Tuesday, December 18, 2018

It's a Wonderful Life

It was a wonderful weekend !!  

On Sunday Sir Steve helped me make a couple of batches of Christmas cookies... I honestly couldn't believe it!  Never in my life have I ever had any help baking for Christmas -- never mind having the man in my life helping!!  

And damn he was good!  not just standing around with one arm as long as the other -- but actually cutting out exactly the holiday dipped chocolate shortbread -- helping me dip them in chocolate and cover in crushed candy canes........... 

And he cut out all the gingerbread boys...... that with any luck and some artistic talent will be magically turned into reindeer cookies... 

what they should look like when they are done.............. 

And if that wasn't enough --  we had some sexy loving time ........ have I said how damn good he is??? if not -- trust me He is THAT good !  I purred for the rest of the day........ and in exactly 3 3/4 days I will have this man home full time for 2 weeks...... oh my - be still my beating heart !!

My life is really a 'wonderful life' ........ 

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Oh yum, the baking looks fantastic! How awesome of Sir Steve to help, so much more fun doing it together:) sounds like a wonderful weekend in all ways. Yay for having two weeks with your man :)



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