Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December 7th!


Well here it is the first day of holidailies.. i worked so hard prior to this to make the blog look Christmasy and upbeat........ like getting the house ready for a party...... and here i am standing with the door open ready to welcome the "guests"........ and what i feel is .. cranky.. ughhhhhhhh.. what a way to start off the Holidailies....... cranky

and i think i know why........ lack of sex and pain....... my two favourite things... On Monday i wrote this is not a pity party...... and it wasn't.. but for some reason as the week is progressing i am feeling more and more sorry for myself.... and yeah yeah i KNOW Sir and i had a busy weekend.. and things happen and sometimes the subbie doesn't get what she needs or wants..... BUT then ( i am sorry !!!) the Sir has to put up with the consequences... which will of course mean *i* have to put up with the consequences... i am almost glad Sir has a VERY busy week this week and is working 3 out of the 4 nights.. i can sulk all by myself.. and not get myself into as much hot water !!!

Now i could ... COULD .. write and ask Sir for permission to masturbate with my favourite toy.. i could ! BUT there is something mechanical about masturbating even with my favourite toy.. even with my vivid imagination producing hot lil videos in my head to watch as i masturbate....... it satisifies the ache but not the need.........

it is a little bit like self flageliation... there is no way i could give myself the pain i crave.. the mind just wouldn't allow it..... i do admire kaya’s ability to follow her Master's directions/orders for self pain.......... and she even manages to give herself that glorious endophin rush i am craving so much....... BUT (sighhh) i am most definitely NOT kaya.. and my Sir has never challenged me to do much more than give myself a few orgasms......and so i sit waiting for the weekend - it looks so damn far away........ 3 more sleeps (as the kids say ) until Sir arrives..... and two more evenings of Sir working............ ughhhhhhh colour me very cranky !!!

What a way to start off the holidailies as a cranky elf


  1. Well there is something you can do to yourself for pain and you are going to....

    Once you get in from work you are to get your nipple clamps and place them on your nipples ( duhh ) for 30 mns then off for 30 mins for the WHOLE evening until your bath and bedtime...

    Oh and to add some fun, you can also get a cloth peg and do the same for your clit...

    Now let us see how your "crankness" is? then you can wrote a blog with ALL the details of this exercise...


    Owner of morningstar

  2. Uh oh morningstar...

    Good luck with your task!

    Please excuse my ignorance but I wonder what holidailies are please?

  3. cherish......... holidailies are a challenge (for lack of a better word ) to write a blog each day from the 7th of Dec till the 7th of January.... there is a link on the right hand side of my blog with the link if you want to check it out.........

  4. Sir:

    ughhhh me thinks i complained too loudly !!! but i understand the task.. and the adjusted time limits in the email.........

    welllllllll on the bright side.. it will give me something to write about tomorrow morning....

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  5. Thank you so much morningstar!

  6. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Soooo.. I cant wait til morning! How is it going!???


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