Saturday, August 29, 2009

Clever slogans

A week ago Sir and i went to a munch here in the Great White North - did i tell you about it?? i don't think so .. too much else on my mind at the time..

Well the munch was held in the gay village - great place to hold a BDSM munch cause in a village dedicated to alternate lifestyles who's gonna raise an eyebrow at some rather normal looking people sitting around discussing everything from computers to the latest movie to whips and chains and service???

But that isn't the important thing.. the munch i mean. When we hit the village and had parked the car we were walking down the 'mall' (which is really the main street but closed to cars for the summer .... and opened only to pedestrian traffic - all of which makes Sir's blood pressure go through the roof - but that is another story) Hanging across the street were "clothes lines" with "clothes" hanging on them saying " let's hang out" .. on the street corners were huge .. and i do mean HUGE.. clothes pegs. And i kept thinking what a clever slogan, clever advertising.

After the fact i really didn't give it much thought........ until last night.

During the week Sir told me He had bought me a present ...... i asked what (of course!!) and was told i would have to wait (of course again!!!) It was such a busy week that i honestly didn't think anything about my "present" until last night.

Last night as i curled up in "my" chair unwinding... Sir asked me if i wanted my present. "Sure" i said - rather flippantly - i was unwinding after all....

Sir got this wicked grin and said "are you sure??!!" i said "yeah yeah i am sure" .. Sir scooted off to His bag and returned, hands behind His back, grinning like mad. i knew i was in trouble.. i also knew (from experience) there was no turning back now. Sir produced proudly a clothes peg... a clothes peg?? do you call THIS .. a clothes peg??

i figured it would take two shots to fully impress on you all the true size of this sucker..

"knees up Mother Brown" and on went the clothes peg..... Sir stood back and took shots while i held my breath (and yeah yeah i know one is not supposed to hold one's breath.. you take this clothes peg on YOUR private parts and i will remind YOU to breath)

After a few minutes Sir disappeared again.. coming back with small clothes pegs. "For contrast" He said.... "they will show how big this sucker really is" ... yeah?? ya think?? you folks wouldn't just take my word for it???

So my unwinding Friday evening was sped along with the help of my Sir and His obsession with size and proof..... (like most males right?? - cheeky grin)

Friday, August 28, 2009


That's me... exhausted.... too pooped to pop............ and the end is so close.......

7 days ago i walked into my new job............. i have a beautiful office ...... i have a beautiful view from my office windows... and i have nothing else.

It took 24 hours to get the computer transferred over to me....... it took another week almost to get it working properly............

i have had 3 formal meetings and more pop in type meetings than i can count.

i have almost 400 children to sort out not one of whom i know........ not one record on any of them... (i have been told SHE spent the last two days at the school shredding papers) i need 20+ staff and she left me a list of 40 some odd people who worked for her.... she screwed up the staffing and has left me to sort it out and be the bearer of bad news to many.

i have stared at a computer screen till i thought i was blind...

i have stood at a photocopy machine till i thought my legs would fall off...

i have made 400 parent hand books and 400 fee structure booklets... i have made 120 parent packs.... (leaving approximately 280 left to do today)

i have managed to enter as many kids into the database as possible and create the government attendance sheets (though there will be loads of editing to do i know!!)

The kids arrive at 7:00 am on Monday morning..........

i have pulled together yet another agenda for another meeting for Monday morning at 10:30 AND i will bake brownies for that meeting ( i baked a coffee cake for last Tuesday's meeting

i am supposed to be composed and ready by Monday at 7:00 a.m.

Last evening i went out to dinner with Sir and vanilla friends..... in the car coming home i said i didn't have a clue when i would get packed to go to Sir's this weekend.. that i would probably have to come over late Friday night... Sir said He would come here for the weekend - i breathed a huge sigh of relief...... now i just have to make up some menus for the weekend and find food to cook...... but at least i don't have to pack up for the weekend (i will be doing that NEXT weekend - but i am trying to take this all one day at a time)

i haven't been reading blogs.. i have been brain dead and couldn't write here.. but i did want to check in.... let you all know i am still alive .. still breathing.. and hoping for some major stress relievers this weekend...

oh on a very positive note... my old principal has called me a few times to check up on me and pick my brain (what lil brain there is) and the staff and principal at the new school seem excited to have me and are excited by the changes i have already instituted.....

and most importantly .. i still bounce out of bed excited and anxious to get to IT....

Challenge is good.

