Sunday, December 25, 2005

The day after.......

As we celebrated Christmas last evening.. Today has been spent curled up watching whatever we can find on the TV.. and eating leftover turkey. Is there anything better than turkey sandwiches the day after Christmas??

But this morning .. before we became too lazy .. Sir took me downstairs and chained me to the ceiling. Well that wasn't the original plan....... The original plan was.. cuffs on my wrists attached to Sir's spreader bar (Sir's spreader bar is almost NEVER used as it is a wee bit long for me........ so this was a "treat") and then the spreader bar was attached to the chains in the ceiling. While Sir was busying Himself getting the bondage tape out and organising some toys..... i was playing around... twisting and turning and tugging on the spreader bar.. trying to figure out how much wiggle room i was gonna have..... i kept hearing this weird sound... and i was sure that the hook in the ceiling was groaning. i even said to Sir .. as i gave one almighty good tug on the spreader bar .. "do You hear that??" and as the words left my mouth.. there was a huge C R A C K.. and Sir's spreader bar split in two!! BAD BAD SUBBIE!!! subbies are NOT supposed to break the Sir's toys... i then had a terrible fit of the giggles....

Once Sir was over His shock and dismay at losing His precious spreader bar (which for the record i HATE) He chained my wrists to the chains.. and proceeded to wrap my entire head in bondage tape....... nice red bondage tape in keeping with the season. i do love bondage tape.. i love the feeling of it wrapped around my head.. and i love the feeling of it coming off.. for some strange reason it always feels as though the skin is coming off with it... and for an even stranger reason i adore that feeling..

Then Sir announced that Miss Christine ( the dreaded cane) would be the toy of choice. Now i am a masochist - and i love pain.......... and i love all sorts of pain implements.......... but i hate.. and i do mean HATE... the bloody cane !!! i don't know why i can break a damn spreader bar that is thicker than the cane but i can not .. no matter how hard i try.. break the cane !!!! i have come to the conclusion i must be weird.. most submissives/slaves i talk to like the cane.. they tell me it is sensous and wonderful....... sensous my ass !!! (pun intended).. the cane causes serious hurt !! AND with all that hurt.. with all the initial welts.. and marks.. not one bruise.. not one welt.. not one lil tiny mark is left. So what may i ask is the point??? Oh wait.. i remember... Sir likes Miss Christine.. He likes the way it makes me cry and stamp my foot.. and wiggle and whine and try and use the "motherblanketity blank" safe word......... right.. Sir likes Miss Christine..........

This afternoon as Sir threatened more Miss Christine and i did a damn good job of ignoring the hints...... i was thinking tomorrow maybe i will do some research on caning and canes.......... there must be something wrong right?? i AM a masochist for pete's sake !!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day and pssssttt I hate the cane too!! It is a different hurt and nothing sensual about it to me but if your Sir likes it then it is worth it.

    Smiles and thank you for sharing I love your blog.

  2. Maybe Santa will bring your Sir a nice, indistructable METAL spreader bar.....hehe. For someone who loves pain so much, you certainly do bitch about that cane alot! Go figure........

    And you enjoy your holidays, dear! I look forward to another year of pain other than the political kind...hehe!

  3. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Happy Belated Christmas! *hugs*


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