Sunday, March 30, 2014

Food Glorious Food!!

Our wonderful holiday package included a day at the spa -well they gave us $25 towards a day at the spa.  W went onto their website to see just how far $25 went - wanna guess???   He discovered the only thing $25 would buy was 1 lip balm!!  

On the brighter side we did get 2 European breakfasts and one 5 star dining experience.  We decided to enjoy the 5star meal on Wednesday (seeing as we had plans to spend Thursday at the Falls and didn't want to have to keep an eye on the clock to be back in time for a formal dinner)

We arrived at the restaurant just after 6 - and the restaurant was empty........ W said he felt like a rich man who had closed down the restaurant just for US - that made me feel more like a princess than you can imagine........... 

First course - well for me - was onion soup.  Weirdest onion soup I have ever seen !! They brought the bowl with a clump of purple "stuff" in the middle (that turned out to be onion marmalade) and a thin toast twist with a slice of provolone cheese through the center........ and then the waiter poured the broth into the bowl.  Coming from Quebec it wasn't your "typical" onion soup - but yummmm it was good!!

Then I ordered pork tenderloin on root vegetables.  The tenderloin was wrapped in sausage and bacon skins.   I found it extremely salty - finally carved the wrapping off the tenderloin and that was much better !!!

And for desert I ordered an apple tart crumble with sour cream ice cream.  It looked very pretty!!  And that is all I am saying on the subject!

Breakfast both mornings looked pretty much like this.................. 

lots of smoked salmon and other mystery meats... cheeses... scones .. fruit...granola...yogurt etc,  W and I opted for toasted bagels and coffee.

At Niagara Falls we stopped for lunch at my all time favourite Chinese Restaurant - the Mandarin.  I am so spoiled as W isn't a big fan of chinese food. I absolutely gorged myself - which is pretty rare - even W said he had never seen me eat as much.....

which meant I no more wanted to eat dinner come 7:30 than fly.  But we went to a little sports bar near our hotel. 

 W thought I should try and eat something to hold me till breakfast so I opted for their 'basket of shrimp'....

Friday we ate lunch at the Lone Star - I had fajitas but no pictures - sorry. 

By the time we got to the munch around 7pm, the last thing on my mind was eating yet again!!   I opted for 3 pancakes at the munch (the restaurant serves breakfast all day)
Don't you find that holidays seem to be food and more food - till you can't wait to get home and have some simple plain home cooking????

AND the last thing I have to report from our holiday.................

The hotel offered several of their "things" - like robes/blankets etc - for sale to take home as souvenirs.  There were two beautiful dragonfly etched glasses in the bathroom.  I wanted them!!  I am not one for typical tourist souvenirs - but these glasses were quality glasses - with NO "Niagara on the Lake" or "Niagara Falls" or even "Hampton House Hotel" anywhere on them.  They were on the hotel's shopping list so I asked for 2.  "Oooooooops sorry  we don't have any"   See my sad face??? 

We took our luggage out to the car and W went back in to turn in our keys and sign out.  Imagine my surprise when he came sauntering out of the hotel with a blue shopping bag in his hand !!  Inside were my two dragonfly glasses.  Honestly the man can work miracles!!  

I came home feeling like a very spoiled 'princess'!! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Friday - last day of our holiday

W surprised me yesterday morning by suggesting that we drive through Toronto - have lunch and then go visit the Ripley's Aquarium.  Then if we timed it right we would be able to pop in at a munch half way home.  I didn't say 'no' !!

The aquarium was amazing,  I think I have been to one aquarium before and wasn't too impressed (which is probably why I am not positive I have actually been to one) BUT  Ripley's Aquarium was amazing!!  I took so many pictures - it's hard to pick just a few to share with you...............

I am still practicing my freeze motion shots,.......

 and then the peaceful feelings settled in watching the kelp dance in the ebb and flow of the currents

We actually walked through the middle of the aquarium allowing the fish to surround us...........


which allowed for some amazing shots.............

The jelly fish fascinated me - it was soothing to watch their underwater ballet ........

and then there were the pretty colours and pretty patterns...........

 what an experience!!  I loved every minute of it....

We left Toronto  - got caught up in the Friday night rush hour traffic - but did manage to make it to the munch.... had a quick dinner and then home before midnight - exhausted but content!!

Definitely a holiday to remember!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 2 - Niagara Falls

As W had never been to Niagara Falls - and as Niagara on the Lake is a very small lil town with not much to see - we spent yesterday at the Falls.  The weather wasn't bad - but not great and the Falls were blanketed in mist.

 We didn't get to walk behind the falls too icy - we didn't get to take any boat ride - it doesn't run in the my photographic talents had to be confined to some arty farty shots....................

AND then after lunch - we had to do the touristy things like the wax museum and Ripley's............... couple of very special shots from the wax museum (cheeky grin) 

Today we are off to visit with some friends of W who also decided the "grass is definitely greener" on the other side of the border and then home - and back to reality - I sure have felt like a princess these last couple of days.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Holiday - Day 1

We're on our adventure at Niagara on the Lake...................

 our hotel

 our room



 wine tasting in the lobby

and then dinner at a nearby Inn

talk about dinner for two - we were the only customers for nearly an hour! 