Change is good.

who knew??

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Penance or punishment or consequences - a rose by any other name is still a rose.

i have been thinking... for obvious reasons....about penance / consequences/ punishment. Who is it for?? Who feels better after the penance/punishment is done???

i have decided (in my infinite wisdom) that punishing is really for the wrong doer. The punisher gets nothing from it......... not really.

For instances - if something is stolen from me and the thief is caught - but my property is gone, his saying he is sorry or his being fired or even his going to jail does nothing to make me feel better. My property is gone... no more.

What if someone hurts me.......... hurts my feelings... or worse my spirit.. and they decide to apologize... do those simple words make the hurt the pain disappear?? nope not at all.. but they feel better and can say i did everything i was supposed to.. i have a clear conscience.

But what about me?? Is the wound gone.. the hurt vanished, the spirit lifted because of an apology. No.

Maybe i am weird...... but honestly i think penance is for the one doing the penance - to make them feel better... i get nothing out of it.

Ok ok..i hear their words, maybe even the emotions they feel for doing such shameful deeds......... i will forgive them (because in my lil world that is what happens - one forgives) but deep down inside do i feel fine?? No...... i have learned a tough lesson... and the lesson i take away from the incident is probably worth more than the penance done.

Am i saying i don't believe people should do penance / take their punishments /own up to their wrongs?? No not at all.... after all it is what i teach my kiddies - "say your sorry" but i always add .... and show you are truly sorry by never doing that again.

Because words are cheap.

Actions speak louder than words

And honour should always win out over dishonour.

Monday, August 24, 2009


i titled the post Walking with the Dinosaurs as Awesome - my grandson's one word critique of the show.... i couldn't think of any better way to describe the rest of the weekend.. cause the whole thing - from start to finish was just AWESOME!!

The hardest thing about going to camp - ok maybe not about going - but about coming home is that we return to normal life. At camp Sir plays with me constantly - as the spirit moves Him - because quite truthfully there is nothing else to do but play !! But once we return to reality there are meals to make... errands to run... family to see/take of.... friends... household tasks .. the list is endless.......... and so the play kinda / sorta gets delegated to an hour here or a quick few minutes there.

This weekend turned out a little bit different. Mind you there was no major whipping session and that was ok... but Sir kept me on my toes (figure of speech not literally ) from Friday till Sunday when He left.

He bound my breasts with the leather thong - tight, tighter, tightest. Oh i do enjoy the feeling of perky breasts.. they get rock hard and the nipples stick straight out (and make a great target!!)

Sir has a small leather flogger used for pussy whipping and breast whipping that He found and hauled out ... and every so often ...... when i was least expecting it... He would have me recline on the lazy boy and go to work on my pussy.

At one point He took out a permanent marker and wrote on my "hairy" pussy (i was bad bad bad last week about keeping it clean!!) AND He wouldn't tell me what He wrote - just took a picture and told me i could see when He posted it.

i was feeling perky (like my breasts) and devilish.. so every so often when i would get up to get Him a coffee or a drink .. or anything actually... i would (as i walked out of the room) lift my tshirt and wiggle my bare ass at Him.

After one of my lil exhibitions, Sir had me come and stand by Him and He put bells on my pussy....... so when i wiggled my ass.. or walked even.. the bells would tinkle so softly. (it almost sounded like fairies dancing) Now the bells are fastened on with clamps... so i can honesty say it wasn't all fun..... but yummy it was good !!!

And then .. surprise surprise surprise... Sir had me kneel over the ottoman with the bells on (though yeah He did remove one of them). i presumed He was gonna pull out the sjambok or the rubber slapper He got at camp .... and i was steeling myself for a sound whooping.... when He told me to "spread 'em and open wide" and then He fucked me hard and fast and i kept fussing and whining about the rug and i didn't have a towel - but Sir didn't stop until i was trying to spew out the words "may i cum please Sir" and i was squirting and squirting all over the place....... even Sir was drenched and had to use my tshirt to dry Himself off.

And i cried - god only knows why i cried!!! It just felt so damn good ya know??!! so perfect... and i cried.. and then i was trying .. through the sniffing and sniveling to explain i was crying cause i was happy - not because i was sad or anything.. cause dear lord in heaven i didn't want Sir thinking i hadn't enjoyed it !!!

And Sunday i felt all comfy and loved and valued - and Sir took me out to lunch and to run some errands i thought i was gonna have to run today after school........ but we got it all done yesterday. And i went to bed knowing it was gonna be a no stress Monday.

