Monday, July 31, 2017

Miserable Time

The most miserable time of my life was when I was in high school and bullied.  OH almost everyone has a story about being bullied -- I know!  I learned to withdraw and avoid and lock myself up safe behind high walls to avoid the pain they caused.  Then I left school and have managed to avoid bullies since.

Well that is until now.

Sir Steve's ex wife and ex inlaws are bullies....... sneaky back biting gossipy bullies.
They have called me a slut .. a home wrecker and crazy girlfriend.  I have ignored them.... 

They play games -- like this past weekend.  The summer arrangement is one week on one week off.  The exchange day is Sunday.  We had the lil one all last week -- she should have gone to her mom on Sunday.  We heard through the grapevine that mom wasn't coming back to the trailer till Tuesday ...... long story short the exchange was changed twice and we weren't informed of any of the changes.  They are trying to break us -- trying to get a rise out of us.  We are taking the high road and refusing to take their bait.  (I am documenting everything for the court hearing in Sept)

BUT it broke my heart when I heard on Sunday at the pool that the other cousin (an 11 year old who stays with the grandmother for the summer) has been told she is not allowed near me -- near us.   

I had noticed that she hasn't been coming to arts and crafts anymore and the one day she did show up -- she veered away from where I was sitting - ran into the building grabbed a forgotten project and beat it out of there like the devil himself was after her.

Last night Sir Steve and I went for our nightly walk.  As we came out of the trees on a curve in the road this cousin was walking towards us.  It made me literally sick to my stomach as she looked at us with these big terrified eyes and darted behind a tree to avoid us.  I wouldn't / couldn't let it go!!  I walked over to her and asked (with a big smile on my face) if she had been fishing.  She came out smiling and said her friend had fallen in the lake.... and then she wandered off.  

BUT the darting behind a tree made me ill.

And then we heard she has been told she is not allowed to go to any campsite if we are visiting there...... WTF???!!!  It might explain too why the lil one doesn't come to visit us during 'mom's week' .... at least not without our encouraging her to... Are we such ogres??? Have they stooped so low that they are now using children to get to us?? to hurt us???

It is the one black cloud on an otherwise perfect summer...

I have cancelled virtually all our 'adult' invitations for the summer as we never know when we will have the lil one and when we won't.  It's just easier ya know -- to cancel and tell Sir Steve I just didn't want to go..... cause he gets stressed trying to please me and dear lord he has more than enough stress on his plate without me adding to it! 

I don't know what will happen in September when they all go to court again to finalize the child custody issue.  As far as we know the mother has done nothing to lift the "supervised visits only" and yet she and her parents believe they will get full custody.  Sir Steve wants full custody and full guardianship.  And it would probably be best for the lil one.......... but the selfish side of me wonders what happens to our adult time if he gets full custody??? 

Life can be so complicated at times..... especially when you are dealing with power hungry bullies........


Friday, July 28, 2017

Busy Bee

What a week I am having!

Sir Steve is working long long hours (like 11 hours a day) and the lil one and I are left to amuse ourselves.  The only good thing is the weather has been more or less cooperating... more sunshine than rain and a wee bit warmer.

On top of that - next weekend (the 5th) is Sir Steve's 50th birthday and I have been planning a dinner party for approximately 15 people (plus kids for dessert) here at the trailer.  No stress there!!  between fussing over the weather (god help me if it rains) to preparing all the food - to finding tables to borrow to seat everyone (Sir Steve says they can stand -- sheeesh!  for steak and sausages and salads??!!) - to begging for fridge space in friends' fridges up here for all the food - to major stress over his parents coming (his mother is a total perfectionist) 

On yeah and I am trying to prepare a very special birthday present for Sir Steve -- and it involves my finding time alone - yeah good luck with that one!!

And just to make life interesting I haven't been sleeping........(I think I need a good f**k to knock me out - but then Sir Steve's so pooped when he gets home it's all he can do to eat dinner and put the lil one to bed) 

Sometimes life can get too busy and too stressful -- but it helps me appreciate the quiet times when they come........ (small smile)

Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer... really?

We awoke this morning to torrential rain and strong winds.  The weather man said "more of the same tomorrow"

So we piled into our cars and came back to the city. 

I spent the day doing laundry and baking chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.  We seem to have a 'cookie monster" (better known as Sir Steve) and my cookies just disappear.  

The lil one had fun playing with all her toys -- it's amazing how a couple of weeks away from the house makes everything seem new again!

