Monday, December 03, 2018

It's Monday..

(just in case you didn't notice)

We had a good weekend -- dinner out on Friday night......... yeah about that dinner.. it was possibly the worst restaurant we have ever been to........good lord!!!  It was Mexican food .......... they didn't have onions for my fajitas ... they didn't know what an Arepas was or how to cook it (it was on the menu) .... the salsa was only a tomatoe sauce ....... the tortillas were microwaved till they were like petrified wood...... definitely won't be eating there again -- and I wrote a review on Trip Advisor -- hopefully no one else will unknowingly go for a meal there.........

Saturday we ran messages and I found the Yule logs that aren't being delivered to Ontario anymore -- YAY!!  they won't keep till Christmas but have a homemade one planned for Christmas Eve dinner.... 

Sunday I spent most of the day cursing -- I was trying to make invitations on the computer to an open house Sir Steve and I want to have and for the life of me I couldn't get it to work properly......... ahh well I'll try again this week.

AND best part of all -- we had a nice bonding weekend -- and adult time -- and AND -- Sir Steve told me he won't be working the long hours anymore........ they are going on winter schedule which means he'll be home in the mornings with us... YIPEEE!!

Life is good when the weekends are an oasis in a sea of busy-ness.

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Oh goodness, what a disaster that restaurant sounds! Sounds like a great weekend overall though. Yay on finding the yule log and double yay on no more long work hours!



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