Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sexual Fantasies

I received the lastest sex toy on Tuesday from Eden Fantasies.  This one - trust me folks!!! - is more than a fantasy.  Much much more...............

yes yes it's a dildo .... and yeah I know!  you seen one you seen 'em all............ but trust me - this dildo is like no other dildo I have ever tried.

Where to start - where to start??

First off - it is called the crystal dildo - but it isn't crystal (for those of you - who might be like me and have some doubts about the hardness and coldness and unforgivingness of something as hard as crystal) no it is silicone through and through...... with ridges.  (Isn't there an ad about potatoe chips........ Ruffles have ridges??????? no?? well never mind) the ridges on this dildo are amazing !!! They add a "je ne sais quoi" to the whole experience. 

BUT I am jumping ahead of myself........... (taking a big breath)

When I told W I was getting another dildo - to add to all the dildos I have.......... I told him this one was different for sooooooooooo many reasons... the biggest one being - the one that attracted me the most - was - it has a suction cup on the bottom.  

Trust me when I say over the week I had to wait - from placing my order - I dreamed up such fantasies !!!  W helped with the fantasy thing by suggesting if the suction cup was as good as I thought.......... then perhaps it could be stuck to a wall and have me back onto it.........

Ok......... so the SUPER DILDO (said in a SUPERMAN voice) arrived Tuesday......... yesterday I was in no shape to try it out........... but this morning (is often the case with me ) I awoke horny as hell !!!  So after my first cup of coffee I decided to try out this SUPER DILDO.  

Oh my god it is amazing (have I told you that yet?? ) First I tried it on the hope chest (no pun intended) in the spare room 

It made me think of riding a pony (a BDSM pony) and how one could affix this dildo to the narrow edge of said pony.  My legs were spread wider than normal....... and as I lowered myself onto SUPER DILDO my thighs trembled.  At that moment I thought 'I have found a fun exercise to work on my thigh muscles!!)

After an amazing orgasm........ I decided to see how it would work on my kitchen stool.  I figured there were gonna be times when I didn't feel like exercising my thighs THAT much .......... so I moved downstairs to the kitchen stool.

Now there was the added touch of chance discovery - as the stool faces the kitchen window........ and my dear friend drakor came to mind - and the games he plays with discovery as the basis for play.  BUT it was only 6:00 am and not a whole lot of folks are up and about and rushing to the parking lot at that hour... so I was basically safe from discovery.

I had another absolutely amazing orgasm!

By now my thighs were trembling........... hell my whole body was trembling........ so when I attached the suction cup to the wall........... it was only to see how well it stuck...........

There was no way I was in any shape to try for a third orgasm - besides I think I will save that pleasure for W.  I can see him sticking it to the wall of his choice.. I can see him forcing me back on to it.... guiding my thrusts.......... playing with my breasts - maybe even using the crop on them while I move back and forth on SUPER DILDO!

I had some doubts about the suction cup......... and how well it would stick when one is bouncing up and down on it.. moving this way and that way - every which way but loose.......... but through 2 orgasms that suction cup held on....... didn't move...... didn't loose it's suction........... AMAZING!!

I can not thank Eden Fantasies enough for this fun (learning) experience with so many new sex toys.  They certainly live up to their name........... 

Trust me folks when I say - if you are looking for a new adventure - some spice in the bedroom - or any room with a wooden chair - you HAVE to try out this crystal dildo........ AMAZING just doesn't describe it well enough!! 


Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Celebrate !!!

Time to celebrate......... I am officially off sick leave.. and on summer holidays!!

The last two days here - while I was in school - locked to the computer - it was summer-like weather - hot hot hot and sunny.  

For two nights in a row I treated myself to some ice cream........ not a lot of ice cream... just a small dixie cup .. just like what I used to give my kids.  Yummy it was good.  

Now I know I am not supposed to eat nuts or dairy... but my tummy has been so good recently - running like a well oiled machine........ so ... I forgot... and had 2 small - VERY small - ice cream dixie cups.

Today - at noon - the pain hit. This pain is the worse pain you have ever felt... worse even than the gallbladder attacks.  Thank god 99.9% of the work was done... I slipped quietly out the door ... and came home to die .......... of stupidity.  