Sir Steve has planned some play tonite -- He has been working on the build up all day.  (grinning) He tweaks my nipples ... as I collapse downwards his voice telling me to stand straight -- no remorse -- gotta love a Sadist!!  Loving / play has been frequent this summer and ohhhhhhh so very good.  With Sir Steve I am learning balance -- it is so much healthier a relationship than anything I have experienced before.  And I AM so much healthier and so much stronger!

Life is good when there is balance.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

End of the Week

The sun is setting -- it's quiet in the campgrounds -- Sunday night most have gone back to town for the start of a new week.

It was a good week (all in all) the lil one spent the week with mom and Sir Steve and I had some much needed 'us' time -- after he returned from work.  I spent my days going for walks -- or curled up in the lounger reading.  The sun is browning my body and lifting my spirits.  (it has been a rainy cold start to the summer!)

I am sitting on the bed watching Sir Steve brush the lil one's hair and braid it before bed.... I am smiling - watching the intensity on his face as he braids -- tongue sticking out the corner of his mouth.  She's chattering on and on about dinosaurs.  The dog is curled up on her bed at the foot of our bed.  The day is ending..... 

Life is good when the world quietens down and the sun sets.......... 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Best Summer

Last evening Sir Steve and I popped over to a site just down the road to visit after dinner.  We had a lovely time chatting and getting caught up on news (they've been absent from the campgrounds for a couple of weeks) I enjoyed myself!

Walking home in the dark holding Sir Steve's hand I thought 'tomorrow is going to be a beautiful hot summer day -- and best of all I have nothing to do!'  

This is turning out to be the best summer ever (despite all the drama that swirls around me).  I can spend hours sitting on our deck in the sunshine - reading when I want to read - or closing my eyes and listening to the quiet interspersed with kids laughter, chirping birds, the distant sound of cars navigating the camp grounds.

Despite what people 'see' and imagine -- I am not all that outgoing -- I actually don't enjoy being with people -- solitude is what keeps me sane.  Even as  a little girl in the summer my favourite thing to do was to curl up in my bedroom with a book.  I can remember my mom forcing me to go out and play ' to make friends' .. shrug I never felt the need for friends I was (am) my best friend.

Thankfully Sir Steve honours my need to be alone and quiet ... does all he can to foster a quiet haven for me... even when we go visiting neighbouring campers he watches me judging when I have had enough socializing..... and makes the move to end the evening.

Now it is time to curl up on the deck in the glorious sunshine and ignore the world around me ................. life is good and this is turning out to be the best summer in a long long time!




Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Despite The Crazies

This morning I realized that the crazies are always gonna be crazy 
They are always gonna stand just outside my world and poke 
They are always gonna try and get a reaction out of me.

I can get through all of it because at the end of the day..........

I slide into bed with Sir Steve and he wraps his arms around me and the world shrinks down to the two of us - snuggled in the dark -- talking about the day -- whispering our love -- and the crazies -- all of them -- vanish in a poof of smoke.

I know that no matter how they poke at me during the day -- how they sneak up behind me and blind side me - no matter what they do to try and disturb my peace.. my santuary .. my sanity ... that in the dark of the night my faith is restored because I am really truly loved.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Crazies of the World Unite

And then let us put them all in a freaking big boat and push it out to sea............. 

The last few days I seem to have had my fill of crazy people... from the  ex father in law screaming his fool head off at me -- to the ex wife lurking about trying to cross the clearly defined boundarives -- the ex mother in law raving like a lunatic and now my ex W still tagging me on FB (always when I think he is gone for good he manages to pop back up in my life!!) ........ (shaking head) Honestly I feel like I am living in an asylum!!

And now I am growing paranoid! 

My biggest fear is that Sir Steve's exs are plotting some evil plot to get custody of the lil one.  I know it's stupid and illogical -- the mother still is only allowed supervised visitations........... but the rumblings I keep hearing -- like they will keep the lil  one for the full summer -- and get full custoday at the fall hearing.........the names they are calling me everything from "slut to home breaker to crazy girlfriend" .  I worry somehow I am gonna be used against Sir Steve in the final custody hearing!

AND I am probably just being paranoid........... 

Let's start collecting 'em all -- all those crazies -- and find a HUGE boat ok???

Monday, July 17, 2017

Last Straw

We had an episode on Saturday --- one in a long line of "episodes" with the ex wife and her family.  

