Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just crap

Right after my surgery when all the problems began........ my surgeon sent me a prescription for the equivalent of metamucil ....... I tried to take the damn stuff - twice a day.  It was like drinking sand - orange tasting sand.  It was totally gross and after just 3 doses I stopped it.  It was gonna kill me I swear !!

Then when I saw my family doctor after being in hospital for so long... she changed my diet.. and my meds... and she suggested I try metamucil.  I gagged at the thought.

But after weeks and weeks of gut wrenching pain and well.... politely put.. the runs....... I decided to try it.  W had told me that there was some with no taste or grit.  Honestly it's not that I don't believe him.. it's that I don't believe the advertising.  But when I was in the drugstore ...... trying to shore up my resolve to buy some...... I saw that they carried fiber in pill form.  YAY!!!  Needless to say I bought the pills....... with added calcium seeing as I am not allowed any dairy.

Now the pills are huge....... HUGE i say !!  and i have to take up to 20 a day (I am at 6 and holding) But it has fascinated me what a change this fiber has brought to my life.  (Yeah yeah a lecture on the joys of fiber!!)  It is supposed to make you "regular" well I was more than regular trust me... like every half hour 24 hours a day for a few weeks..... then finally getting down to 10 - 12 times a day.  Now ......... NOW..... only twice a day..... with no pain.

I said to W in an email (we have no secrets - even if he wished THIS topic was a secret) that I am surprised by how much crap I have in my body....... twice a day crap.

Now there is a point to this.............if you can follow my 'bouncing ball' .......... I wish they made an orange sand drink - or preferably pills - that can wash the crap and pain out of one's life as easily!  We all carry so much crap around inside of us.... weighing us down ... making us feel heavy - stooped shoulders from carrying the weight of the world.  And the pain this crap causes us!!!  Worse than the gut pain I had........ (ok maybe not .... that pain was pretty damn bad - but pain nevertheless) 

Life would be so much easier if all we had to do was take a couple of pills or glasses or sand and wash it all away.  But life wasn't supposed to be easy - someone told me that once.  We are supposed to grow stronger from the difficulties we face and survive.  We are supposed to become better people.  

I believe that.   I really do.  and yeah Buffalo most of the time I wear rose coloured glasses...... but honestly I do believe we become stronger people ....... more experienced people by facing the crap life slings at us and working our way through it.  It helps to have people around us supporting us.... but sometimes we don't.  I have done both.. worked through crap with loving supporting folks.. and done it alone.  But I worked my way through...... and here I am!!  Not perfect ...... far from it......... but marching along life's road to adventure with a spring in my step and hope in my heart.

Fiber any one?? 



  1. Interesting. Fiber in the form of large pills? Called Metamucil? But you have to take (up to) 20, that sounds like a lot, and how much does it cost?

  2. You're not perfect? I refuse to believe that. If not you, then who?

  3. Malcolm - yes fiber in pills - and yes you have to take a lot of them to equal the amount of the powder... my doc warned me... but I found 6 a day is working just fine... as for the cost - honestly I don't remember how much I paid - when one is desperate one doesn't think about money - unfortunately.

    Buff - such a sweet talker..... see me wiggle wiggle at you?? LOL

  4. gets in line jumping up and down. I NEED those pills..... not the real ones, the proverbial crap ones!

  5. Himself takes a gummy fiber product. We were using Benefiber, but the gummies have more fiber and two a day do Him just fine. I think we buy them at Costco, and they are less expensive than the other approach.

    hugs, swan

  6. Hey- I'm always constipated so maybe if we share we will both be just right?! :P


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