Oh yeah........ i almost forgot....... Sir posted to His blog ........ His version of the weekend.. complete with pictures if anyone is interested ...

Sunday, August 23, 2009


The final word from the grandson on Thursday's Walking with the Dinosaurs was AWESOME!!

Sir brought His camera and here are some shots .........

A Predator dinosaur snatching one of the hatching babies

the paleontologist who walked us through the evening's adventure

Some of the artistry was like watching ballet

the vegetation was spectacular and colourful

Parental love

The evening was a huge success - and truthfully the beginning of an AWESOME weekend with Sir.. but i'll tell you all about that in my Monday Report..........

Saturday, August 22, 2009

In my little world

My balloon went pop this week.......... and shit it was a loud POP

In my lil world bad things don't happen. And to make sure my lil world stays safe and quiet and free of 'bad' things i don't read newspapers, i don't listen to the news, i stay away from people who play games, try to stab me in the back, people who lie, people who preach one thing, but in reality do something quite different. In my lil world these things are not allowed.

Unfortunately the big bad world does have a way of creeping into my lil world. And it is like having a big balloon go POP!!

i have quite a list of bad things that invaded my lil world over the last few weeks..........

budgets that have big discrepancies, shredded documents, lies and stealing
People who claim honor and lose it in my lil world
People who claim friendship - but really mean "using" in my lil world.
People who lie and don't know they are even lying in my lil world
Chauvinists who don't even know how their words sound in my lil world
People who slash out and then bat their baby blues and claim innocence in my lil world

For the record - there is NOTHING - that can make this right. No apology no act of contrition .. the deed is done... we must all live with the consequences.. there is no redemption in my lil world - no matter how hard / mean that sounds.

It is what it is...... and sometimes it isn't very nice.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Last Hurrah

Sometime back in the late spring i heard about a show called Walking with the Dinosaurs. i must really be a kid at heart cause i thought it sounded so neat....... and talked with Sir about taking the eldest grandson to see it. The tickets were purchased and hung on the bulletin board over my desk.

And finally .. the day has arrived !!

This afternoon we are picking up eldest grandson and going on a big adventure to walk with the dinosaurs.

i think quite possibly i am more excited than anyone.. including the eldest grandson. First of all - it has been years since he came to visit without his brother or parents. AND he has never slept here alone......... EVER.

This will be our last big Hurrah of the summer season - school starts officially for me on Monday.. for grandson a week Monday.

Unless of course we get eaten by a dinosaur.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Business Sense

There is a BDSM club here in the Great White North and they have put out an SOS call for money (on fet life yet!!) as they can't meet their expenses for the month of August and need something like $5,000 before the end of the month (something like that) and i read the comments (which were few and far between let me tell you) and one comment jumped out at me.... Supposing you get the money needed to meet August's expenses what about September???

What is wrong with people in the lifestyle.. they get this bright idea (why not re-invent the wheel while you're at it) to open a club....... in a town where clubs have opened and closed on a regular basis - BECAUSE no one will pay the cost needed to keep the damn thing open. And still they open yet another one.. and still another one goes belly up. Have they no business sense???

Today at work, i was involved in a discussion with my new principal and one of the resource teachers about finances. i was explaining to the principal how we were going to have to trim costs and that means trimming staff. i was explaining how in the past i have always ended the year with a major surplus ........... (and unlike business where you would get at the very least a pat on the back for that....... i get my knuckles rapped cause ya know .. we can't show the governments we can actually make money - god forbid !! let's keep those government bucks rolling in ) Anyway........ that's another whole different ball of wax.. better kept for another day.........

So we are talking and i am saying that i can't believe the number of staff they hire ....... and how many hours they give them.. i did the math.. twice....... and there is no way in hell those people worked that many hours.......... didn't anyone check?? i said it was no bloody wonder they were in a deficit !!! (god i can imagine my father rolling over in his grave - HIS daughter actually understanding deficits!!)

See to me life is very simple. Business is very simple. You just don't spend more than you bring in. AND you budget .. And you plan.......... And you learn from other people's mistakes. Simple logic to me.

So why is it that these people who want to open a BDSM club don't get it?? It seems so damn simple to me. Just shut all the damn clubs down. There is obviously no money here for clubs... let the folks travel to other cities - play in the privacy of their homes or friend's homes.. and stop nagging everyone else for money to help save you from bankruptcy. Geeeeeeez.......... it makes my blood boil. You can't live a champagne life on a beer budget. When will people get it???????!!!


on a lighter note........ i heard this "money" joke the other day.........

