Thursday, December 08, 2005

clamps and clothes pins....

Or.......... be careful what you wish for..........

Yesterdays blog brought an unexpected reaction from my Sir........
"Once you get in from work you are to get your nipple clamps and place them on your nipples ( duhh ) for 30 mins then off for 30 mins for the WHOLE evening until your bath and bedtime..." Now i did get an email from Him ...... at work yet !!! that said change the times to 20 minutes on.. 30 minutes off....

And so..... when i got home i actually had to go and find the ding dang clamps.. after a particularily bad session a few months ago..where the clamps left one nipple badly (and i do mean BADLY bruised!!) they haven't been used...... and you gotta know i couldn't remember where i had hidden those evil beasts !!! And while i was looking i had this revelation of sorts........Sir has two sets of nipple clamps.. one set i call the trainers.. they look a little bit like hair pins with small circle thingies that slide up and down tightening them... and of course He has a set of clover clamps (His personal favourite!) Of course i found the two sets together in the play room........... my hand hesitated just briefly over the clamps... then i quickly plucked up the trainers and fled upstairs... thinking to myself.........
"well Sir didn't explicitly dictate which clamps i HAD to use!!!" i found a clothes peg and went to work putting the nipple clamps on... and then trying to get the clothes pin on my clit............ Folks let me tell you .. trying to get a clothes pin on something that small which already has a nice little piece of jewelry through it is next to impossible !!! Mission finally accomplished and i sat .. rather gingerly .. and started to write some Christmas cards...... giggling to myself thinking "if they ONLY knew what i was doing while i write these!!!"

The first 20 minutes was ok......... yes just ok....... my nipples were tingling by the time i took the clamps off.. and my clit was pulsing........ by the third repetition my nipples had dimples in the sides.. and my poor clit screamed when the peg came off.... and i started my subbie bitching........... "why does He think this is good for me??? Does HE have any idea how much this hurts?? HEYYYYYYY HE didn't even say i could have a decent orgasm .. to make up for all this yucky self inflicted pain".. (please see yesterday's post re admiring kaya's ability and admitting my own inability to self inflict)

Now i have a question for all you "experts" out there on anatomy..... is it possible for the clit to shrink to such a size that it virtually disappears?? Honestly my clit saw the clothes peg coming (for the last time) and it just disappeared... all the tugging on my jewelry did nothing whatsoever to convince the dang thing to come out far enough to accept that peg!!! i tried .. i honestly did try to get it on..... but there wasn't enough organ to clamp to and the dang peg just kept popping off.. (and trust me when i say........ clothes pegs popping off one's clit is NOT a fun experience !!)

Now after all this questionable fun...... about 5 hours of nipples were so sore and i swear permanently dimpled on the sides........ and my clit.. well you know about my clit....... and i have such an ache deep inside.......... (now i am wondering .. if i blog/bitch about this deep ache inside enough .. will Sir in His infinite wisdom decide to find some interesting tasks to take care of IT.. much like yesterday's task to take care of the pain need?? - is that a bit too obvious?? yeah i thought so too !!!! so dear loving kind and caring Sir.. please ignore this last bit about the ache.......... )

And that dear readers is what happens when one wishes out loud.. too loudly?? when one is collared to a Sadist..........


  1. Anonymous8:16 am

    I'm trying really hard not to point and laugh cuz I have a tendency to do that. But... *grins*... I do think your Sir handled that exceptionally well!!
    (and yes, clothespin clit popping should be outlawed.)


  2. Where is the line between good pain and bad pain?

  3. Anonymous9:48 am

    But you have to love those Sadist's.... They're the best..

  4. Well, hell, OF COURSE that little bugger is going to withdraw as deeply into it's hood as it can when it's faced with something like THAT! Turtles do the same thing! hehe

    And all I get to do is get shown the latest set of bruises the wife gets from running into furniture at work....sigh.

  5. Hmmm to coin a favorite phrase and your point is ? That Sir came up with an excellent task, yes he did, was it painful Yes it was is he smiling I hope so.
    Do have fun now and enjoy.

  6. kaya... ohhhhh i wish we lived closer... i would love to REALLY point and laugh at you !!!! (cheeky grin)

    lady baltimore - bad pain?? is there such a thing .. when one is a masochist?? oh besides the dentist i mean...

    tboneslagirl - yup.. gotta love 'em... i gotta love 'em?? whyyyyyyy?? (whining)......ooooh right cause i am a masochist.. i am a maschoist right??

    the michael - like a turtle??!!! i never thought of it like that.... a turtle??!!! i was thinking more along the lines of the male counterpart......... gigging.. i know what THEY do when faced with pegs and needles etc.... wellllll Dom ones that is.. LOL...

    and dear cloud..... ya know He is smiling.... as am i.... now if only He had taken the very broad hint i needed one more lil task....... sighhhhhhhhhhh.. oh well as YOU well know.. He does things in His own time........

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  7. I hope your Sir will also take care of the ache as He did your need for pain.


  8. So you think I need a hint huh??

    Just remember littleone, anticipation is wonderful and all good things cum to subbies that wait for them....

    To everyone, yes I am smiling :-)

    Owner of a cum denied littleone

  9. Anonymous12:04 am

    Deny deny deny!

    A wise man said that once.


  10. Anonymous8:40 pm

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