Monday, December 10, 2018

15 Days -- ARRRRGH!

15 days till Christmas -- and I am probably more organised/ready for it than I think........ 


I haven't even started my baking........ le sigh... and am on this side of panic!

On top of that....this weekend was a curl up on the sofa and hurt weekend.... for both of us.  Sir Steve hurt his back last week at work and has been living on Robax and heating pad thingies... I cut back on my meds again..... so I spent the weekend being very emotional -- when I wasn't feeling nauseous or suffering with sweats and muscle cramps.  Sir Steve was amazing though..... both Friday and Saturday nights he ordered dinner in so I didn't have to cook.  (I did manage to roast some potatoes and cook some lamb on Sunday night)

Saturday I pulled all the Christmas gifts out and started wrapping...... to add my greenery 'bows' I had to use a hot glue gun..... I managed to spread hot glue all over my ring finger .. including my engagement ring which heated up and burned my finger.... can I say OUCH!!!? that did me in for Saturday ........

Sunday I got back to wrapping and Sir Steve did the Christmas cards..... we both managed to finish our jobs without any paper cuts or hot glue burns.... could things be looking up????

The gifts are all stacked under the tree -- not the 'Santa' gifts obviously!!  But the family gifts -- the lil one gets family gifts........ 

Life is good when you manage to slowly get the jobs done for the holidays and don't kill anyone (including yourself) 

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Sorry you both spent the weekend under the weather. Ouch on the glue gun! The gifts look awesome. Sounds like you are making good progress :)



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