Friday, December 07, 2018

Creating New Old Memories

One of the most important memories I have from my childhood Christmases was time ........ going to the Eaton's store downtown and seeing Santa -- riding the Christmas Train .... getting to pick a small christmas toy........ shopping with my grandmother... a family outing to see the shop windows........ 

Then my children came along and the best memories I have with them -- traditions continued -- trips to see Santa... letting them chose one tree ornament to buy and hang on the tree -- gingerbread houses -- Mitten parties at our church.........

 Now I am starting over with a new lil one -- and I realized how important it was to me to continue the family traditions (thinking of the Raggedy Anne doll I bought her this summer)  We have written the letter to Santa -- we all decorated the house and had a TV supper while watching The Grinch... and last night we all got dressed up in our Christmasy clothes and went to visit Santa......... the lil one was absolutely in awe of him this year.  She was terribly serious while she talked to him and apparently told him she hoped he didn't have to work TOO hard.. (it made me smile).... after our visit we bought some new toys that daddy and she will take to the firemen next week for the less fortunate children...... and the last thing we did before heading home ........ I took her to the ornament stall and she got to pick her very own ornament just like "Auntie L and Auntie A" did when they were little.

She had many to chose from -- Elves and reindeer and stars -- Santa Clauses and polar bears..... BUT she was very clear she wanted the one that said "The Joy of Christmas is Family" 

Life is good when traditions are continued and the gift of family and time is important



  1. What wonderful traditions Morningstar, this really made me smile:) I love that you bought new toys to go to the less fortunate children together. Little one's conversation with Santa made me smile and I love her ornament choice. How precious on both counts :)


  2. There is nothing better than seeing things through the eyes of a child!

    How lovely that you get to do this all over again!


    BTW Eaton's really rocks at Christmas!

  3. Loved this post, Morningstar ... I can't say it enough ... you are making memories of all types, including Christmas, that your lil one will look back on fondly in the years ahead ... hugs ... nj


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