Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Day After.........

We have survived 2 separate Christmas celebrations - one on the 24th and of course the BIG one on the 25th after Santa had visited......... 

We were all spoiled -- very spoiled -- the lil one got everything on her Santa list and I got everything and more.  We feasted till we were ready to burst..... and then ate some more........ 

Then we stuffed everything into the car and came home........ we unpacked -- had a good night's sleep... and now we're packing up to head off to Sir Steve's parent's house for a few days ....... and more Christmas celebrations..

It does seem a bit too much ya know?!  I was sitting in the stillness of the very early morning and wondering if I asked the lil one what her favourite present was, if she could even think of one -- just one...... honestly she was a very spoiled lil girl this year.  (and it makes my heart happy)

I hope that you all had a happy celebration ..... with family, friends or strangers.... as long as it brought you some joy......... 

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    So glad you had such wonderful Christmas celebrations. Enjoy your visit with Sir Steve's family. More celebrations to come! :)



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