Friday, December 14, 2018

Check Lists

Santa isn't the only one making lists......... this is my season for list making........ 

Check list:

* food for Christmas Eve -- decided -- still to be made next weekend

* cookies/baking -- 2 batches of cookies in the fridge to be baked this weekend 
                           -- cause Sir Steve wants to help 
                           -- one batch to be made next week (they're a last minute     
                               sort of cookie) 
* cookies to be decorated next week
* gifts -- family gifts wrapped and under the tree
            Santa's gifts still to be wrapped
* clothes for traveling - sorted in my head -- two lots for 2 different trips
* suitcases -- still to be brought upstairs
* teacher's gift -- to be baked on Monday with the lil one (Scotch Shortbread)
* last minute shopping with Sir Steve this weekend
* planning food for Open House on New Year's Day
* order / pick up Yule Log

*  remember to breathe................. 

Life is good when your lists are done 

1 comment:

  1. Phew, sounds like you are well organised, but busy!



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