Tomorrow ........ hopefully the sun will shine.. the heat will return.. and I can spend some quality vacation time in my secret garden... without any ice cream...........

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy Busy

After 5 months of basically sitting around on my ass...... I went back to work yesterday.  Yesterday I was wishing I could get paid to stay home......... school was the last place I really wanted to be.  Over the 5 months of being at home (well - the last 2 anyway) I had become accustomed to cleaning during the day light hours - gardening when the sun shone....... doing what I wanted when I wanted how I wanted.

By the time I got home yesterday afternoon my body felt like it had gone a round or two with Mohammed Ali...... my brain was dead..... all I wanted to do was sit down and vegetate.

I went to bed early - knowing I wanted to go in early again today (I do NOT want to work too many hours in the heat of the day !!) So a 7 am start time sounds good to me.

At 3:30 this morning my eyes were wide open........ I hopped out of bed - ready to start my day.  Then I looked at the clock......... ok so a little enthusiasm goes a long way .......I tried - I really did try - to go back to sleep.............but all sorts of plans started formulating in my head...... what HAS to be done before I leave on Thursday for my summer vacation  - what can wait till August - what I want to do (cause it's the fun stuff) like planning programs for next year. 

I had a plan formulating for what I will do today.... I could SEE myself working on the spread sheets - doing the last fee deposits of the year......... there was just no point in staying in bed.  

So here I sit at my pc....... thinking what a total ass I am ... as no matter how much I want to get started on my day........ 4:00 am is just too early!!!  Never mind the fact the school doesn't open till 7:00 am...... Never mind the fact that by 3 this afternoon I am going to be good for 
N O T H I N G !!

But this is just who I am ....... when I get enthusiastic about something - sleep is not in my vocabulary............ just a tad OCD  I think.. just a tad.

So I am off to make a good cup of strong coffee.... read some blogs... and then head out the door for my second day of work............ maybe I really am not ready to retire.. this much enthusiasm is what keeps one young .............. right???

Monday, June 27, 2011


I wore my new oriental style corset Saturday evening to the play party.  Thank god for W as there was no way in hell I could get myself into it.  

First off - the 'buskers' (which are the fasteners in the front) are so stiff that I nearly broke a finger (never mind a finger nail) trying to slip the metal loop over the metal ball.  W had a helluva time too... and there was more than one "ouch" as his fingers slipped off the loops.  At one point W nearly stabbed himself in the eye with one of the metal bones.  (see me grinning??)

When the front was finally fastened up........ W moved around to the back to start lacing it up........... which is a bit tricky - because of the tenderness in my lower belly........ not too tight there but much tighter in the top half so that the bust is pushed up and perky.  

I discovered the questionable joys of wearing a well made, made to measure corset.  The steel boning was comfortable (almost) once it was on..... BUT.. unlike the cheaper corsets it wouldn't bend....... so when it came time to play W couldn't get my skirt off.  (see me sigh) I finally managed to wiggle the skirt down......... and play got under way.  However - once it was over - there was no way I could get the skirt back on!!!  Fortunately I had brought my floor length cape to cover my near nakedness on the way home.

I had remarked at the shop when I was strutting around in my new corset that sitting was going to be a problem.  R told me "you don't sit !!!  You perch".  Ever tried to perch on a car seat??? I had managed - very un-lady like - to get into the car - BUT I couldn't reach the car door to close it.  W had to get out and come round to my side and shut it.  At the club I managed to find a barber's chair to "perch" on....... though W had great fun making the chair go higher and higher so that perching became dangerously close to slipping off................ The rest of the evening was spent either "perching" or walking around straight backed - breathing carefully.

Today I was remembering how my grandmother always wore a corset under her clothing.......... couldn't stand a bra when she tried one on (at the ripe age of 89) said she couldn't breath !!!  Anyway those memories sent me looking for the history of corsets.  I was admittedly a bit shocked to read that corsets were all the fashion right up to the early 20th century.

