Monday, February 22, 2021

Thank you Oprah!


On Friday I posted "It's Friday" ... what you might have missed though was the declaration by Windy in the comments "Is Oprah visiting blog land or something?"
(I know it made me laugh) 

Well I am here to say....... "I did get one" !!!   It was better than best! 

Let me explain ...... 

Sir Steve and I have been dealing with health issues over the last year.... the issues have kinda taken the shine off our adult time ya know?? worrying / stressing about health issues is not conducive to relaxed fun in the bedroom ya know??  And the longer it goes on the more stress develops..... more pressure - and then...... then you just get depressed about it .. and then you just don't wanna ........... know what I mean??

Well ................ a miracle happened this weekend........ we had a plan ........ could we do it?? would it work??? what if it didn't work???!!!!!  

First I had to change my 'role'?? not sure what to call it - but I had to participate more... 

At first it was tentative on both our parts - don't forget I am still suffering with back /bum problems ...... and Sir Steve didn't want to aggravate the problem....... I was scared that my 'ministrations' wouldn't have the desired effect............ but it didn't take long at all for both of us to relax.. I was able to sorta bounce around the bed and be playful and just a little devilish.... soon we were laughing and relaxing......... and even sooner we were both responding

AND then....................


it was the BEST we've had in a long long time.......... with practice we'll both become more relaxed ... after all we're over the worst of the slumps ........ and in my opinion it can only get better from here.............

An added bonus was after....... we snuggled more ... we kissed more.. we groped ... we teased ... we laughed... it was amazing!!  better than multiple orgasms!  trust me !!!

Life is good when THE plan comes together


  1. Grin, I just finished writing to PK (Ironically with the same picture!)

    I am so happy for you!!!!


    p.s. there may have been a playdate here too....grin

    1. WHAT???!! hang on there woman!! you don't just drop a ps like that and scoot away... tell ..tell.. tell...
      Mainly tell me if you have a smile on your face :)

  2. Good for you two! Sounds overdue.

    (Even "I" got another this weekend. Go figure!)

    1. well well... seems Oprah was around blog land LOL
      glad you had a good weekend too kd

  3. It looks like this was a big weekend in blogland! And about time I'd say. I'm so happy that yours worked out!

    I just saw over at Windy's that your blog wasn't updating so I came to look and sure enough there were some I hadn't seen. So there's your problem with fewer visitors. I don't know how to fix that, but I hope you find a way. In the mean time I'll need to remember to come check.

  4. Congrats on fixing the blog roll problem! Blog land is more active and interactive so now is not the time for us not to see your blog updates. GAH!

    An even bigger congrats on your play date! I'm so glad to hear that Oprah is delivering all over blog land...... I got mine, too, but I have to talk about problems first on my blog. LOL Hugs! Happy for you! Windy

    1. the thanks is really all yours Windy - I couldn't figure out what was wrong - and oh my!! when no one was visiting or commenting my mind went wild like what have I done to upset folks?? le sigh I don't think I'll ever totally relax


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