Thursday, December 20, 2018

Decisions... decisions

Today I had planned to decorate all the cookies -- and do the reindeer cookies after school with the lil one ('cause I'm a sucker for punishment)

the other day I bought this cute lil pomsie ....

and I was so excited about it ...... then last night Sir Steve and the lil one were cleaning out her room to make room for all the new toys arriving........ and lo and behold I found a pomsie in her toy bucket....apparently she got it for her birthday (I forgot) and she really hasn't played with it (or I would remember it) 

le sigh

So I decided to give this cute lil pomsie to another lil one who will be spending Christmas Eve with us...... which means I don't have a cute fuzzy toy for the top of lil one's stocking........ 

le sigh

I didn't sleep last night fussing over this lack of fuzzy (yeah I know I am 'nuts') 
Then this morning I heard that we will be hit with freezing rain starting tonite into tomorrow........ and I had this brain wave.  I'll go out this morning and see if I can find a cute lil fuzzy for the top of the stocking........ and the majority of the cookie decorating can be done tomorrow when I am stuck inside....... well except for the reindeer cookies which I will do with the lil one after school as promised.

The road to Christmas this year sure has some bumps in it... and a couple of detours.

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Ah, best laid plans. Hope the weather isn't as bad as anticipated and that you and lil one enjoy making the cookies.

    Such a shame about the furry. I can totally relate to not sleeping worrying about it. Hope you find a replacement. I'm sure you will :)



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