Mothers would start "figure training" on their daughters at the ripe age of 3 or 4.  I read how a girl from the country was sent to the city to be prepared by an aunt for her "coming out party" and the first thing the aunt commented on was her clumsiness due to the fact she didn't wear "boning"  The aunt was aghast that her niece's waist was a massive 22 inches!!!  After proper waist training (6 months later) her waist was 16 inches!!!  Can you even imagine that ??!!!

I read articles written by women who advocated "boning" to obtain acceptable waist size.  The women would have at least 2 corsets - they would even wear them at night - only loosening them about 2 inches for sleep.  The women spoke of the pain in the initial stages - but how they came to crave the 'boning' and couldn't dress without it.   (memories of my grandmother)

I don't think I will ever have a 16 inch waist - nor will I ever sleep in a corset - but I am thinking it is a lot like W's tight bondage.  I can take it for so many hours then it has to come off NOW!!!  And with training I could last longer and longer with the ropes.... so I would like to try going longer and longer with the corset.  

I admit to loving how it makes me feel - how it makes me look - how straight I walk - how straight I sit...... it has an oddly feminine feel to it.  So perhaps I will be able to figure out how to get into my corset by myself .. and can start my own version of corset training. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yet ANOTHER personality test

For all my struggling with labels........ for all my claims of it not mattering.. of people telling me it does NOT matter..... still I continue to take personality tests just to see .... just to know.. maybe ....... what I am.......... 

This is the latest one......... and as it is Sunday and I am over at W's having spent an enjoyable evening at a play party (description of which will have to wait till Monday) I decided what better time to share with you all the results of "yet another personality test"  

You're the slave, you scored high in both submissiveness and service, you probably want to be owned by someone, you feel the need to relinquish your power over to someone else and to service him. You are the ideal partner for 24/7 Owner/slave relationships, whether you like or dislike pain is a matter of taste, same with humiliation, but I would bet that the chances are you enjoy them sometimes but the most important thing is whether your Dom will enjoy doing those things to you.

Wanna try your hand at the test...... then click  HERE

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I had a dream........ a recurring dream......... a steamy dream..........

I am asleep..... lying on my side ....... curled up in a ball........ with only a sheet covering my body.  

The temperature in the room is hot and steamy...... the fan makes quiet circles over the bed barely stirring the air.

There is a movement of the mattress - barely noticed by my sleeping self..... perhaps a flicker of a memory........ perhaps the eyelids move...... perhaps a soft moan escapes my lips........ but I slumber on........ lost in the darkness of sleep.

In my dream (or is it my dream?) I feel a cool touch against hot skin.  I feel the tshirt I am wearing lifted softly - almost gently - barely noticeable - except for a coolness whispering against my breasts.

I feel a body close to mine....... feel fingers playing with my nipples...... feel my nipples stiffen and press against those fingers.  I wiggle my ass backwards involuntarily - wanting to find hardness ...... wanting to find...........?? who knows what?

Then firmly I am flipped over on my back........ arms stretched out to my sides - hands holding them there firmly ............ my eyes open .. there is a face close to mine smiling - an evil smile really.  I feel feet forcing my legs apart ....... I hear a whispered warning not to move...... my breath catches in my throat.

Then those hands.. those large hands .... start to move across my body... a pinch here a twist there.. moving always moving .. the eyes never leaving mine.. daring me to move.. daring me to make a sound... 

The hands pull my sleeping shorts down ...... the fingers move immediately into me - no pre-amble - no "by your leave" ........ just dry hard fingers in me....... pushing me open.. making me toss my head a little.. making me wish ......... for more??? 

The mouth comes down and covers a nipple - biting nibbling .. hard.. getting my attention and holding it... then the mouth opens wider and takes more of the breast - sucking hard on it... pulling deep into itself........ then teeth ..... sharp teeth scratching across the delicate white breast tissue.......... fingers still mercilessly plying me open wider and wider until I fear I will tear wide open for him............ 

Abruptly the hands come out and up grabbing my wrists as he lifts his body off of mine.. and in one fluid motion rolls me over... grabs my calves and pushes them up to my chest...... knees pushing into my breasts....... hands spreading my legs farther and farther apart........ 

