Monday, December 31, 2018

Count the Trees

I don't remember ever having so many Christmas celebrations....... 
let's count the trees.......... 


Christmas Eve in Montreal -- the celebration where I brought all the food from here to there ...... and fed the masses .......... played some holiday games and we all opened presents before toddling off to bed............


on Christmas morning -- soooooooo many more presents you couldn't get to the tree !!!


After Christmas morning breakfast we headed home for more presents under our tree... repacking the suitcases ... quiet evening at home before heading off for the last tree............ 


6+ hour drive to arrive at Sir Steve's parents house and the 4th and final Christmas celebration. 

We had a Christmas miracle of sorts -- each time we had to travel we managed to miss the storms (mostly freezing rain) and arrive with little to no stress.  By yesterday both Sir Steve and I were more than ready to come back to our lil home... to our bed... to our routines... to the peace and quiet that is our life.  Sir Steve spent some time in the lil one's room trying to find room for all the new toys -- like a dollhouse and a talking Olaf (can I shoot it??) -- her own portable DVD player -- books and more books -- and I have a pile of laundry of all new clothes that she received.


Life is good when Christmas is filled to over flowing with family ... laughter and love... 

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