Mostly I have gritted my teeth -- occasionally I have thrown out one line zingers -- like the time she burst onto our deck at 9:30 on a Sunday morning (one of many times that she arrived unannounced and uninvited) and made a comment as she was leaving about enjoying our breakfast and I zinged "we are trying to!"

But mostly I keep my mouth shut and if it really bothers me I will speak to Sir Steve and let him handle it or not.

Saturday we had company for dinner -- 2 other couples. We had finished dinner and were sitting around the campfire (which happens to be at the back of our site) laughing and talking.

Suddenly out of nowhere the ex wife arrives with lil one in tow with soap and a towel and announces that the lil one wants a bath and refuses a shower so please give her a bath.  I swung around and zinged "REALLY??!!" 

Sir Steve got up and took the lil one into the trailer -- SHE then decided to walk into our group to pat the dog and make a fuss.  Our guests were floored (it isn't just me!) and remarked how rude that was.

Not 2 minutes after she left her father showed up behind my chair yelling at me........ YELLING!  Anyone who knows me knows I do NOT handle yelling in any form.  I swung around in my chair and told him firmly "I will not discuss this with you now" and turned my back to him.

My whole body was shaking -- I thought I was going to be sick - and I was heading for a full blown panic attack.

Our guests left early as the mood of the evening had been ruined.

I went into the trailer as rigid as a stone statue.  I washed up the dinner dishes. I got undressed. I climbed into bed and the melt down hit......... full blown melt down!  I took my pills -- I cried -- and cried some more -- Sir Steve lay beside me with his arm wrapped tightly around me -- it didn't help.

Finally I was able to voice the emotions -- I was scared ...... I didn't feel safe -- I was done -- and I was going home in the morning.

It was a bad night for both Sir Steve and I.  Every lil sound had me jumping awake.

In the morning Sir Steve spoke to the ex wife -- laid the law down so to speak.  

The final result is neither she nor her family is welcome to come waltzing on to our site uninvited.  Sir Steve does not want to hear from anyone that I am the 'crazy girlfriend' or the 'slut' or the 'home wrecker'.  AND the mother is going to take the lil one one week on one week off for the rest of the summer (which gives me a HUGE break)

 I am hoping the boundaries set will take -- I am hoping that the rest of my summer will be peaceful and the sense of this being a safe secure sanctuary will return.  But then they don't have a lot of respect for anyone ....... so I truthfully have my doubts.

I do have faith in Sir Steve though -- He has gone to work and I am sitting in the trailer writing this.......jumping a little bit every time I hear someone walking past -- but hoping against hope that this too shall pass.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Life is indeed full of surprises!

Sir Steve followed me for almost 10 years through this blog -- kept an eye on me so to speak - never commented -- never whispered in my ear... nothing... no clue.

He still reads here daily and rarely if ever says anything to me -- and most definitely never comments.

But he posted a comment on Stop Just Stop  (click the link to read) -- he posted all the words he whispers in my ear when the day is over and we are lying in bed snuggled up together... maybe he's hoping if I see it in print I will believe him?? 

I don't know -- I just know it made me tear up (in a good way).... and it made me think I really have got the best man ever!  

Life is good when your Sir whispers in writing the words in his heart - for all the world to see ....... 

Friday, July 14, 2017


Despite all the negatives going on around us -- the one thing that keeps getting better and better is our sex life.

Some nights I lie there afterwards and think I am the luckiest woman alive.  This man is truly one in a million.  Our sexual desires are so much in sync.  Never before have I had a partner who has wanted to.......... as much as I do.  Never before have I had a man who knows exactly how to make me cum.  Never before have I had a man who treats me like (as the expression goes) "a princess by day and a slut by night" AND ohhhh my it is sooo good!

Sexually we keep improving (which yeah I know is normal!)  and when I think there is nothing that can make it better -- there is !  And it boggles my mind!  I sleep purring like a contented cat ..... with a Cheshire smile on my face.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stop -- Just Stop !

It all kinda came to a head on Wednesday -- the whole bit about the ex -- about my feeling like a cheap nanny..... and Sir Steve stepped in immediately - lined up a babysitter for in town -- so IF I need some time to myself I can have it without guilt -- and there's a woman at the campgrounds who has said if she's there she'll take her for a few hours to give me a break too..... 

BUT it was much more than all that ya know.... 