A guy goes into a strip joint and orders up a lap dance. When she is finished he pays her and she looks at the wad of bills and says "Hey !! this is monopoly play money" The guy looks at her for a minute and says "Well seems to me those titties are fake, fake titties fake money "

ok ok i thought it was funny.

Monday, August 17, 2009


i am on flex hours this week. i spent 5 hours in my new office today trying to sort out things.. like where files were (the girl i am replacing didn't leave happily shall we say) where the registrations were, where a bloody pair of scissors could be hiding!!

About mid morning my new principal brought in two ladies to meet me. Turns out they are part of my new staff. i was thinking good now someone can explain to me how things worked around here..and where stuff is.

Imagine my surprise when one of the ladies told me that the last 2 days of school were spent shredding piles and piles of documents!!! WTF?! They looked around my office and told me of the numerous things that had disappeared............ like the brand new computer chair??!!! (i have a chair and it is damn nice - a sight better than what i am use to .. but still .. WTF??!!)

i heard a horror story about an employee who didn't get her own way - wasn't happy about it .. and the person responsible for her unhappiness came out one evening to find her windshield broken. Of course no one saw it happen.. and it is only rumour.... but still WTF???

i heard of possible maneuvering of funds........ how some families paid cash and their children never made it onto the roles........... and the cash... well it disappeared. WTF??!!

i spent 5 hours in my new office.. i got an earful... i worked till the sweat ran down my back sorting things out... throwing out things.. moving boxes and boxes of empty binders to the staff room with a note attached "If you can use these - help yourself". i even managed to scrounge a filing cabinet - which when emptied will be moved into my office. The janitor is scratching his head wondering where the hell i am gonna put it. He doesn't know about my last office - how small it was. This one looks absolutely palatial in comparison. So i dragged a bookshelf out of the office - put it in the main room et voila - room for the filing cabinet.

i spent a couple of hours this afternoon in the dollar store and Staples purchasing all sorts of necessary stuff and damn the cost. i told the principal about the shredded papers, about the lost monies, and told her i was going shopping.

Come Monday when the rest of the staff starts arriving, when my staff pops in for a visit, they are gonna see a brand spanking new office - fully equipped and ready to rock and roll.

But i have to admit .. i am still sitting here thinking WTF?!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hot Date

Sir and i finally got to go into "Old Town" last evening for our romantic anniversary dinner. It had been our plan to bring our cameras and have some fun experimenting and snapping.. and just enjoying some time together. For some reason.. even though "Old Town" is close by .. we seldom seem to play tourist in our own city. (Isn't that the way though)......

Well Sir and i played tourist in our town last night. We had a delicious dinner at a la de dah restaurant, and then off we went to wander the cobble stoned streets and snap away...

i hope you enjoy some of the shots i took.................

This picture is actually the tip top of an old church - appropriately named the "Sailor's church". The church is (well was ) on the edge of the river bank. The figures on the top were placed there to welcome the incoming ships and to bless the sailors (back in the 1700's/1800's) This is probably my favourite church in a city filled with churches - it is simple in style and meant for the common man (more my style)

As luck would have it........ there was a tall ship in port last night .. The Pride of Baltimore II ...

And of course i found some spiraling outside staircases..............

It never fails to amaze me the thickness of the walls and the doors in the buildings in "Old town" These are the doors to Bonsecour Market.

The new with the old...

This little alleyway lead to an auberge

Cobblestones line the streets and alleyways in Old Town.... hard to walk on - harder to drive on.

And the final shot of the evening.,,.... as the sun set on a hot day .. hotter night.. and hot date !

Saturday, August 15, 2009

More about toys

One of the things.... after all these years.... that we did not have....was someway of transporting our toys to parties... to events. So before we went to camp this year i made a concerted effort to find a toy carrier. Talk about convertible to pervertable - i found this plastic tube at a local art store. It is adjustable and can elongate to over 4 feet which means the sjambok and the whips have lots of room.

Sir found some hooks that attach to plastic (thank god) and that means that our floggers and crops etc can be hung inside and be easily accessible.

This weekend i asked Sir what toys i should bring over......... but He reminded me that the toys in the tube were still at the house and i should just bring my ass..............