I had onion soup - sorry no pictures  But then I had pork tenderloin

And an apple tart for dessert 

 Today we are off to see the Fall and do touristy stuff - more tomorrow !!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Just before Valentine's Day W won a trip - 3 days and 2 nights all expense paid holiday to Niagara on the Lake - our wine country.

We are leaving Wednesday morning for our little adventure in wine country.  The irony is neither W nor I drink - not even wine...and we have a wine tasting affair on one of the afternoons. 

BUT then W has never been to Niagara Falls (yeah I know - who hasn't been to Niagara Falls??!!) So on Thursday we are gonna leave the sleepy lil town of Niagara on the Lake and head into the big tourist trap that is Niagara Falls.  I am looking forward to many chances for photo shoots.... I have never been to the Falls in the winter!

We will be back Friday night - having had a wonderful holiday/adventure.

Tomorrow I have the biopsy on my uterus to get through............. and next Thursday the biopsy on my bladder.............. but for 3 days a holiday!!! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I went to see a psychologist yesterday.  Truthfully I am not sure why.  As she said "I am the most 'self aware' patient she has seen.  BUT  having someone I can talk to - who isn't bothered by my tears or anger is nice - I can sort of let my hair down

What we talked about mostly - was an epiphany I had had some time before Christmas.  I was outside having a smoke and was thinking about my life............... how as a child I had plans for when I grew up - gonna be a teacher. (check done!) And then as I got older - plans to marry (check done!) plans to have children - preferably 2 (check done!)  Then plans - rather sketchy ones - but  plans nevertheless - to divorce my husband and find my own way (check done!)  Then plans to retire - to move to Kingston and live happily ever after (check done!) Oh yeah and my one big plan for retirement was to take photography classes and learn to use my camera (check done!)

BUT that morning standing outside I realized that all my plans were completed and all I could think was - 'now I am just hanging around waiting to die.  There are no more plans'  and that thought depressed me.... and I couldn't shake it.

Now - as I told the psychologist - that is exactly what is happening with these two tumours - I am waiting to die.  And it makes me very sad and very angry.  I DO NOT WANT TO DIE!  

The psychologist said, so often folks plan financially for retirement - but not emotionally - nor do they make plans for what they are gonna do.  I did learn (pretty damn quick last week) that going back to working with children may not be what I want to do......... 

She pointed out that I could drop dead tomorrow - get run over by a bus - that I didn't have to wait for these tumours to be my death sentence.  She challenged me to make a list of things that I really want to do...........and she gave me examples - nothing elaborate - things like feed the ducks - go to Wolfe Island for an ice cream .......... 

I have been thinking about that............. I want to work in my oriental gardens this spring/summer - I want to be a much better submissive - much more graceful submissive to W.......... I want to stain the decks and sit in the sun and read all the books on my KOBO .......... I want to help W build his new train table ......... I want to grow old with him and love him forever. (however long forever is)

I honestly never understood "one day at a time" before ......... never did - I was too busy with all my plans............ now I have to learn to enjoy and live each day to it's fullest - find the joy and the love in each day............

My  one wish for you all - is that you learn now to find your joy each new day don't wish your days away. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just Me

I don't know what to say - it's very rare that words don't come.  I have been working all week - substituting at a local daycare with 5 year olds.  It should bring me some sort of joy - some sort of break from thinking about my belly - but it hasn't.  I have been exhausted to the point of tears.  They cut my 7 hours back to 5 which allows me to come home at 2 and curl  up in the family room - in my little corner of the sofa - with a blanket tucked tight around me - that's where I feel safe - that's where I can hide.

Stupid isn't it ?? To think I can hide from these masses that I carry around inside me.  But I do want to hide.

My hands shake - my heart pounds and I feel physically sick to my stomach.  and that I know is just fear - just nerves.  

Google is my worst enemy and yet I can't stop researching - even now - even when I have read every thing there is to read about these masses. and I don't read anything good.............

And so another day begins. 


Tuesday, March 04, 2014

I just got back from the doctor's.

I have 2 masses - one in my uterus and one in my bladder.

I have a biopsy of my uterus scheduled for the end of March

I have to wait for the urologist to call me - but that's another biopsy.

I might not be around here too much for now......... gotta sort out my head.


Ain't it the truth

Monday, March 03, 2014

In Search of Spring

Last week after my first round of tests W came home with a huge bouquet of flowers to try and cheer me up........ This weekend I decided to haul out the camera gear and take some photos......... 

I won't bore you with all the shots I took - or the clever photo editing I tried - but this one pic is my favourite...............

Sunday afternoon W and I decided to head off to the city's green houses.  They have been holding an open house on Sunday afternoons since the beginning of February.

What struck me the most as we entered the first green house was the wonderful perfume of all the flowers........ it was almost over powering............ This open house event is almost over so a goodly number of the tulips and other spring flowers were just about done.......... nevertheless I managed to capture some of the spring time beauty...........


And I had to add this one picture it doesn't "scream" spring - but I love the way the picture/plant kinda pops out at you................

It didn't take us long to do the tour - probably no more than 30 minutes - but it was good to smell the dark earthy smells and see the delicate petals and vibrant colours.  For those 30 minutes it felt like we had found spring!

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