Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Making a list -- checking it twice

It's that time of year again.... list making -- a list for gifts... a list of food... a list for parties..... a list of wrapping... a list for invitations and making invitations.

Such a busy time  -- no wonder people become overwhelmed !

I used to become so stressed - so obsessed with getting 'stuff' done (perfectly!) that I didn't focus on the important things..... like family and friends and the beauty of the lights and decorations... the peace and the quiet.

Last year as we were working on Christmas dinner -- my youngest daughter seriously asked me what 'meds' I was on -- she'd never seen me so relaxed or calm.  My 'meds'?? (grinning) simple answer actually -- it was having Sir Steve at my side. 

Yesterday I was struggling -- my body had started the cycle of withdrawal -- I was in full blown 'fight or flight' mode with a side of nausea and muscle cramping.  I started stressing over everything I had to get done........... then last night I was quietly studying our Christmas tree and felt the beauty of the holidays wash over me..... 

 my eyes wandered to the decorations - so many memories -- here's just a few of my favourite ones.......  

and then as I sat there I saw the Christmas candles -- pristine - never lit --  waiting for company or a party and I thought "screw this!"  Found my lighter and lit them...... 

I think I watched the flickering candles more than I watched the TV last night.... and went to bed feeling 'present' and 'calm' and looking forward to the next 3 weeks of preparation .............

Life is good when you can find the peace of the holiday season....... 


  1. Great post and a great reminder!

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    I love the Christmas list, a great reminder of what Christmas is about. How wonderful that the beauty of the Christmas tree and candles relaxed you from all the stress and wicked withdrawal. The tree and ornaments are beautiful:)


  3. Another inspiring post. Thanks.


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