Thursday, December 13, 2018

Party Time

Last night the lil one's school had their winter/Christmas celebration at school.   All the classrooms were open and filled with crafts for the children to make........ Last year we went and I remember being so impressed...... most schools I have worked in hold Christmas concerts during the day (at most) ....... but the lil one's school holds this party like event from 5 - 7 pm

We made our way through a few of the classrooms - making a Frosty the Snowman face -- a '12 days of Christmas Acts of Kindness' wall hanging - an Elf hat ....... then we popped into the gym where Santa was waiting to visit with the children.  (I have to say -- he was the best Santa I have seen in a long time!!  He had a real beard - nicely trimmed - and a gorgeous costume!)  AND we hit the kid's shopping room - where - for a donation - the children get to buy gifts for everyone on their list.  (This was a bit of a sore point for me.  Sir Steve made the donation and the lil one bought her mother and myself a gift -- nothing for Daddy.  grrrrrrrrr  Mother never even encourages the lil one to make her father a card never mind buying him a gift!!  Next year -- if I have any say in it - the lil one will not buy her mother a gift.... let mother's family organise that!  am I wrong?)

On the way home we picked up KFC and had a feast for supper (one I didn't have to cook which was the best  part of this Christmas adventure in my humble opinion)

Life is good when you can make Christmas memories......... 


  1. oh it sounds like a lovely time. altho I wish, like you, that the lil one had gotten a gift for daddy! Still, glad you got to make such lovely memories!

  2. Sounds like it was a fun evening, Morningstar ... and it's not too late for her to make something for Daddy for Christmas - homemade gifts are the best :>)) ... nj ... xx

  3. Hi Morningstar,

    Sounds like a wonderful evening, I love that the kids get to create! I'm with NJ, it's not too late for lil one to make Daddy a gift.


  4. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Sir Steve seems like he is being the "bigger" person by allowing lil one to purchase a gift for her mother

    regardless of what mother does Sir Steve is doing the right thing and something (I believe) the lil one will remember when shes older "daddy never said / did anything against mommy but mommy always said xyz, did this or that...: she will know the integrity of your man / her dad

    just my humble opinion



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