Thursday, February 11, 2021

I love You ?


Thank god for February 14!!  Cause we need to be reminded to tell our partners that we love them right?? Cause 363 days of the year we're too busy - or don't think of it - or it doesn't count - right??? Thank god that Hallmark - or some other big business - decided we really needed to spend money to prove our love - one day a year.

I don't believe in Valentine's Day (or Mother's Day or Father's Day for that matter).  Sir Steve and I were talking about it... and I think this dislike of those holidays comes from the way I was brought up.  I can remember my father stressing 'we don't need - or shouldn't need - one day to remember our Mothers.....or Fathers.' shrug - not sure but I'm thinking my family didn't celebrate those commercial holidays.

That's not to say I didn't do something special on the 14th for my girls or their father.. I know I always made a heart shaped cake for dessert on the 14th - and renewed that custom when I moved in here with Sir Steve and the lil one.  This week the lil one was playing outside in her snow fort - I was on the deck watching her - and she looked up at me and announced "I'm sad" ...... "WHY??" was my immediate response.  The reason - because there was no Valentine's this year - no giving out Valentine's cards to her friends at school - no Valentine's dance (She's only 8 for god's sakes!!!  BUT her school has been doing dances for the last 3 years!!!) and it's sad.  

Soooooooooo I had to do something right?!  Sadness is not allowed !!  I have been determined to not let this bloody pandemic ruin anything for our lil one (and her Dad too if truth be told!)  BUT the lil one will be at her mother's from tomorrow noon till Tuesday morning.......... AND don't forget I do NOT 'do' Valentines. (and truthfully - just didn't have the energy to make a heart shaped cake)

Then I had a brain wave.  Friday is the start of the Chinese New Year. Why not have a Chinese New Year's celebration?? So I talked to Sir Steve and he agreed - tonite we will celebrate the Chinese New Years......... we'll order in a feast of Chinese food...... and she and I can decorate the kitchen in red with oriental touches.  She's so excited !  She's even going to wear her kimono that a friend made for her last summer. I might even make an effort and pull out the gorgeous authentic  Chinese jacket I have and dress up a little bit........... 


And - a little update on my health - yesterday after lunch I was so desperate to feel more like myself - that I popped a Tylenol....... one Tylenol ....... and in just under an hour I felt more like myself...... the pins and needles in my back were all but gone - my leg didn't hurt ... and the low grade headache was gone!  One little Tylenol.

Life is good (again - for now) when celebrations bring some joy in the middle of the dark......  


  1. Good news on your progress, and I agree about "Hallmark Holidays", but the really cool coincidence is that last February, we also did an "Asian Night" dinner. Instead of focusing on just China we went "pan-Asian" and it was so much fun we plan to do it again. But not this month. (If you want to see the table, check out "Asian Night 2/24/20" on my blog.) Ours was blue rather than red. I didn't theme dress for ours, only Rosa dressed the part. I would like to see identity-neutral pics of yours. These things are exactly what you ans maybe we all, need right now.

  2. kd - we say "Chinese" but truthfully we use that to cover anything Asian... both Sir Steve and I love all things Asian... geisha intrigue me - Samurai (and their swords - gee imagine that?!) are Sir Steve's thing.

    and I kinda planned to take some pictures .... and faceless ones of the lil one for sure... :) her kimono is gorgeous!!

  3. You may be down yourself sometimes, but you kick butt when it come to doing everything you can to lift other up when they're down. You rock!

  4. A big YES to what PK said.

    I am so glad that you took a Tylenol and that you got pain relief for it! Whew! Yay!

    You're a wonderful step mom. That little one is so blessed to have you in her life.


  5. Morningstar, Your Chinese night sounds lovely. I have to agree with Windy, the lil one is so very lucky to have you in her life.


  6. Hi Morningstar, I agree with PK and the others. You totally rock! You do everything to bring joy to others, especially during down moments or tough times like now. What a wonderful idea to celebrate Chinese new year instead. I'm not big on hallmark holidays either.

    I'm so glad the Tylenol worked and you were able to feel more like yourself again.



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