Hands now on my hips........ pressure ......... pushing down on me......... his cock pounds into me - no gentle easy entry this....... no ........ hard and fast and hurtful............ 

And my body responds....... my body my mind explode with the fury of his body.......... I no longer need the pressure to hold me in place........ his cock is holding me to the bed...... pounding into me.. my ass slamming back into him.. wanting him deep .. deeper .. deepest.  My hands clasp at the bedsheets.. then the pillow.. my body elongates even as I keep my knees close to my chest....... even as my ass pounds back against his body......... even as ................ the stars and fireworks and all earthly things explode in my head .......

In the morning I waken ........ hot and sweaty ......... was it a dream???

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lesson 5 - a History Lesson

Almost every organisation has a symbol of some sort.....from world flags 

to religious symbols ............ 

to gay pride............ 

to BDSM............

BUT there is one BDSM symbol - the Leather Pride Flag - that for whatever reason doesn't seem to be as well known - or as visible.  (at least up here in the Eastern part of the Great White North)

I had known about the flag - even seen it a few times.  I assumed that it was a flag for gay leather men. WRONG!!  

I went looking to find the history of it....... (being as I am a bit of a history fan).

I discovered that the Leather Pride Flag was created by Tony DeBlase in 1989 in time for the Chicago Mr International Leather Contest.

In an article he wrote for the Drummer magazine he said:

"For the 20th anniversary of Stonewall, I felt that the time was right for the Leather men and women, who have been participating in these same parades and events more and more visibly in recent years, to have a similar, simple, elegant banner that would serve as a symbol of their own identity and interests.  I decided that calling a committee meeting to design it would be counterproductive, so I just did it.  I consulted with most of the staff here at Drummer, and some of their suggestions were incorporated.  I do not expect the design to be the final form, but (rather) the basis from which a widely accepted banner will evolve"

After the Chicago Mr. International Leather competition the flag gained a life of it's own and soon it was being seen all over the world.  The people had spoken - by majority - they liked it as it was.

Tony DeBlase will not assign any symbolic value to the flag - he says it stands for whatever you want it to stand for (paraphrasing his words)  I for one have a problem with that.  Tony says there are 9 stripes of equal width... alternating black and blue with one white stripe in the middle.  And a red heart in the upper left corner.  Needless to say there are more interpretations of the flag than there are Leather folk.  I can find no serious symbolism in it......... except for maybe the heart which is pretty damn obvious.  9 stripes ?? standing for what??? It is said that the blue stripe is for jeans........ JEANS??? excuse me - but if I try to get into a public play party in jeans I won't get past the front door !!!  Black could stand for leather - which like the heart seems pretty obvious...... especially since it is the LEATHER pride flag. 

BUT it seems to me if you are going to create a banner/flag to symbolize a community it should have some assigned symbolic value.  Otherwise you land up - like I did - assuming it stands for something it doesn't.  Though as I sit here typing this - I wonder if I was so wrong in my assumption that it was a flag for gay leather men....... It was after all designed for Mr. International Leather ....... and I would venture a guess that most that compete are gay or bisexual......... but then we all know what assume does right?? 


Seven years after the appearance of the Leather Pride Flag.... a number of people voiced some discontent with it.  They felt it was just too prominent.  They wanted something more discrete .......something more like a secret handshake.. something that "vanilla's" wouldn't quickly and easily see as BDSM.  And so the BDSM symbol was born.........

Now the symbolism of the emblem is very clearly stipulated by it's creator - who I believe was Quagmyr.  If you wish to visit his website ....... click HERE

First - the three sections represent 
"safe, sane, consensual" 
as well they represent the 3 main groups of BDSM
"B&D, D&S and S&M".  (bondage and discipline, Domination and submission, and sadism and masochism)

The holes in each section represent the incompleteness of each of us - BDSM cannot be done alone.

And the circle represents the continuing flow - no ending no beginning - a unity.

For me - truthfully - the BDSM emblem has much more meaning........ it is tattooed on my thigh....... I have earrings with the symbol on them........ I honestly can't see myself tattooing the flag or having flag earrings...... shrug.. but that's just me.

