Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Comedy Central

Nothing much new and exciting around the ole campsite this past week..... except for two moments of slapstick comedy......... 

Sir Steve gets up VERY early to go to work....like 5am early. We usually sit outside watching the sun rise while we drink our coffee. One morning last week I was following him out the door of the trailer..... he was carrying his breakfast and his beloved cup of coffee.  He opened the big glass sliding door and stepped forward running smack into the screen door...... beloved coffee hitting the screen first and spilling outwards to the deck ... inwards onto the carpet .... and all over the screen.

Sir Steve was shocked and indignant and demanded to know WHO had shut the screen door.  I am standing behind him trying ohhhhhhhhh so hard not to laugh... then realized the question was pointed at ME?!!  innocent angelic ME??!!  

I smiled sweetly and reminded him that he brought the dog in before bed the night before... not me.......... maybe the dog shut the screen door?!  (sweet angelic smile)

Morning coffee was a rather quiet affair.......... and I suppressed my giggles until he left............ (seemed the smartest move considering........)


Then on Friday when Sir Steve got home from work we were sitting on the deck enjoying our Friday treat of iced cappuccinos from Tim Hortons..... he's rubbing the dog's belly (the blissful Norman Rockwell type painting of the Start of the Weekend) when he suddenly stiffens and asks 'what's this?' 

He's parting  the dog's fur and I'm looking over his shoulder to see a tiny lump on her chest.  I asked the dreaded question "is it a tick?"  He gets closer and nods ..... we need to do something like NOW!!  but we don't have a tick remover --- don't even have tweezers here.    Sir Steve goes to visit friends down the road and see if they have a tick remover........ nope they didn't 

So we decide he will go to town in the morning to the pet store and buy a tick remover.  

Fast forward an hour or so and we're sitting by our fire... the dog lying on her bed beside us....... and his ex-mother in law (grandmother of the lil one) comes roaring onto our site with essential oils, witch hazel and  tweezers in hand.  We all gather round the dog -- I am holding the flashlight -- MIL is down on her knees mixing her potions and pouring them on the lump.  Then she grabs the tweezers and starts to try and find the tick to pull it out. She says 'my god that thing has buried itself deep under her skin'.  She perseveres.  The dog is being patient -- but yelped at one point.  The MIL looks up at us and says 'you're sure this is a tick and not a nipple?' We point out how big her nipples are..... and say 'yes it has to be a tick'.  She resumes trying to dislodge this tick from the dog's body.

After a little bit - she stops and apologizes that she cannot get it out.  We decide to take the dog to a vet on Saturday morning.

Bright and early Saturday morning Sir Steve is on the phone with a vet that comes with high recommendations.  He loads the dog into the car and off they go.  My heart is pounding...... I am so worried the dog will have lyme disease... I am wondering why the tick medicine didn't work....... I am worrying cause I do worry really well!!!

An hour or so passes and my phone rings..... Sir Steve calling to tell me the dog does NOT have a tick -- but she does have an irritated nipple!!  Turns out (what do we know!) that the top nipples on both sides are usually smaller then the others.  

The dog has forgiven us!

Life is good when you have comedic moments that leave you giggling for days....

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

We're homeeeeeeeeee

Didja miss us?

What a whirlwind holiday it was !!!  Left here Friday after lunch and drove almost 4 hours to check into our hotel.......... the lil one was in awe of the hotel -- and loved the idea we would all sleep in the same room -- AND -- we could watch TV in bed!!!

Saturday we took the train into downtown Toronto (driving and parking is a nightmare!!)  We emerged from the station to tall buildings... crowds of people and noisy cars.  ( I was ready to head home - grinning)   

We took something called the skywalk to Ripley's Aquarium.  Neither Sir Steve or the lil one had ever been - it was my 3rd trip.  It really is well worth the money........ I don't know of any aquarium where you walk through the aquarium and the fish swim all around you and over you...........

 We spent the whole afternoon exploring all the fish and then caught the train back to our hotel.  We were exhausted - having walked over 8000steps .... AND we still had Lego land to visit the next day!!

Sunday morning both Sir Steve and I were doing an inventory of body aches....... dear god I felt old!! BUT we packed up the car like good sports and headed off an hour drive north of Toronto to visit Lego land. I have to be honest I  had no idea what it was gonna be like -- but we were all so impressed!!  Everything of course is built out of lego....... there were 2 rides and a 4D movie theater besides all sorts of challenges to do.  We easily spent over 3 hours doing all the activities........... 

the Toronto Skyline out of legos

waiting for the 4D movie to start

 Then it was time to hop in the car for the almost 5 hour drive home. 

Yesterday - after a decent night's sleep in our own beds.... we spent a quiet morning vegging and chillin' then it was time to head off to the city for the lil one's audition at the dance school.  She was bubbling with excitement and when we picked her up afterwards (we weren't allowed to stay and watch - see me sulk??) She announced to anyone who would listen "THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!"  nothing seems to phase this child - not even dancing on stage in front of strangers.  We won't hear anything for 2 weeks apparently.   BUT her confidence and enthusiasm must count for something!!

