Friday, December 21, 2018

Winding down


As I sat on the sofa last evening I realized everything was winding down.  I did go out yesterday and found the cute lil fuzzy toy for the top of the lil one's stocking.  Believe it or not it is a 6 inch platypus.  For some reason this year the lil one is obsessed with platypuses so I am expecting much awe and excitement that Santa found a platypus!!  Stopped at a couple of other stores and picked up last minute stuff and headed home. 

Before I had to meet the school bus I managed to get some chocolate/coffee cookies baked and dipped in more chocolate.  Then dragged out the decorating kit and made icing so everything would be ready for the great decorating adventure...... turning gingerbread men into reindeer.

I was pleasantly surprised how well our reindeer turned out ... how cute they are.... 

Today is tying up the last few details (which yes means more cookie decorating) .... Sir Steve comes home at 4:30 and then I will be saying "Let the holidays begin"  



  1. Wow, sounds as though you are so well organised. The cookies look amazing, very cute :)


  2. You have been busy baking. Love the look of the reindeer cookies.

    Wishing you, lil one, Sir Steve and all your family a Merry Christmas. Best wishes.



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