Class is now dismissed for the summer!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lesson 4 - EDITED

Questions from yesterday's lesson:
cavernofthebeast asked:  "Is that a cage under the table?"
You are very observant - yes it is........ However the only way into it is to lift off the top and climb in....  which no one - to my knowledge - has tried.  You have to "climb up" just to get on the table... I would think it would take some work to climb up and IN the cage.  

However there is a cage (actually a couple of them) at Oubliette......... here is one of the cages......... 

Now there is a couple who use the cage almost every visit.........and I know bandit's submissive is often put into cages at parties (not theirs - but other ones) 

Once I was put in a cage - a long long time ago - when I was trying to work out what I liked and didn't.  There is a feeling of being very exposed in a cage - believe it or not (well for me anyway) And I believe people's attention is drawn to someone actually in the cage (because so often they are empty).  My experience started off fun..... W had me put my thumbs through the bars and used thumb cuffs on me so that I could not move from the spot.  A number of doms (and submissives too) asked if they could 'torture' me - which had me wiggling and squirming - just at the thought !!!   

However there was a definite down side to the cage and being cuffed so I couldn't move.  W (thinking I was more or less safe in the cage - especially considering the BDSM etiquette that NO ONE played with a submissive without the express permission of their Dom) had gone off to chat with some friends.  Another Dom - one we both knew quite well, came up behind me and hit my ass with an electric fly swatter of some sort and a) scared the devil out of me - and b) marked my ass.  I screamed bloody murder (especially considering my horrific fear of electricity play) and W soon rescued me.  Since then I have not been comfortable going into a cage - not unless W is right there watching.

The next piece of equipment which probably doesn't need much explanation is 
The Stocks:

These stocks work a little differently than every day normal stocks that you see at parties... to get into these the submissive must kneel - lean forward - put their neck/head in the bigger hole and their wrists/hands through the smaller holes.

I have not been in these stocks - though it isn't a hard limit or off the list of possibilities - but I have been in the standard stocks - where one stands and the head and hands are restrained with the wooden slats.  The problem for me was two fold - 1) it was at camp and bloody cold - and I couldn't relax due to the cold and 2) we didn't realize until after that the stocks were adjustable.  So I was bent in an uncomfortable position and the wood slats over my neck felt tight - as though it would choke me.  It was not the most pleasant experience - and once I told W - he removed me from them immediately - cuddled me and made sure I was ok - before stringing me up on another piece of equipment.  (grinning) It's ok to have a freak out over one piece of equipment - but it doesn't get me out of going on another.

Now the last piece of equipment at Oubliette is this one...........  

Honestly I am not sure what you call it........ for me it has multi-purposes......  

It can be lowered and raised by an electric winch.  I have had the bar lowered to just above my head - had my wrists attached to the eye bolts on either side and then flogged/whipped.  

However it can be used for suspension.  The submissive would be tied (in pretty patterns usually) then attached to the center of the bar and the winch used to lift the submissive off the floor.

For example................. 

Now W has tried suspension with me at a BDSM bed and breakfast (called Warm Buns) we stayed at a few years ago.  He was quite excited to try suspension........ and yeah I have to admit so was I.  He had me hanging by my feet - upside down - which unfortunately caused me to get very dizzy (ok ok!!  more dizzy than normal ) BUT I have to say it was an amazing feeling - the total helplessness of it... the exposure (being as it was private just W and I  - I was naked) and quite "hot" ............ 

Now that brings the lessons on equipment at Oubliette to a close............. any questions today????

Tomorrow I thought I might do a little 'lecture' on the Leather Pride Flag - not as many people as I thought know/ knew about the Leather Pride Flag ........ and for me it is an interesting story............ 


Spankedhortic mentioned in the comment section that the stocks were feet and the pillary was for the head and hands.  I was confused - because I have been to historical villages and remember being put into "stocks" .  So I went looking on the net.. it would seem I am not the only one who confuses the two... However having gone to quite a few different sites (and believe it or not - almost picking up a virus - thank god for security programs!!!)  I have come to the conclusion that I was wrong.

Stocks were meant to hold the hands and feet ............ 

and the Pillory was meant to hold the head and hands... 

