Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just around the corner

Winter - that is.  Just around the corner is lurking snow and freezing cold temperatures and ice and more snow ............(can you hear me grumbling?)

I have been wondering how much enthusiasm I will have in the depths of winter to pull on a winter coat - hat - mitts - clean the car off and make my way through snowy mornings to the gym.  (to be truthful - very little enthusiasm!!)

Then yesterday W sent me (and drakor) an email - subject line "Winter Sports"  (le sigh)  Couldn't wait to see what HE was talking about........ 

I shouldn't have been surprised when I opened the email to find a link to this.........

The actual website is called "EroProfile" - go check it out..... you know you wanna !!!
I picked the tamest of the pictures............ cause... ummm.... cause?? I don't know why!!  hell could it be that this "tough ole bird" is shy about sharing nude pics???

Anyone wanna place bets that this winter I may be a "snow angel"??? LOL yeah go on place a bet.......... I bet you lose!!

But I will enjoy snuggling up in front of a warm fire perving pictures such as these.......  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 For the last two years W and I have said we wanted to go to "Pumpkin Inferno".  Basically it is a HUGE display of professionally cut/decorated pumpkins displayed at Upper Canada Village (an historical restored village from the 1800's) 

The only problem is the village and therefore the Pumpkin display is approximately 1 1/2 hours from home...which is a 3 hour return trip.......... to see pumpkins??!!

Well on Sunday coming home from Montreal we virtually drove right past it.  W suggested we drop in and see it.... so we did.

I was quite excited to see it - and for an excuse to try out my new fancy dancy flash!!  The gates opened at 6:30 and we were there on the button.  Honestly it was easy to forget that every single display was created from pumpkins - carved separately then pieced together to make one LARGE - sometimes life size - display.

I was busy snapping everything I saw with my new fancy dancy flash - completely forgetting the warning in the instructions that the flash burns out batteries F.A.S.T.  
Well they weren't lying!!  I think the batteries died about 1/8 of the way through (of course I had practiced with it at my daughter's - but hey!!  I didn`t know they meant THAT fast)

So the quality of some of the pictures I am about to share with you could be a whole lot better - lesson learned - always keep spare batteries in the camera bag!!

I hope you enjoy `Pumpkin Inferno`

These were the path markers
swans on the lake
a butterfly from the bug garden
a choir of pumpkins - lights synchronized to the music
one tiger made from god only knows how many pumpkins
almost life size car
 this one needs no introduction

it really was hard to remember each character was carved built from multiple pumpkins

in the stables some horses of course!!!

and truthfully what can be spookier than a church in amongst all the creatures?

I am glad we saw the Pumpkin Inferno - would I go again ??? Probably not.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Party Time

Saturday was my birthday..........and after a rather slow start (everyone kinda forgot it.. until late in the afternoon) I had an amazing birthday weekend,

First off W gave me a brand spanking new flash for my camera!!  I love it!!  but dear god I ran through the battery power in no time flat (see my sad face??)  

On Sunday we headed to Montreal to celebrate with the grandkids,  Pumpkin carving was on the list of 'party games'  

I had great fun shooting the kids getting all slimy from the guts ........ and their new kitten's reaction to all this excitement. 

"hey what's going on?? why didn't someone call me??"

" ewwwwww ...........this is just gross!!!!  ewwwwww I think I threw up in my mouth"

"what is THIS??? can I play in it??"

slimy fingers

my artistic daughter free hand sketching the pattern........

The finished product - cat by middle grandson - spider by youngest grandson

Reaction of 4 year old to the finished product!!

There's more to my weekend celebration - but that can and will wait for tomorrow.....

Sunday, October 26, 2014

On the Road Again

We're heading down the highway to Montreal again today............. 

Hopefully I will have some spectacular photos to share with you ...... OR... some so/so photos when we get back tomorrow..........  

