covers my New Year's wishes for you all !!!

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