Remember i told you that Sir brought a rubber strap last weekend??? i didn't take any pictures of it........ maybe cause i was hoping if i didn't acknowledge it in pictures then maybe it didn't exist?? or maybe it would disappear???

But guess what ....... it does exist and it didn't disappear........ So this morning... after Sir had a good go at my ass with it.... i took a picture for ya all to see.

Yeah yeah i know.. it doesn't look like much.. yeah yeah i know it doesn't look like it could hurt much........ i am more than willing to welcome volunteers to come and try it out.. honest!! and should you find you LOVE this lil rubber strap........ i will gladly sneak it out of the house and make sure you take it home........ honest !!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer's end

i honestly wonder what has happened to the 6 weeks of summer vacation. It seems like only last week i was struggling over the job change....... and moaning about the crappy weather.. and here it is Friday of my last week of holidays. What the hell happened to summer???

swan - about a week ago - talked about how teachers (well good ones) go in early to get their classrooms ready.. get some lesson prep work done - tidy up and get organised before the kiddies come storming back.

And it got me to thinking... because there have been so many rainy days this summer... and because of the situation i am walking into .. i have spent a fair amount of time here at the computer getting plans done... getting some admin work done (letters to families introducing myself and some of the changes they can expect) ...

Do i feel ready to walk into the challenge that is my new job?? noooooo not really.... Do i feel up to the challenges??? YES... oh god yes.... i have come to realize this summer that as much as i am leaving a whole mess of "my" kiddies behind and it breaks my heart.. i AM ready for a change of scenery .. and a change of challenges. Cause ya know .. no matter where i go.. there will be a line up of needy kiddies.

So this week - being my last week of schedules - i have lazed around.... spent a good part of it sitting in the sun under my red umbrella..... reading. i finished 7 books this summer.. (mostly fluff - i do quite enough heavy reading all winter thank you very much) i even managed to tan a little bit - even under the red umbrella.

It was a productive summer in many ways.. i got the car rust proofed.. i had a brand spanking new furnace put in... and a week later they were back cause the central air was leaking all over the basement floor !! i got approximately 4 months of lesson plans done .... Sir and i had some great times together... even if we didn't get to my favourite village in the country for dinner and photo opportunities ... i went on Wednesday by myself for a work dinner meeting.. and managed to squeeze in an hour or so of photography before the dinner.. we got to visit with the kids and grandbabies.. and even took youngest grandbaby to the train museum.. (oh yeah and next week we are taking eldest grandson to see "Walking with the Dinosaurs") i had my adventure with the 'swarm' ... and most important of all - i recharged my batteries !!!

Yeah it was a good summer... and though the kiddies don't come back for another 2 weeks and though i will be on flex hours for another week .. summer is over..............

i thought i would share with you some of my photo shoots from the summer... (remember i am STILL learning the new camera!!)

both of the above pictures were taken from a moving car......... oh yeah and i have a thing for small roadside grave yards....

The following pictures were taken in my favourite lil village.........

strange lil balcony

a pleasure boat going through the locks

just a stone wall... shrug.. hey what can i tell you.. it appealed to me!

one more shot of an outside staircase - i have a wonderful time working out imaginary stories about what lies at the top of these stairways...

can you see the shadowy figures swinging in the trees in my back yard? Yesterday they were trimming the dead limbs..... like monkeys swinging in my trees.......

Yup .. it was a good summer... busy.. rocky at times.... but good nonetheless..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

In my secret garden

Finally ... after nearly 5 weeks of awful summer weather........... the sun has come out.. the heat has arrived..........

Sir has had (i think i mentioned this) a busy week. On Tuesday night He showed up to take me out for a quick dinner before He went off to His train club to help them tear down the set up for a move to the train exhibit this weekend... And then on Wednesday morning .......... bright and early....... He was heading off with the 78th Fraser Highlander squad to Kingston and Old Fort Henry for the sunset ceremonies. Hopefully He will be back to me today - sometime.

Yesterday morning when i opened my email - Sir had sent me a task to perform for the day. i was to put the pussy clamps on every 2 hours for 20 minutes. UGH i hate those damn clamps.. well i hate them after multiple applications !! Now He didn't give me a start time... but He did give me a stop time.. i was to stop when i left for my dinner meeting. (can i say DUH ??!! next to impossible to wear pussy clamps when i am all dressed up .. driving the car ) Anywayyyyyyyyyyy..... Sir left me some wiggle room.. and those that read here know i LOVE wiggle room.

