Wednesday, December 19, 2018

And Because

And because I didn't have enough to do .......... 

The other evening my daughters and I were chatting on FB and somehow the conversation came around to more company coming for Christmas Eve.  I had bought the small ones lil gifts to open........ but I hadn't really thought about the adults.  

Yesterday I had an appointment to get my hair trimmed for Christmas - not really a hair dresser appointment - didn't have time for that -- just a quick trim.  When I was done - as I started the car to head home I decided to run to the mall and see if i could find a small gift for the adults.......... because I love shopping ya know.... love it even more during the Christmas rush!

I found a Christmasy sort of gift........... BUT I found the cutest stuffed animal thingy for the lil one's stocking.  I was remembering how I used to top off my girls stockings with a special stuffed toy...... and how the best Christmas ever for me was the one where Santa left a small doll in a knitted dress in the top of my stocking - how could I not get it??!!   AND AND if you push it's nose it talks and it's eyes change colours and sparkle !!!  AND AND best of all -- it was more than 50% off ..... yay !!!  

Life is good when you survive a 'week before Christmas' trip to the mall.......... 


  1. Aww, that is so cute, she will love it :) well done surviving the mall! LoL


  2. Cute. Did you get gift for the adults in the end?



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