My need - my desire -- to be perfect - to have everything under control -- to be able to leap tall buildings -- to be able to do everything absolutely everything with no effort (or seeming effort) and I wasn't..... and I was crumbling.. 

And there is one other HUGE thing........ something I don't talk about -- there is a whacking big age difference between Sir Steve and myself -- like 17 years difference. And I have such a fear that one day Sir Steve is gonna look at me and ask himself what he was doing with such an old woman.  BUT if I could do everything -- how could he ever get rid of me.  Why would he ever look for someone younger / sexier / prettier ..... better than me?  IF I was perfect that is.

 BUT I realized that no matter how hard I work to be perfect 
No matter how hard I try to please Sir Steve
No matter how hard I try to please the lil one

He could still one day decide he wanted someone younger, prettier, sexier and there is really nothing I can do about that (experience is the best teacher ya know) 

AND maybe -- just maybe -- if I am just me and stop obsessing over being this super woman -- this perfect woman -- IF I just relax and be me -- then things might be calmer and happier and definitely a whole lot less stressful.

I have to STOP trying so hard..... just stop it!  and let the cards fall where they may right?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


(warning -- I'm pissy and petulant and grumpy and testy and a whole bunch of other emotions -- read at own risk)

We are living at the campgrounds right now... despite miserable summer weather -- not much heat -- less sun -- and bugs (I look like I have chicken pox despite the DEET I liberally apply)

Yesterday I had the lil one for 11 hours alone.  That in it's self didn't bug me...... I had activities to do with her ............. 

One of the activities I set up were brightly coloured pylons on the road and had her and her best friend riding their bikes through and around them.  It helps develop control and confidence and cognitive skills.

We were all laughing and having fun.  

THEN mother shows up out of her trailer -- steps into the middle of the road with her video camera -- talks to the lil one -- distracts her and the lil one turns her bike too sharp and takes a spill.

THEN mother who does NOTHING with the child when she has her -- posts the video to facebook not giving me any credit for setting this up -- for challenging HER child -- for making life fun for HER child.  She left it looking as though this was her doing!!

I am fucking tired of this type of behaviour..... any pictures I post on FB of the child -- they suck it up and post it on their walls with no credit (for the photography or the activity) given to me!!!  I have now taken to watermarking all my pics with my name!  

I didn't sleep last night I was so pissed -- so totally pissed.  I wish the thoughts in my head could come out my mouth -- but they won't -- cause I am not like that.  Oh I can think of a thousand different mean nasty things to say to this woman but I just can't do it.... NO what I do is stomp all my feelings down inside me -- and slip away from everyone and cry -- have nightmares all night long -- have knots in my stomach..... but I can't tell her to fuck off.

She decides when it is convenient for her to take the lil one -- she decides she NEEDS a fucking holiday and packs up and goes leaving the lil one with us....... with me basically -- I am not a FUCKING NANNY!!  and if I was I would damn well expect to be paid well for the work / time I spend with the lil one.
I thought fuck this shit -- I'll stop entertaining/teaching the lil one -- I'll leave her to her own devices like everyone else seems to do........... 

Yeah except 

I can't do that.  This lil one didn't ask for any of this shit that is going on around her... she doesn't deserve to be penalized.

It does seem I have found another of my kids who needs me -- and I have never walked away from one of "my" kids before ..... I know I won't be able to do it now.

I am feeling petulant and nasty ......... and that is NOT a good thing!


Monday, July 10, 2017

Sunday's Adventure

I picked up some tourist information last week -- you know things to do while you visit Cornwall sort of brochures -- and saw these ruins - St Raphael's church.  I mentioned in passing to Sir Steve that I was gonna take a run up to see it with my camera one day.

Sunday morning while we were sitting eating breakfast on the deck in the sunshine !! (yes we actually had some sunshine) he asked if I would like to take a run out to see it -- AND he added (like I needed more incentive) there's an old covered bridge on the way you might be interested in!

We had an amazing day -- found the covered bridge..... 

saw the ruins of St Raphaels
(for history buffs -- it was built in 1821 and was destroyed by an electrical fire in 1970)

 There were 3 brass bells -- two were completely melted during the fire !!  - this was all that was left of the 3rd one.....

God's own stained glass ...........

On the way home he took me to see Ontario's oldest church -- a log cabin church that was built in 1784 -- while the stone church was being constructed. 

running alongside the church was an overgrown mess of brambles -- but when I looked inside the tangled mess there was this wee beauty.............