So .......... i had decided to start the clamps at 9 (He said every two hours and i was up at 7 so 9 was a good start time no??!!) AND i decided that yesterday - being sunny and hot - was a good day to take the car for a wash and wax (something that i was told i had to do one week after the rust proofing) soooooooooo i decided i would do that on my way to the dinner meeting which cut down my clamping time by another hour (i can be so sneaky sometimes !!)

The sun was shining and hot yesterday... my secret garden was calling........ so i moved outside in my sarong ... clamps in one hand.. good book in the other.... and for the most part had a lovely lazy day reading and clamping under my red umbrella in my secret garden........... very little movement involved.. and if/when i did have to move i simply scheduled it around the 20 minute clamping time...

Oh there was one other part to this task... i had to post about it to my blog this morning......

TA DA proof positive

Today the sun is shining again.. the temperature should be up there in the 90's ... my secret garden is calling ........... no clamps today.. but my book and my red umbrella are ready........ cause ya know .. Monday morning school is calling!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camp roundup

These are the promised pictures from camp........... sort of a camp roundup

This is the B&B we stayed at......... and they had llamas !!! AND ragweed AND golden rod.. i sniffed by way through the weekend......

Ok - the promised pics of me in all my glory (fet wear that is) ....

i didn't much like the pictures of me in my maid's apron.... not because Sir didn't take great shots.. but because there was something about seeing my saggy tits and bulges hanging out that just made me cringe and remember why i am on the new eating plan!! BUT these work - well.... for me!!

The above shot was me hanging about in my black dress (can you call something THAT short a dress??!!! if you look closely you can see the chains running from the top of the dress upwards where they clipped to a black lace collar.

and here i am sitting reading quietly just before the Saturday evening formal dinner.. in my Story of O dress. The back of the dress from the waist down is fastened with hooks and eyes so that it can be easily opened.... the edges of the bottom hem have hooks that fasten to eyes in the sleeves of the dress so that when i am up on any equipment the dress looks somewhat like a butterfly with it's wings spread. The neck line is fastened with a long drawstring which allows Sir to undo it quickly and easily to expose my breasts - should He wish.

This was Friday night with P playing with me... there is something about playing with a woman .......... hard to find the words actually - they just play differently than males.... and ohhhhhhhh dear lord when she dug her long nails into me.. i thought i had died and gone to heaven !!!

This is a picture of the small canoe paddles P used.

Now here are some pictures of the other activities that happened at camp.........

There was suspension.................

And pussy casting........

ok.. pussy casting.. how to explain.... sort of like making a cast of one's face (for a mask) except they do it on the pussy. The poor submissive who volunteered to be the demo pussy - had to lie with her legs over her head - her pussy more or less exposed for 90 minutes !!! Eventually the Dominants started taking turns supporting her legs... Sir offered up His cap to cover her face .... and there was a frantic search for a straw so the poor girl could get some fluids into her... 90 minutes in the mid day sun - even if it is only in the low 70's is a bit dehydrating !!

Then there was a whole mess of play piercing (not something i had any urge to get into) If you are the least bit squeamish about needles and pierced skin i suggest you skip the next couple of shots.........

This is the process - the needle through the skin....... fishing wire adorned with beads is threaded through the needle........ and finally tied off with a final bead.

The finished product. It looked really nice - and the submissive said it didn't hurt at all .. not even when ...... by accident....... the thread was pulled out of the retaining bead.

And late Saturday night the bonfire was lit..................

And phoenix did her fire dance........ it is amazing to watch and unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice.......... you will just have to trust me when i say it was something to behold !

Sunday morning i was all snug under the comforters in our room.......... having a tough time waking up........ when Sir threw back the covers and the camera started clicking away...... It turns out my ass was nicely bruised .. and Sir was gonna make sure He got pictures of the "event" for me............ (cheeky grin) i wear the bruising proudly even today - 4 days after the event!!!

And that dear friends was our weekend at camp...................

i will say i have had some trouble readjusting to civilization again....... am missing Sir terribly (He has been up to His eye teeth in work - and the train club - and today is off to Kingston with the 78th Frasers for an overnight visit to the Fort)

What i have experienced the last couple of days is very similar to sub drop (probably had a whole mess of that too - as i never did seem to come down while we were at camp) ...... But today things are improving and i might just get the laundry finished, the ropes untangled (don't ask!!) and start thinking about a work meeting i have this evening...........

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