Saturday, October 25, 2014


We have a custom here in the Great White North that when our fallen soldiers are brought home, we line the 401 highway  or our 'Highway of Heroes' to pay our respect as they travel past.

Yesterday Corporal Nathan Cirillo made that journey home.  The motorcade started in Ottawa - where he was shot on Wednesday - and traveled the highway all the way to Hamilton - his home town.

I have never joined the crowds of people lining the highway before - but yesterday I felt compelled to...........  

I have never felt such patriotism before in my entire life........ 
Flags flying......... people sharing their shock and anger and disbelief......... a voice in the crowd said "I have never felt this feeling of being part of something bigger than myself before - it's a good feeling!"

And we continued to peer over the railing of the bridge we were standing on - peering down the 401 - waiting for the motorcade.

And then it came................

And as it drew near - the crowd broke out in a spontaneous rendition of "O Canada" and I had such a lump in my throat.

The focus - for whatever reason - has been on Corporal Nathan Cirillo - 

BUT the day before Cirillo was shot another soldier - a soldier in Quebec was run down by another extremist ....... and he died a hero's death as well........ 

(photo credit to facebook)



Friday, October 24, 2014

A Day in the life of a Slave

We had fun visiting with drakor while he was here (we put him on the bus home yesterday evening)

 We kept him busy on Wednesday cleaning the house and preparing for dinner.

I went off to yoga and W supervised his work..............

from cleaning the bathroom which earned him a spanking from W as he missed bits......

to washing windows.......

he was allowed to get cleaned up to serve dinner...

I had picked out a nice black apron (more formal I thought than white frilly ones) and a pair of nice lil black undies.  The undies kept slipping down which had Lady Rose in stitches and added a nice touch of unplanned humiliation for drakor.

Then I had thought about what we might do after dinner to amuse Lady Rose (our guest).  I don't have a dom bone in my body but drakor says I don't need one - I am just plain evil.

I brought out clothes pins and suggested a contest between Lady Rose and myself........ who could decorate drakor's penis and balls with the most clothes pegs.

I selected halloween themed pegs but only managed to get 43 on................

Lady Rose decided to go for quantity not quality and used the wee small plastic ones.  She succeeded in placing 64 pegs and was declared the winner!! 

Truthfully I think in the final analysis, drakor was the winner ............ he sent me an email last evening after he arrived home and said the bus ride home was more enjoyable than the ride to Kingston - as his cock and balls would tingle and twitch every so often.

It was fun having drakor here with us........ and he says he might try and get back here before Christmas for another visit 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just a Quickie

I have my very own slave!!! drakor arrived safe and sound yesterday. 

(editor's note - he is not naked cause W does keep the house cool - and frozen slaves aren't much use)

Today he will scrub the bathroom clean - with a brush and a bucket of water on his knees - while I am out at Yoga.  

Then this evening he will serve at a dinner party we are holding............... 

Tomorrow more pics - I have a game or two planned for the after dinner entertainment 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


drakor arrives today for 3 days!  Remember drakor?  We  used to have our coffee date every Friday afternoon. 

Anyway he challenged me a while back with the promise of a few days of his slave service if I won.  And much to his surprise I won!! So he arrives to serve out his sentence this morning (and will be leaving on Thursday.)

We're having company for dinner tomorrow night and She and I have cooked up some fun for drakor....... and maybe ourselves as well.  

Expect pictures!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Good Monday Morning!

W was in the kitchen making one of his specialty breakfast sandwiches when I walked in to make my 2nd cup of coffee and warm up an apple muffin for my breakfast.

I stood leaning on the counter waiting for the coffee maker to do it's thing and waiting for W to finish his thing...... when W walked past me and stopped to spank my ass.  It didn't take long for me to dance the "subbie jig".  As he continued past me I turned to see him shaking his hand and I laughed!! 

That did it!

He threatened to use the oily greasy spatula - but changed his mind and reached into the drawer and grabbed the big plastic spoon............ can I say OUCH!!!  but in such a good way !!