Then it was home to the campground -- the lil one joined us for dinner -- the rain moved in -- so we curled up in the trailer and watched Dr Doolittle on Netflix!

(for the record the mother came by around 4 asking if the lil one was eating with us or her -- WTF she usually can't wait to send her back to us -- and then asked if we were staying up and if the lil one would stay with us.  Sir Steve got to handle the custody questions)

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Peace Reigns

the pc is acting up......... so this will be short and sweet

Despite the dog peeing on Sir Steve's side of the bed yesterday -- despite his forgetting his wallet at the laundromat -- despite a cool Saturday -- I am relaxed and happy and thinking how I could get used to this!!

We added an addition to the fairy garden 

Shhhhhhhh - don't disturb the fairies!


Now I am off to try and fix my pc problems!!!

Friday, July 07, 2017

Summer time

"and the living is easy.............. "

We're packing up today and heading off to the trailer for the summer.  Well kind of for the summer......... we'll spend 5 days there and 2 days in the city getting laundry done and picking up groceries etc.

I am praying for nice weather -- as I keep telling Sir Steve -- I am a 'fair weather' camper....... even with a trailer which is nothing like 
''camping'' !  I am also bringing the old 'limp along' computer with me so I can write here in the early mornings (I think I would have withdrawals - honest! - if I couldn't write in the early mornings!)

We have internet and will have Netflix for when the weather is bad (thank god -- I sound like my mother -- but TV is the BEST babysitter!)

Sir Steve will leave for work from the trailer and come back in the evenings..... memories of when I was little and spent the summers at my grandparent's cottage with all my cousins.  The 'men' would take the train into the city on Monday and come back on Friday.  At least Sir Steve will come home every evening....... and -- cheeky grin -- barbecue dinner.

I have my Kobo loaded with books and am bringing my running shoes.  I haven't joined a gym since I arrived but am hoping if I can get a couple of good walks in in the morning and early evening I will slowly get myself back on track.  I have noticed a change in my body shape (not my weight thank god!) - bringing out the voices in my head telling me I am fat -- and that I CAN'T get fat or Sir Steve will lose interest (yeah I know stupid thoughts -- but my voices aren't always very logical) and of course with the voices comes the loss of appetite.  gotta nip this one in the bud pretty damn quickly!

 There is only one small dark cloud on the horizon.  The mother and grandmother are making noise about having the lil one over the summer.  The child custody papers clearly state they only get her from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon........... so there may be a little temper tantrum from 2 trailers down as they learn to 'read' ........... but in my heart of hearts I believe the lil one is better off with her father.  I have witnessed the child rearing tactics from 2 trailers down and am not impressed! 

And so the summer begins.......... hopefully with more sunny skies than rainy ones.. and lots of fun and laughter............

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Minor Meltdown

Yesterday was a busy day -- just one of many over the last month or so.  

I needed to do some shopping -- and decided to take the lil one with me... I called it ' a girl's day out'.  We went shopping and we went out for lunch and we did more shopping.  By the time we got home I WAS exhausted.  It has been a long time since I had a 4 year old in tow.......I forgot the joys of dumping them into a car seat and the buckling and unbuckling that it involves.......I forgot the "I needs" and the pouty faces that come with the "I needs".........  I forgot just how exhausting it was to have a lil one talking all -- A L L -- the time.

By the time we got home I just wanted Sir Steve to come home and take over.  But he was on a big job and didn't get home till supper time.  I had declared it a "left-overs' dinner....... 

BUT after when dinner was done and the dishes washed -- the lil one had requested some silly talking animal movie -- Sir Steve was dozing in his chair -- I was struggling with a headache (which the animal voices weren't helping!)  and the lil one disappeared into her room to play with her toys.

There I sat virtually by myself with the talking animals -- a snoring Sir Steve -- and a high pitched girly voice talking to her dolls -- and thought I am gonna lose it -- totally lose it!!

After about 30 minutes I stood up - got my purse and car keys -- and Sir Steve opened his eyes long enough to ask where I was going and was anything wrong?

Hell yeah there was something wrong!!  I was heading for a major temper tantrum.  I don't much like myself when I get angry -- and have learned it is best for everyone if I just 'disappear' for a while.  

So I went to my apartment -- my quiet lil Zen apartment.  I turned on the lights and curled up on the sofa and soaked in the peace and quiet and harmony.  I took deep breaths ... I closed my eyes and asked myself what I wanted -- and how to get it.  

