Saturday, December 01, 2018

It's Official

It's official......... 

Christmas is 25 days away !!!

Time to decorate the Journey for the Holidays..... and my own personal challenge to write a post a day until the 25th.

Come along for the ride..... everything from Xrated pictures to very vanilla holiday happenings........... 

Have I told you that I love the holidays yet??!!  (cheeky grin)


  1. I love the holidays too! And I love the CHristmas look of your blog. But I'm not quite there yet - in holiday mood that is - this year. Seems I'm off to a slow start what with the flu and the recently "resolved" family mess. I don't really feel up to even putting up the tree.

  2. Love the new look and banner!:)


  3. You amaze me with you ability to post so frequently, Morningstar ... I look forward to following your daily countdown! ... nj ... xx


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