Sunday, December 18, 2005


It all started about 2 weeks ago......... this simple subbie turned into ......... SUPER SUBBIE !! No task was too great.. no problem too small.. no shopping task too mundane.. household problems including invading marauders and flooding bathrooms would be dealt with in super subbie manner!!! i became a whirling dervish of activity.

Then sometime last week i noticed that i was waking earlier and earlier each day.. good grief the clock was ticking.. there is no rest for the wicked (as my grandmother used to say) so i was up and at 'em before the sun......... work problems were a snap.......... employees imploding all over the place - but i remained calm - a rock in the storm...... at home i was baking and cleaning and decorating and wrapping. And of course the storm of 2005 hit.. worst one in something like 35 years they say........ but the walk was kept shovelled.. the car rescued from the drifts that all but totally obliterated it... and the house was cleaned again.. the baking decorated.. the candles in place....and even the blogs were all written.

On Saturday morning.. someone should have posted an "Avalanche Warning" sign on top of the snow banks outside my front door... cause when Sir walked through the door..He found one filthy dirty smelly exhausted subbie........... who took one look at Him and burst into tears...

i know Sir wonders where He went wrong... what He could have /should have done differently .. or better... i know He questions His lack of control ............ it wasn't His lack of control.. if anything it was my determination to be SUPER subbie !!! WHO can stop an avalanche................??

Tomorrow i will write about the 3 P's that restored calm to the home front.........

but for now.. i am going to go and curl up at my Sir's feet and just be His lil subbie....


  1. You are a very loved lil subbie!

  2. i went through 'super subbie' phase when i first came to live with Daddy. It's not that He expected me to do all these things and perfectly, i just recognized that things needed done and just took on more that i could handle too quickly and didn't pace myself. And with the holidays, there is always way too much to do and is stressful to start out with, then add super sub tendencies, there's your avalanche. But when your in the 'zone' it's tough to recognize what's happening til afterwards. Sending thoughts of support your way. ::hugs:: Thank goodness for our wonderful Sir's, who always seem to be able to make us subbies all betters. :o)

  3. It is hard not to get overwhelmed during the holidays. When we get overwhelmed it is hard to not unload that on the person you are closest to. Take hold of each other and let the bad stuff pass.....for it always does.

    (of Cloud's stable)

  4. "subbie"??? I finally got... boy do I feel like an idiot. Thanks for dropping by for a look at my two belly-buttons. I've seen your comments on THE Michael's site as well, but like you... never enough hours in the day. I really like the look of your blog and your writing style is very entertaining. I'm trying to find a link to a photo of you and Sir.

    Anyway... great blog. I'll be back.

  5. i'm just thankful your okay and that your Sir made it home to you safely.


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