Monday, February 15, 2021

Pandemic Excitement......


 Yesterday the weather warnings started - BIG snow storm coming.... starting Monday morning and continuing through Tuesday - as much as 25 centimeters (9 inches - which truthfully isn't that much BUT considering we've had hardly any snow this year.......... ) It's a holiday here in parts of the Great White North............

We got up and looked out the window............. nothing

Mid morning we looked out the window......... nothing

Lunch time we looked out the window........... nothing

Mid afternoon we looked out the window.................... 

I turned to Sir Steve and said 'we're like a couple of kids waiting for the snow..... what's up with THAT??!! He didn't miss a beat "It's the BIG excitement of the pandemic!" 

We both burst out laughing............. 

Life is good when you can laugh.............


  1. LoL Morningstar, but do you really want the snow? It's funny how the pandemic makes us appreciate things we never appreciated before. Pros and cons I guess lol


  2. Dear Canadians,
    Please suck the snow back up that you dropped on the U.S. We apologize profusely (well, half of us do) for Trump.

    Thank you. :)

  3. These days I've learnt to take NOTHING for granted. Hope you got your snow!

  4. Push it to the boarder Windy, we need it to finish our wall. Lol

    Did the snow come Morningstar. Because it did in the night here. And it's still falling!

  5. willie/windy - LOL - I love how you all get the joke :) :)

    and yes wille - we got the snow -- and are still 'enjoying' it LOL...
    mind you - we have an amazing neighbour (I think he has insomnia) who was out at 3am shovelling his driveway/walk and then shovelled our walk and steps!! very sweet of him....... though he did wake both Sir Steve and myself !

  6. HAHAHHAHAHAHA! Ah the snow day! doesn't mean the same anymore, but yeah the hurry up and wait for it! at least we actually got what they were predicting (ALMOST). My area has about 10 to 15 cm right now. Schools are closed...but online still working, so at least I didn't have to drive in it.

    I would rather be snuggled up in bed.

    Windy....sorry, this little snow we gave you isn't NEARLY enough for 4 years (and going) of that idiot.


  7. Well, this morning should meet expectations LOL - looks like it started late lsat night and still going strong. Schools closed, cautions all over the place, it's a good old fashioned REAL snowstorm out there today!

  8. selkie - the lil one was with her mother in Alexandria - was worried till she got home safe ...... and she is SO excited to finish school and go out and play in it....... oh to be a kid again and actually love the snow :)

  9. Willie! LMAO I'd want to keep us idiot Americans out of my country if I were you, too!

    Boo! No sympathy at all, huh? LOL Well, I didn't vote for the a-hole, but we all sure are paying for it.

    Moringstar-- look at how your friends up there are talking to me. Laughing!

    I do love me some Canadian friends. Where's NJ? Probably snowed under!


  10. there there Windy (patting you on the head) I'd scold them if I thought it would do any good LOL

    oh and who's NJ?? I don't think I've seen her around here?

  11. You didn't know Nora Jean? The blogger? If not, you'd love her. Here blog is still up, but not active at the moment. Maybe if we wish real hard...... ;)

    Thank you for the head pat. LOL Have fun warming the little one up with hot chocolate (or whatever you drink there) afterwards!

  12. @Windy, we drink BOOZE afterwards here, or during. Sheesh, I thought you had Canadian friends? lol


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