Sir Steve headed back to work this morning -- and while I am banging out this post the lil one is writing about her holiday adventures in her journal.  

Life is good when you make fun family memories.............

Thursday, August 15, 2019

A BIG Summer Adventure

Tomorrow we are all heading off to the BIG city for an end of summer family holiday.  Sir Steve managed to get Friday and Monday off work (it's their busy season so we are counting ourselves very lucky!)

The lil one has never been on a family vacation.  'Cause like when you spend all sorts of money on a seasonal campsite with a two bedroom trailer there just doesn't seem much point in going away ya know?  

BUT seriously the experiences we are gonna have -- gonna share with the lil one!! We live in a small town and are heading to Toronto which is a BIG city.  We are gonna stay in a hotel.  We are gonna take a train.  We are gonna go to the Ripley's Aquarium.  We are gonna go to Legoland.  We are gonna eat in restaurants.  We are gonna watch TV lying on our big beds in the hotel room.  We are gonna swim in the salt water indoor pool.  We are gonna make wonderful memories!!  

Life is good when you create wonderful family memories........... 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Summer of Growth

I arrived unannounced and unexpected in the lil one's life 3 summers ago.  Back then she was about 18 months behind in social development.  I remember shaking my head and thinking 'we've got a lot of work cut out for us'.  

I think I went into 'teacher mode'...... working with her and her father.   I set the bar high and we worked to reach it -- even surpass it. I am a hard task master - my girls will tell you....... all the kiddies I taught will tell you ... AND their parents!  I was labelled the hard teacher - the tough teacher ... and I like to think the loving teacher as well.  

I would ask all my kids "is this the best work you can do?"  and if it was (honestly was) then I would tell them to pat themselves on the back - literally and figuratively.  I wanted them to internalize the learning process - internalize the successes - not look for gratification from outside but strive to find it inside of themselves.

Over the last almost 3 years with the lil one -- we have had our " not your best work is it?" times..... and we've had the "that is GREAT work - pat yourself on the back" times.  It's been quite a time of growth.

This summer though I have seen the most growth in the lil one...... and watched as her confidence has rocketed!  She learned to ride her two wheeler without training wheels - watched as she mastered riding her new mountain bike.... virtually by herself!  "No Daddy - I don't want help - I will do it myself!" Watched her swim in the pool - face in the water - no fear!  Worked with her on her writing in her journal every morning and saw the sentence structure improve and the entries get longer.  

I have seen her back straighten and watched her hold her head high - literally!!  I have watched her pat herself on the back!!  without any prompting.... I have heard her say "I am proud of........ (fill in the blanks)......... 

Last night Sir Steve received a phone call from the lil one's dance school.  September is just around the corner and it's time to start registering for classes.  Only thing is...... they phoned to invite the lil one to audition for the competitive dance class.  We were gob smacked.  My initial response was a resounding NO.  I honestly believe there is more than enough competition in a child's life -- I wanted dance to be something fun.......... no stress.  But then while I thought about it -- and we got more information about it (like how many classes per week -- how many competitions per year etc) I started to rethink my stand.  Sir Steve and I decided it was time to have a family meeting and talk it out.  He went down to mother's trailer and brought the lil one back with him.   We talked -- she processed (god does she process - EVERYTHING!)  and she said 'yes she wanted to be on the dance competition team'.  I explained just cause she got invited to audition did not mean she would make the team.   AND if she didn't make the team it didn't mean she had failed - it simply meant she needed more experience (she's only been dancing for one year after all!)  

So it's decided Sir Steve and I and the lil one will be going to the auditions on Monday night.......... and we'll see how she does.   (though truthfully I have a feeling she'll ace it - do I sound like a proud mom?) 

Life is good when a plan comes together and we have growth and accomplishment!


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Good Times

I'm a little late with my Monday Morning Report on the weekend activities.....

 Sir Steve and I went to the Dragon Boat races......... 

to be honest I was a little disappointed.  I had this image of elaborate boats with dragon heads.  BUT there were 4 boats total that the teams shared and they really weren't anything that spectacular. 

After about an hour we headed over to the Poutine Fest for lunch.

I had the popcorn chicken poutine.......

Sir Steve had the cheeseburger poutine......

both were pretty good - if you like greasy food 

Sunday afternoon Sir Steve and I had a 'nap' which around our campsite is code for 'we're going to go fuck now' (cheeky grin) don't come knocking......... 

And before we knew it  it was Monday and back to work...............only about 3 weeks left at the campsite (though we do spend weekends in September)  The summer has really flown by...........

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday Sentiments

(seriously it's been one of those weeks)

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Friday night Storm

I love camping -- well you can hardly call what we do 'camping' honestly - more like glamping.  BUT despite having a 2 bedroom trailer I am still a fair weather camper.  I am great in sunshine and warm temperatures .......... not so much when it cools down and rains.  I lecture myself it would be no different if we were in the city -- I mean rainy miserable weather is rainy and miserable no matter where you are right?!  BUT I get cranky when the weather turns and am prone to whine about the Fall coming and then winter.