What a great way to start Monday - with a hot apple muffin and warm bum 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Moment in Time

In a dark club Friday night - I slipped my legs under the table............. felt W pressing his leg against mine..... was I in the way? moved my leg and again felt W's leg pressing against mine 

My heart beat faster........

Friend mentioning how soft my new sweater was - asking W if he thought it was soft...W brushing my arm mumbling about the softness - then the cheeky grin as he "coped a feel" of my breast pinching just ever so slightly 

My heart beat faster and harder........

Standing in line waiting to pay my dinner bill one night later .... W standing behind me...  feeling his teeth sink into my neck.....  my knees went so weak I thought I would stumble ..........

My heart so full of want - so full of need - I thought I would cry.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trust and Intimacy

 More than 13 years ago I slipped my hand into W's and gave to him a level of trust that no one else has ever had - or will ever have.  I know without a second thought that I am safe with W..... that if it is in his power nothing will ever "hurt" me.............  

The other evening we were discussing a Halloween Party we have been invited to.  W asked me if I wanted to go............ I sat for a while thinking about it.... and then said 'No I didn't want to go..... '  I told W that it would be very difficult to attend a party and not play.  W suggested I find someone to beat my ass.  The tears came then....... and through the tears I declared "I don't WANT to play with anyone else - I just want to play with You" and in my heart I stamped my foot.

Since that discussion I ran scenarios through my head.  There is one Dom whom I know - who would beat me if I asked - if he knew he had W's blessings......... and I pictured playing with him and almost immediately knew it wouldn't work.  

I gave my trust to W........ I gave my heart to W........... and something as intimate as turning my body over to a virtual stranger just wouldn't work.  My need for a beating is much more than a need for pain...... it's a need for the intimacy that comes from W beating me - pushing my limits - touching my burning skin.... my burning mind and my beating heart.  I need to feel that intimacy... that trust and I won't find that from a 'stranger'.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pavlov's Dog

When W and I were starting out on this journey we had some pretty funky protocols / rules.  Mostly I responded to hand signals..... like a dog you might think.  Yay I guess pretty much like a well trained dog.

On Sunday evening after a dinner of turkey and wine and apple pie we were sitting with our friends in the living room talking about anything and everything.

I was deep in conversation with the friend sitting beside me when I heard a snap of a finger... and immediately without thinking ... I turned and looked at W.  He laughed and turned to the friend he was talking to and said something - I am not sure what and it isn't important to the topic.  He obviously was demonstrating how he used to summon me.

Since Sunday I have been thinking about that snap of his fingers - and another discussion we had the same evening about humiliation and degradation play.  I had declared how I could NEVER stand that sort of play.  

But have been wondering - if I was (and obviously still am ) trained to respond to a snap of a finger - isn't that a bit humiliating??? a bit degrading?? a bit like being treated like a 'thing'???

And I used to love it....... I thrived on it.  

So perhaps on some level I did engage in humiliation/degradation play..........something to think about ........  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Photowalk Part 3 - the Finale

Finally I made it to the middle part of the map........numbers 4 - 8.  No one actually made it to #9 on the far right hand side of the map - due to the fact that we ran out of time.

I had never been to RMC - and it certainly has beautiful grounds.  Everyone was busy shooting the Entry Archway - the plane - the bomb?? (I think it was a bomb - but what do I know??!!)  I went looking for the beauty in this military academy............

And found it in these pictures..............
This little cottage was just beside the Entry Arch and appealed to me so much more 

the pathways by the water were lovely especially with some of the trees changing colour and along these pathways I shot most of my shots...........


in reviewing my shots I realized that I had a whole slew of pictures that I could call "Peek a Boo" pictures...........

 and lastly because  truthfully I figured how could I come all the way to RMC and not take at least one "touristy" shot of the Arch - I shot this as we were all leaving and heading back over the bridge to lunch..........


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