Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February Blues?


So let me ask you - February Blues?? Lockdown/Covid Blues?? Back Pain?? or a combination of all three?

I'm in such a funk...... I haven't put make up on in ages!!  I haven't fussed at all over my appearance in ages.... talk about quarantine casual!!!  I just seem to be going through the motions of daily living ya know?? 

Yesterday all the talk shows were talking about Valentine's Day - and how to celebrate it during the lock down... and I had an EUREKA moment.  I looked in the mirror - like really looked - and was aghast at what looked back at me.  This winter has taken a toll on my skin - it's soooooo dry and I haven't been using any of the lotions/creams ... my hair is long cause no hairdressers ya know and it sticks up all over the place... I look - well not ugly - but pretty damn close.  

So I turned on the shower and scrubbed and washed and scrubbed some more.  I moisturized every inch of my body.  I made an effort to blow dry my hair and try to tame the sticky up bits.  I even put on some mascara and lipstick.  (I mean who the hell wears lipstick now anyway?? You put a mask over your mouth anyway and it doesn't show and it smears all over the face mask) I even sprayed some of my favourite perfume in all the right places and I felt a little bit better.

Then Sir Steve came home....... 

I don't really know what I was expecting...... but I kinda thought he might say something about my appearance .......... or that I smelled good - something ya know? BUT nothing... we just went through the evening routine.... and I felt blue... like why did I even try?? 

I know I am frustrated with being in the house day after day - not seeing anyone - ANYONE - except Sir Steve and the lil one.  I even mentioned to Sir Steve that maybe? when this lock down is lifted we might see if eldest daughter would like to have a sleepover weekend......... I just need - maybe we both need - something to look forward to ya know? And a trip to see eldest daughter and SIL would definitely be a change of scenery.  BUT then eldest daughter messaged me (talk about timing ya know?) and in our conversation she talked about the stress of work... and how SIL's son is coming for dinner every Sunday night....... and I just kinda did a mental shrug.  This is not the time to be visiting them.........I'm not sure how I could handle worrying about the higher risk of covid..

Then there's the back / leg pain........ I have stopped all pain killers and sleeping pills....  and it's doable .... before the pain was definitely 10 - but now - if I'm honest - it's only about 3... manageable......... BUT it wears on my nerves ... I'm sure some of you live with chronic pain and can kinda understand what I am talking about....

I am not eating very well either.... and I'm not sure what it is .. but food just doesn't taste good any more... I eat about half what I normally eat... have no cravings not even for sweets...... on the plus side I am losing some of this quarantine weight I have put on since last March - YAY!  but lack of food may be contributing to my lack of energy? I don't know.. 

I've always had 'February Blues' but this year it just seems worse.......



  1. >>>>>>"Then there's the back / leg pain........ I have stopped all pain killers and sleeping pills.... and it's doable .... before the pain was definitely 10 - but now - if I'm honest - it's only about 3... manageable......... BUT it wears on my nerves ... I'm sure some of you live with chronic pain and can kinda understand what I am talking about...."<<<<<

    I tell my family this all of the time. I am not a patient person to begin with but I try. However, at the end of a day where I have been clenching my muscles to minimize my back pain for 8 hours or so, I am often just drained and the least thing will set me off. They SAY they understand, but I don't think they do. However, with this paragraph I get that YOU do.

    The combination of factors from seasonal, to viral, to injury-related, presents a perfect storm of misery. I am just keeping busy and it helps. Also try some skyping! It sounds corny but it works. I even do "Skype Cocktail parties"!

  2. I'm keeping 'busy' per say - the laundry still gets done - the meals made the house cleaned...... but I really do miss 'planning' some activity which is why I think I went overboard at Christmas (and why I had such a let down when it was over).... I needed/need something to break the monotony

    Oh we did a skype thing at Christmas and it didn't do anything for me - in fact I felt more stressed when it was over than before...

