Monday, February 08, 2021

4th Week


This is the 4th week since my fall.  I have finished my prescription for muscle relaxants and still have another week of pain pills and sleeping pills.


I have been living in a fog ......... my energy comes in fits and starts... I go to write a blog and it takes forever to put the words together and have them make sense.  AND I don't always have the ability to answer the comments .... all I want to do is sleep.

Yesterday I cut my pain pills in half...... and I didn't take the sleeping pill.   I had a so/so night.... waking up frequently with pain in my ass and leg....... tossing and turning.  BUT on the bright side my head is clearer today - not so foggy. 

I'm tired of this ya know?  I just want to feel like me again.


  1. Hang in there my friend, this too shall pass. Be patient with yourself and take care.


  2. Hugs! Be kind to yourself. Go slow. Be gentle. It will get better.


  3. The problem with things that make you feel less ouchy / less grouchy, is that a lot of the time it makes you just FEEL LESS. I'm not a fan either cos the next morning I always feel like only half of me is home.

  4. Sorry to hear this, MorningStar. If it help, please know that I often feel this way and I didn't even take a fall !!

    From a comforting standpoint, ginger and tumeric root tea are anti-inflammatories. As is Montmorency Cherry Juice.... crazy how that works on joints and stiffness and stuff, but it does.

    Hang in there.
    Much love,


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