And then there is the BDSM version of stocks

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lesson 3

Before I start today's lesson I will answer the questions from yesterday......... 

> Buffalo asked if the benches were adjustable  - the one at L'Oubliette is yes - but most are not.
>  sub-kitten asked if there were some benches that allowed the hands and feet to be tied..... most of them do have eye hooks that would allow for bondage - but a goodly number do not.  The second bench that I featured has legs which would certainly allow rope bondage

And that is it for the questions........ 

Moving on to today's "lesson"........... 

I give you the bondage table - BUT seriously I call it the multi-purpose table.......

If you look closely you will see eye bolts along the edge.  The submissive lies on the table and then ropes are added in pretty patterns (or not) and the submissive is bound to the table.

I (as of yet) have never been tied to the table...... I have, however, laid on the table - been bent over it .... have laid on it then slid off it...  (the table is waist high - perfect height for all of the above listed activities - for both Dom and sub)

I have been flogged, spanked and whipped on it...... However stretched out on the table is my favourite position for knife play.  And now after this weekend I like to have needle play done on it.  

I have to say - after the St. Andrew's Cross - the bondage table is probably my favourite piece of large equipment.

Questions anyone???

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Class is in Session

I promised I would talk about large equipment found in most public play dungeons (at least here in the Great White North) 

Yesterday I talked about the St Andrew's Cross ........ now that piece of equipment is pretty self explanatory (when you see a picture - or the actual cross).  

Today I thought I would pick the one piece of equipment that I hate....... loathe... despise.... in fact it is one of my few hard limits.... 

The spanking bench. 

Now let's see if I can explain this particular one.. 

First you put your body along the middle of the bench....ass at the closest end...... If you look closely to the side of the bench... you will see two ledges at different heights.. there are identical ledges on the other side.  The lowest ledge is to put your bent knee on...... the slightly higher one is to rest your arms on.

Now your ass is exposed for a spanking........ or sexual play as well - especially if your ass is right at the end.  

Now the thing about spanking benches is quite simply put - one size does not fit all.  I find most spanking benches at public events not a good fit ........ the middle bit where the bulk of the body goes - is usually very narrow.  And for some reason it usually bites into my sternum making me feel like I am going to puke (sorry but it's true)  

The other thing I dislike about the spanking bench - is how exposed I feel.  I can't get my mind past that...... and to be truthful - any and all hits seem to cut into me more.. hurt more... I just don't like them one little bit.

Now bandit - owner of L'Oubliette - has made a new type of spanking bench. 

You kneel on the front bit and lean forward and put your upper body over the higher part.  

One day maybe I will try that one.. it is wider and seems to offer more support to the body ......... and because you kneel on the front of it (instead of on each side) I am thinking I will feel less exposed and more secure. 

Alright class ......... any questions??? (cheeky grin)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday play time

After the lesson in needle corsets, and after a really good supper of barbeque steaks and potatoe salad ( I finally made my mother's potatoe salad to good reviews from W !!!  high praise considering he is a bit of a potatoe aficionado) we moved to the outside dungeon to have a little play time.

I had been bitching - yes bitching - about how cool it was up North ( a good 5 degrees lower than in town) and in my skimpy little blouse, bra and thong, I had goose bumps.  W promised I wouldn't be cold for long............... 

And how right he was!!

We used the St Andrew's cross pictured above.  For those of you unclear on how it works - per say - my wrist cuffs were clipped to the upper arms (one on each side) my feet were firmly planted on the 'step' my ankles are rarely fastened to anything because of my knee issues - and I do need - from time to time - to flex the knees even straighten the leg out completely (OH gee.......... innocent look .......... did I kick you??? )

And W started in on whipping my ass.  Lady B was playing with her sub right beside us.  At one point I heard her say to W "wanna try this?" and as I turned to see what "WE" were gonna try on "MY" ass both Lady B and W told me to turn around and not look.  

I kinda held my breath wondering what the hell was gonna hit my ass.  After all these years .......... and all the toys we have......... I figured I had felt just about everything.  WRONG ANSWER!  This one stung like wasps but felt so good!!  I stuck my ass out further - indicating I wasn't in the least bit of distress - in fact quite the opposite - I wanted more of whatever it was W was using.

