Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saturday morning chores.

i don't think i have ever written about Saturday morning chores.....

Every second Saturday Sir orders the shaving equipment to be laid out........
now before i go any further i must share with you WHY this became Sir's Saturday morning chore.... Sir likes His subbie - me - clean shaven..... and i used to shave my pussy every friday before He arrived. Now don't get me wrong.. being totally clean shaven is something i was doing long before i met Sir...... i love the feeling.. the exposure.. the (i guess you could call it ) the vulnerability of it. But one fateful friday i was in a hurry.. had just changed the blade on the razor and welllllll "oooops" comes to mind.. i managed to shave off a rather large patch of skin in a very sensitive place...... made play time rather difficult over the weekend.. and from that time on.. shaving became Sir's Saturday morning task.

Ok.. so back to the Saturday morning chore...... i move a small folding table into the bedroom beside the bed... on it i carefully place everything that Sir will need.......... razor .. shaving cream.... 2 bowls of hot water... one facecloth.. one small hand towel... AND the Gold Bond medicated powder!
Then two pillows are strategically placed dead center on the bed with a heavy towel drapped over them... then i strategically place myself on top of said pillows and towel and open my legs wide.......... and i do mean WIDE. (even after all this time i still find this position and the shaving a humiliating experience).

Sir enjoys step one which is squirting the shaving cream on to my pussy.... and listening to my whines about how cold it feels.. how yucky it feels.. how just plain wet and messy and gooey it feels !!! Then Sir grasps hold of the nearest bit of me and stretches it out straight and proceeds to shave .......... first one lip then the other.. then my clit jewelry.. i am pushed apart and stretched and poked and prodded .. all the while i feel the scratchy cold of the blade sliding over very sensitive very important bits of me! i tend at times to hold my breath............

Now one of the other consequences of this shaving chore is that i have extremely sensitive skin..... and more times than not in the past i have been left with razor burn.. trust me when i say razor burn is neither attractive to look at, or comfortable to live with !!! Over the years Sir has tried one product after another to help ease if not completely eradicate this razor burn............ and He found it.. Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

Now folks .. i have heard over and over the "virtues" of ginger root play......... and though i have never experienced said play...... i have experienced Gold Bond Medicated Powder on a freshly shaven pussy.................... the words "OH MY GOD" come to mind.........the words "OUCH" come to mind ....... the words "HOLY SH*T THAT BURNS!" comes to mind... and all the while Sir stands there with this gleeful look on His face watching me twist and turn clench and unclench my thighs while i try to ease the burn..... This morning was no different.. except that i believe Sir used a rather liberal amount of the powder. Picture this if you can.. Sir is standing beside the bed sprinkling powder down on my freshly shaven itchy pussy ........ and He says...... "lets make a snow storm!" i thought He was never going to be satisfied with the amount of powder that covered my sensitive bits.......... the final crowning glory is when Sir proceeds to rub it in.. into my skin.. into the nooks and crevices and even INTO me......... the burning is awful!!!!! (ummmmmmmm so why am i so wet and aroused??? !!! go figure!!)

This morning there was one final chore to complete before i was allowed off the bed and the privacy to rub the burning bits .......... i had to roll over and offer up my ass. My private journal to Sir had been 15 minutes late this morning.......... and so it was one stroke from the punishment paddle for each minute late....... and i had to count them off....

Suffice it to say ...... both sides of me are quite warm right now........ a reminder of who and what i am as Sir and i venture forth into the winter land and visit Christmas bazaars and Christmas shops and tackle some final Christmas shopping................


  1. Strange how I hate shaving Myself but how I DO enjoy shaving littleone in a blizzard!!!

    Owner of morningstar

  2. Anonymous10:17 am

    Aww.. I like that chore. It sounds so romantic! I use Gold Bond too, it really does work well on razor burn but wow does it ever stink. I hate the smell.

    I really like the "fresh" tingle it gives too. Now see, my mind is running with ideas of other equally tingly things that your Sir might enjoy.

    So many little time...

    What do you think? Should I tell?

    hehe. I'm feeling oh so naughty today.

  3. KAYA!!!
    you do have a wicked wicked side don't you???

    ummm does your Master read your blog AND comments while He is away??

    morningstar- feeling very cheeky
    (owned by Warren)

  4. kaya....

    Does your Master know about Listerstrips and the fun they are??

    Also I am always open to new ideas for My littleone, so do send them kaya....

    Owner of morningstar

  5. Anonymous10:35 pm

    He always reads my posts and He'll peruse through the comments. Why? Hmmm? Gonna post something wicked for me are ya huh are ya?

    Sooo..... Sir of morningstar.. hehe.. how are You??

    Lister(ine) strips are a staple, kept by the bed in a tiny jewelry box for easy access. I find the original ones to be a very nice sensual tingle. The cinnamon ones though? They burn like a MOFO! Have You tried those? I do think morningstar would like them.

    Tigerbalm is also one of those slow, easy burns. Not too intense but enough that you won't forget it's there. Master much prefers Icey Hot or the stronger arthritic rubs on the market. The ones that bring tears to your eyes just from the smell, the burn has you hopping and fanning and pleading for water (which of course only makes the burn re-awaken but you are soooo desperate for relief you try it anyway!)

    A nice minty toothpaste on an electric toothbrush will clean her clit into a frenzy too. :)

    Cinnamon oil is hot hot HOT. Watch for burns though because its really HOT!

    And for freshly shaven skin, a nice spray of rubbing alcohol (to kill the germs of course!)

    Gosh, I feel ever so helpful.


  6. kaya:

    you do realize don't you that these ohhhhhh so kind suggestions only mean i MUST return the favour no??? (cheeky grin)

    later .......

    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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