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I've touched on the subject of hobbies here a few times.... and getting back to some of my hobbies might be an answer to my 'blues' and inertia.  Then yesterday kdpierre was looking for pics of our Asian wear for our celebration and he challenged me to do some photo editing.......... 

So first a little history........ when I was 8 or 9 my father gave me my first camera ... I LOVED it and dragged that camera everywhere - in my late teens my dad gave me his old 35 millimeter camera - I would venture off to downtown and find 'arty farty' subjects.

BUT then life took over - got a job - got married - had kids - went back to work and my love of photography disappeared.

Fast forward to the year before I retired - I purchased my first DSL camera...... it was SO complicated -- but I loved that I could just shoot and shoot and not have to worry about wasting film.  BUT ya know spending hundreds of dollars on a 'point and shoot' camera seemed ridiculous.  SO I made plans to take some photography classes when I finished working.

Fast forward again to 2014 - am now retired with a whole lot of time on my hands... so I registered for Photography 101 at our local community college... The teacher was a well known photographer...... and she was OLD SCHOOL.  We were warned when we signed up - absolutely NO photo editing allowed.  She banged it into all our heads that if you take your time... you shouldn't need to photo edit.   She had cut her teeth - made her name - taking 35 millimeter film pictures........ I remember one of the younger students (working towards his photojournalism degree) asking (while she was showing us SLIDES of various shots and techniques) what photo editing program she used!!!

I loved my classes with her!!  I took 101 and 102 with her...... 103 was by invitation only at her home studio.  I got the coveted invitation!!  BUT I also got cancer......... so photography 103 was put on hold..............(and because life stepped in - I never got to take it)

Soooo - all that to say - I don't now own a photo editing program...... it's a matter of pride/ego to be honest.  I've had fun the past couple of days going back through hundreds of pictures ...... bringing back memories...... and making me smile... 

Here's some of my favourite pictures that I took back in 2014 and 2015............. 

winter ice....... 


walk in the woods........


 some arty farty shots...

And as it happens an old friend sent me a challenge this morning... take a look at this picture - is it a fairy?? or something else??

(it's actually a dragonfly )

She challenged me to try my hand at creating similar photos this summer.......... and who knows I might just take up the challenge............ 


  1. Good morning Morningstar,

    I too am into photography and do not use after photo software- except to crop. I was suggesting an overlay yesterday on your photos which doesn't actually require a photo program. I used to use free ones to create blog templates and headers for blogs years ago. Think if it as scrapbooking online. Lol.


  2. Believe it or not I haven't a clue what you are referring to willie "suggesting an overlay" ?? Do you have a url? or some more information on them?? I'm willing to give it a look see...

  3. I sent you an email with an example. I used for it. Basically it's like putting a sticker over your faces. Hope it helps.


  4. thanks willie :) I'm having a very quiet "ME" day so I'm gonna go check it out :)

  5. What happened to 2014-12-01 PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate ESD ML Global software that I bought you when you got your NEW DSLR camera??

  6. Apart from the very occasional bit of cropping or changing an image to Black and White, I stopped using editing software several years ago. I enjoy the challenge of getting the shot with the camera. I also feel a bit resentful that photo editing software rendered all those hundreds of hours that I spent developing dark room skills a total wast of time. It is nice not having to shell out so much cash on film though


  7. Hi Morningstar,

    Wow, these are awesome shots! What a wonderful hobby, I definitely think you should pick it up again.


  8. Prefectdt - I so agree about saving money on film... but more than that the DSLs allowed me to experiment without spending a whack load of money... :)

  9. Ex-Sir - I never mastered it.... showed it to Roger who couldn't figure it out either... decided I didn't want to shoot in RAW .... and so on and so on..........

  10. Amazing pictures! It's a wonderful hobby. I wish my Nick would get back to it, he needs a hobby badly.

  11. geeeeeeeeeee PK - I'm sorry to hear Nick has gone off photography... maybe you and he will go waterfall chasing again this summer :)

  12. I envy everyone who was able to respond to this very interesting post with a couple of sentences. Unfortunately while I would really like to respond, it would take about three pages and I just can't see doing that. (Maybe I'll do a full post on the topic and credit you for the inspiration?)

  13. kd - you've got me curious as to where you stand on this... so yeah do a post with or without the credit :)


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