And then I turned on Facebook.  We spent 5 months communicating through Facebook.... why not now?  And he was on... and eventually got me 'talking' and I told him everything ........... and then a couple of hours later I asked him if I could come 'home'.

I won't say the problem is fixed........ 

I will say we're gonna work on it !

And in a new relationship -- 'gonna work on it' is a very good thing!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

My new lil home

Just a small warning -- this post is picture intensive ............ 

It felt like it took forever to finish up the apartment -- but it really only took a month.  The painting was done in 2 weeks -- the boxes unpacked and the furniture in place in two weeks.  (And the only thing left to do is to hook up the washer and dryer).  It got done so fast thanks to Sir Steve who worked on his holidays and spare time to get the painting and fixing done!!

So without further ado ............ here's my new lil home.


This is the entry way - before .............. 

The entry way after............... 

 The living room before ............ 

The living room after............. 

The spare bedroom before ............. 

The spare bedroom after............. 

The Master bedroom before........... 

The Master bedroom after......... 

The kitchen before........... 

The kitchen after............ 

(actually my kitchen set - table and chairs - arrived yesterday and Sir Steve assembled it -- but it was late in the afternoon and I didn't take a picture of it -- it is under the window)

And that dear friends is my quirky cozy lil home .............

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Play Time

We had some play time the other night -- it's never planned -- well let me clarify that -- I am never informed of play time -- it just happens.

It would appear that knife play is fast becoming Sir Steve's favourite form of 'play time'  --  and trust me I am not complaining!!

This time he had me lie on my back so my more sensitive bits were easily accessible to him and the knife.  Foreplay is biting and scratching and licking and sucking -- till my mind and body are swamped with sensations....... then the curved dragon blades came out -- two identical knives one smaller then the other and a wee bit sharper... "all the better to torture my piercings".

Then the large dragon tongued knife came out.... something similar to this..............

the double blades slide so easily between my pink bits... separating them -- teasing them -- marking them....... the points digging into me....... making me catch my breath and hold it.... 

It felt like we played for hours -- when in reality it was probably only an hour.  

And it happened -- believe it or not -- never happened before -- but I called "uncle"....... and Sir Steve slowed down -- rubbed a bit -- teased a bit -- till my body was arching towards him again -- silently begging for 'more please Sir' ...

It ended and I was deep in my head -- dancing with my fairies -- hardly aware of the bed or the hour -- but always focused on Sir Steve. 

He stroked my face and whispered softly it was time to sleep -- and I drifted off -- still dancing with my fairies........ and contented.


However just a side note -- we discovered my falling asleep while still so far in my head is not the best idea.  In the morning I awoke feeling lonely and a little lost.  As is my habit I got up the minute my eyes were open -- not gaining any focus -- or grounding -- and was a bit of a mess when Sir Steve got up.  

Lesson learned -- some quiet snuggling time is needed at the end of an intense play time before my mind drifts off to sleep............ 

Monday, July 03, 2017

Whirling Dervish

It really was a 'whirling dervish' sort of weekend.  

Friday I managed to get all the mini cheesecakes made -- got all the laundry done..  got showered -- got packed -- organised the food and was ready to head to the trailer by just after 3pm.

We settled into the trailer for one night -- then Saturday headed off to youngest daughter's house for a swim and barbeque....... Sir Steve's lil one was a bit shy and quiet for all of 5 minutes then my grandsons got her to come play with them..... and that was 'all she wrote' .  The kids did get to go for a swim despite the coolness of the day (the sun coming out just before dinner helped!) 

We had a yummy dinner of Tandori chicken -- 

then  we headed back to  the campgrounds after dark -- so it was straight to bed for the lil one -- and Sir Steve and I weren't long behind her -- though we had plans other than sleep (cheeky grin)

Sunday morning I was up early as I was heading back to Cornwall to meet up with eldest daughter and her boyfriend to show them around the apartment -- then head back to the campgrounds for lunch and the Canada 150 celebrations there.

After the family headed back to Ottawa -- we 3 spent some time just chilling on the deck enjoying the sunshine ( seems to be a rare thing this spring/summer -- sunshine that is!)

This week lil one and I will be hanging around my lil home waiting for the final deliveries -- curtains and table and chairs for the kitchen -- then fingers crossed - the weather will take a turn for the better and summer will actually arrive and we can spend long days and longer nights at the trailer............ AND that would be a very good thing!  (I can use some major quiet time after this move).

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