W started laughing and Lady B who wasn't really watching - called over to me "say I love you Lady B" which I did quite willingly......... to the surprise of Lady B and good natured laughter.

W went at me for a few minutes with this mystery toy........ then I heard the dreaded "oooooops" (not something one wants to hear from the Dom whooping your ass) 

It turned out this neat lil toy had opened the skin on my ass.......... so the toy was returned ........ my ass cleaned up .. and the play continued blood / bleeding has never deterred W before (thank god) and didn't on Saturday night.

After a nice long session of whips and quirts and all manner of stingy toys I was let down off the cross for a little rest.......... 

It turns out the nasty lil toy that opened my ass is called a "metal tipped bootlace flogger" - or simply put a "cat 'o nine tails" with metal tips.

I am thinking it might just show up on my wish list for W for Christmas - or his birthday.......... it was a toy well worth having in one's toy bag - especially if you are into  little more intense play.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This was most definitely a weekend of corsets for me.  I had ordered a new corset (weight loss has made all my older corsets way too big) and have been waiting and waiting (rather impatiently I might add) for it to arrive.  

Well this was the weekend !!!!  

It has an oriental pattern of lotus blossoms...... is impossible to get myself into (sigh) Hell I can't even seem to get the clips on the front done up.......... 

but isn't it gorgeous??!! 

I plan to wear it next weekend - to another play party and thankfully W will put me into it.......and of course there will be much better pictures (thanks to W again) ...... I promise to post them then.

And then there was the kinky corset.....

Saturday at Oubliette........ Lady B asked me if I would like a needle corset.  It is something I have dreamed of having ever since the first time I saw a submissive at a party with one.  

Now I am used to needle corsets being done down the back - but Lady B said she would do it down the front.

I never realized how tricky these corsets are..... once the needles were in (W helped her to do it  ....... YAY!!  so now he can do needle play of the corset type.... double YAY!!) she carefully threaded the red ribbon around the needles to create the corset look.  

I couldn't wait to get up and go look at it in the bathroom mirror... Lady B kept telling me to go slow.... I thought (silly me!!)  that she was worried I would hurt myself.......... nope not even close.... the ribbons started to fall off the ends of the needles.... 

She had me sit upright while she re-threaded the ribbon - but it kept going limp and falling off..... 

Next time she said she would do the needles farther apart.... take more skin .. and tie the ribbon tighter......... "next time!!"  YAY!!!

BUT ....... W took a picture of it before I got up.......... isn't it gorgeous??!!!  

I am not sure which corset I like best...... (cheeky grin)

Then it was time for Lady B's favourite part of the whole exercise..... taking the needles out.  First she added alcohol to the needle then pulled it through my skin..... it sorta kinda burned ... ouchies... and of course there were the droplets of blood which she took great pleasure wiping up.. especially around my nipples........ the alcohol and the cool breezes made it feel very cold... and made me rather "nipply" (cheeky grin)

Damn I love corsets !!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer time

Can you hear Ella Fitzgerald singing it ......... summer time and the living is easyyyyyyyyy

I have been hearing her voice crooning away in my head since yesterday.

I did what I like to do best in the summer - I put my lil red umbrella up - got a cup of coffee and a new book and moved outside to my secret garden and read the day away.

There is - in my opinion - nothing better - absolutely nothing better than sitting in the shade reading......... letting the warmth of the air and the faint scent of the flowers wash over my soul............... 

I even slept better than I have in weeks 

Today I am painting my fingernails and toenails red...
I am packing up food for a barbeque
And packing up the toys...........
W and I are off to Oubliette again.......... 

The sun promises to shine... the heat will build - both literally and figuratively... 
Today will be another good day................ 

Oh yeah I am taking my camera with me..... someone asked me - the last time I posted about Oubliette - what some of the equipment was used for....... and as I could not "steal" the pictures - and know it is next  to impossible to post an explanation without a picture - I am going to take pics of all the equipment - hopefully - and will post next week about the joys and sorrows of BDSM equipment .............. 

Enjoy the day

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