Tuesday, December 04, 2018


(though some call it 'stubborn' )

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday to review my withdrawal from these drugs I have been on for 16+ years........ (the one with the horrific withdrawal symptoms).  I described the headaches, the nausea, the aching body, the anxiety.  He suggested I might want to slow down the process....... to which I answered "no bloody way!!  I want this drug out of my body!"  The doctor turned and smiled at me "You're quite determined aren't you?"

Over the time I was with him... he repeated more than once how determined I was and how pleased he was that I was that determined.  He made me promise to call him if the withdrawal symptoms got a bit more than I could handle.... (and he gave me another appointment in 8 weeks )

I brought up how Sir Steve asked me to marry him... the doctor was sincerely happy for me.......... but I explained I was insecure about it... that I am SO much older than he is... and I worry that I'm not good enough/too old for him........ the doctor looked me straight in the eye and told me that I was wrong and that I was not old in spirit ... that my attitude was not old... that I was a 'good catch' (so to speak)  I said 'ok then -- let's keep this old body working for a long long time!!'  and the doctor laughed and said "I like your attitude!!  We'll do that - together!"

I left his office feeling supported .... and heard .......... and with a spring in my step.  I CAN do this drug withdrawal!  I can get my body healthier.  I can live a long happy healthy life with my Sir Steve.  

Life is good when you're determined



  1. Hi Morningstar ... I know from a family members experience, that the symptoms of getting off anti depressants/anxiety medications can be almost as bad as the illness symptoms themselves. Good for you to persevere and also good that you have a Dr you can trust helping you. It is not something to be attempted on your own ... hugs! ... nj

  2. You go girl! Its always hard getting off meds that the body has clung to for a long time. It sounds like u have a very supportive doctor to go through the process with you! Sending positive vibes!

  3. Good for you Morningstar, you go girl! This made me smile :). So glad your doctor was so supportive too.



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