Yesterday we had one of those rainy cool miserable days.  I was hoping to have a fire last night -- but the rain changed to storms and we were banished inside....... which wasn't ALL that bad honestly.  Eldest daughter and her husband came over and we played cards and watched comedy on Netflix.  (it really is 'glamping' we have TV and everything!!)

Before the storm got too bad I grabbed my camera and went out and took some pics of the evening stormy sky.......... 

Today Sir Steve and I are off to town to watch the dragon boat races - something I have always wanted to do and never done!  Bringing my camera and hopefully will get some excellent shots.
And then we're going to poutine fest.  For those of you not familiar with poutine .....  it was a Quebec 'thing' for many years but it's popularity is spreading country wide.  The original poutine was french fries, with cheese curds on top and then a liberal helping of gravy was poured over - melting the cheese curds.... the greasier the better!  NOW you can get pretty much whatever you want on the top of your poutine - from bacon to smoked meat to curried chicken!!

Tomorrow I'll post more pics of our Saturday adventure -- if my stomach has recuperated from the greasy poutine (grinning).  

Life is good when despite the cool stormy temperatures you can still have fun and adventures!

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Taking Care of Business

Last week I had a couple of things come to my attention that I decided to handle as a post........... I was not ignoring those of you who asked me questions (grinning) just procrastinating.

Last week I talked about this online counselling program my doctor suggested I sign up for...... it is only for patients in Ontario.  Some of you showed some interest and asked for more information.  IF you still want it - I will gladly send it to you via email.  You can contact me via the contact form on the right hand side of this page :)  I promise to answer you as soon as I have 5 minutes to myself with my computer.

On a more personal note.......... 

Over the last couple of weeks or so...... an old friend showed up in my comment section.  Spankedhortic I was so delighted to see you again!!  Welcome back old friend :)  (if I may be bold enough to call you that) ........ do you have a blog up and running again?? If you do can you pop me a comment or email with the url -- I miss hearing your news ........... 

Now it's time to go play with the lil one for a few hours before she heads back to Mommy dearest........ 

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

The 3 Birthday Weekend

What a weekend we had........ I managed to produce 3 Birthdays!!!!

Birthday #1 

was at my youngest daughter's -- the real surprise one...... AND I am pleased to say we got him we really did!!  Youngest daughter and husband planned an oriental birthday dinner that was to die for -- damn it was good....... 

Birthday #2 

was Sunday with Sir Steve's parents. They were here Sunday and Monday.  It was a busy time for me cooking mostly -- but visiting too..... 

Birthday #3 was on Monday -- 

his mother brought down a cake for Sir Steve and Sir Steve's father (his birthday is this coming Sunday) it would have been nice if she had told me -- it would have taken some of the pressure of having 2 cakes off my shoulder -- but then she doesn't confer with me about much....... le sigh.

Yesterday the lil one and I went to town to do the groceries and laundry - and last night I died........ too many people too much stuff going on I was done like dinner!!

Needless to say with all that partying and people Sir Steve and I had no alone time... double big sigh........ such is vanilla life......... BUT he had a good weekend with family and friends and that's what really counts!!

Saturday, August 03, 2019


Tomorrow is Sir Steve's birthday.  Youngest daughter - a few weeks ago - invited all of us to her place for a pool party and barbecue.  Secretly I contacted her and the eldest daughter to plan a mini surprise birthday party for Sir Steve.  

Then his parents said they wanted to come visit for his birthday....... le sigh....... they wanted to come on Saturday -- but have agreed to come tomorrow.  So I got to plan 2 birthdays for Sir Steve .......... how could I not??? if I wanted to keep today's party a surprise.  

So I have ordered 2 cakes -- one big one with dragons for today and a smaller one with a football theme for Sunday.  The lil one is so excited for these birthday parties....... she made her dad (with my help) a plaque that says "You Rock" from salt dough and small rocks from the road outside our trailer....... we baked it and sealed it and it's all wrapped up for Daddy.  I bought him a samurai that he's had his eye on -- and being the sneaky conniving woman I am I had it sent to youngest daughter's house!!

Life is good when you can celebrate with laughter love and family !


Thursday, August 01, 2019


Picture this if you will............

9pm Monday night -- Sir Steve and I are sitting on the deck enjoying the sunset .... and Sir Steve says " go to the bedroom - strip naked and lie on the bed"..  (why do I always get the giggles and feel shy when he tells me that?!)

Not 5 minutes later found me naked and on the bed as ordered.  

Sir Steve started spanking my bare ass........ slowly at first then building up speed and intensity........ god it was amazing !!  I was squeaking "OH SHIT OH SHIT ... fuck fuck fuck !!"  He never missed a beat......  I know I had 2 orgasms just from the spanking.. and it felt as though my world had been righted on it's axis once again....... 

Life is good when THE man spanks my ass....... 

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