Saturday, December 22, 2018

Snow and Dreams

We didn't get the forecasted freezing rain yesterday -- in fact it was so mild it felt like spring and the rain was soft and smelled good.  Sir Steve and I had consoled ourselves that it was most probably gonna be a green Christmas this year (seeing as there was virtually no snow in the forecast till the end of the month)

This morning we woke up to snow........... not a pretty Christmas card snow.......... 

BUT more like a blustery yucky typical Canadian snow storm.......... 

 Besides dreaming of a white Christmas -- I've been having some strange dreams since I started the drug withdrawal......... but last night's took the cake so to speak....... 

I was sitting at a table and someone put a plate of snowballs in front of me....... the snowballs were imprinted with a pattern that made these snow balls look like baseballs.......... and I was supposed to paint the lacing on each of the balls to make them really look like baseballs....... le sigh........ do ya think maybe I have been doing a wee bit too much decorating of Christmas cookies???

BUT we're down to 3 days till Christmas Eve and 99% of the food is ready..... tomorrow I will make the casseroles to take to youngest daughter's for the big family dinner........ Today I will do some laundry and clean the house (hopefully I won't have to do another major cleaning until the end of the holidays)....... Best thing of all -- Sir Steve came home at 3:30 yesterday and is home for 2 weeks........ see me doing the happy dance?



  1. I had to giggle at your dream, yep, too much decorating lol. Sounds like you are very well organised, with a few days to go. Well done you :)

    Here's to a white Christmas. Being down under I have always wanted to experience one. Yay for having your man home for two weeks :)


  2. Haha! ... not about the withdrawal or yucky snow but the snowball baseballs ;)) ... yes ... i agree ... maybe a bit too much cookie decorating going on in your house :)
    Happy for you to have 2 weeks of couple time ahead of you with SS ... enjoy your Christmas, Morningstar! ... and have a Happy New Year!
    nj ... xx

  3. It sounds like you're getting a lot done in your dreams and in real life. Merry Christmas to you, MorningStar! Hugs! Windy

  4. Totally too much decorating. I dreamt I was in a bar in Spain with my best friend. All we did was drink. I'm having alcohol withdrawal maybe. Having stopped liquor about 2 years ago.

    Have a great Christmas. So glad for you that Sir Steve has the two weeks off work!


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