    I have started thinking about our move to the country come the summer -- but it doesn't seem enough right now...... maybe in March

  3. Good lord I hear you!!!

    Winter blues are big in our family (multiple SAD diagnoses all over the family), but his year? Holy Hannah is it bad. Only actually talk to the 2 others in the house plus my sister using my actually voice. EVERYTHING else has been written.

    I am not a make up person or clothes horse. Jeans and sweaters for me but it is so yucky right now. Battling hard not to fall under the spell.

    I can only imagine that the pain makes it 1000 times worse.

    Sir Steve should be shot for not reacting. He still gets to interact in person with the outside world. Being limited the way you are, you need his attention more.

    Hopefully, within a year we will be back to "normal."

    Until then, we are here. Together online. Which is awesome!

  4. oh god Boo - I am reading your comment and giggling then crying then giggling again!!
    I so KNOW the talking to only one or two in the house and everyone else gets notes... the only way my eldest and I could live under the same roof for years!! was if I pinned a note to her bedroom door - and they were always signed "the management"

    Know what I wish Boo - is that for now online together yes - but how I would love to sit down with you one day and have coffee (not likely to happen cause - like distance - but I can wish right?)

  5. March is coming - here that's spring. Okay it's still cold and windy but it sounds like spring. I have no advice at all. Sorry Sir Steve didn't actually notice your hard work. But my honey shaved his beard to a goatee and I didn't notice for two days. When you're together for too long, you forget to look directly at one another.

    Things will improve, but that doesn't do you a damn bit of good right now.

  6. PK
    nah March is way to early to be spring up here in the Great White North - hell we've had snow at the end of April up here..... le sigh...

    BUT we have about 10 weeks till we can (hopefully if the lock down is over) spend our weekends in the country...

  7. In my comment on your last post, for the inflammation, I offered a suggestion. Don't know if you saw it or not.

    Chronic health issues here,so I get it. I think that you must have looked very pretty after all the self care and primping. Sir Steve just loves you no matter what ya look like! However, I'd have pitched a fit if Storm didn't say SOMETHING after I do all that kind of work. Sometimes he tells me I smell good when I crawl in bed at night after a shower which could mean that sometimes I am stinky? LOL

    Feel better. This Covid crap is amplifying every negative things in our lives. Keep reaching out. Don't go out, but reach out. Maybe have a phone call with Boo? That would be lovely to hear one another's voices if you haven't already!! And I do agree that Sir Steve should be shot for not noticing. ROFL I'd have been mad at Storm for sure.

    Feel better!

  8. ohhhhhhhh Windy I'm so sorry - I meant to come back and comment on your recommendations yesterday - must have been a senior moment :(

    Tell me where can I get Montmorency Cherry Juice?? I am not a fan of herbal teas :( picky eater here ... really picky!! worse than a 4 year old (grinning)

  9. hey kd - I hope you see this.........

    for some reason I can't get into your blog :( don't know if anyone else is having troubles - got in fine this afternoon - but not tonite...

  10. Hi, MorningStar. No problem! lol Here is the best quality and brand of tart Montmorency Cherry Juice.......

    Also, I don't like tea either. Isn't that the point of tea? It's like medicine. LOL

    You can get ginger root in crystalized form instead of the tea. Look up crystalized ginger cubes or crystalied ginger slices on Google and see the various places you can get that if it interests you.

    Hugs! Windy

  11. Thanks Windy - going to look into them both :)

  12. You're welcome, girl. Feel better.

  13. Hi Morningstar,

    Being off the pills and reduced, manageable pain is a huge step forward. Celebrate the small wins. Not eating properly probably isn't helping. I'm sorry Sir Steve didn't react after all the effort you went to. When we were in lockdown here last year I slobbed around but every now and then dressed up a bit, did my hair and put on jewelry and perfume to give myself a boost.

    We are in summer here and I get the blues as summer starts to draw to a close. I think we suffer wind blues here too. Our part of the country is notoriously windy and it does frey nerves.



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