Tuesday, December 18, 2018

More Baking

Because I need my head examined
and because I don't have enough to do already for Christmas
and because we couldn't decide on a gift for the teacher
and because I promised the lil one she could bake with me...... 

Yesterday (late afternoon) she and I made Scotch Shortbread for the teacher in a fancy cookie mold I have.  She had a blast ......... and that's all that really counts right???

Sir Steve took pity on me (I had really REALLY over done it yesterday) so he ordered pizza for supper and we all ate in front of the TV watching the Muppet Christmas Movie - Letters to Santa.

After supper and the movie -- and before she toddled off to bed -- she packed the cookies in a Christmas tin....... all set to go to school on Friday........

Life is good even when you're so tired you could just sit down and cry......  


  1. You've more energy than me, Morningstar! ... not sure we will have any Christmas baking in this house this year ... not that that's a bad thing as we just end up eating it all ... hopefully you can now rest and enjoy the countdown to Christmas. ... nj ... xx

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    Oh I used to love baking with my Mum. They look wonderful and I'm sure the teacher will really appreciate the gift, and effort that went into making them. Sounds like a lovely evening:)


  3. Anonymous1:31 am

    Well, if you are going to cry, it should be happy tears, right? What a glorious time you are giving to this child. She will always remember these special moments. You rock, Morningstar. She’s a very lucky little girl, knowing you and having you in her life.


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